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  1. pengyou

    Getting started...

    I have played around with my dehydrator drying blueberries, pineapple and tomatoes. It seems to me that in order to be good at it, I should pick one kind of fruit or veggie and dehydrate that, making changes each time until I have it "perfected". Is that about right? Is there a...
  2. pengyou

    NEWBIE: Dehydrating purple onions..

    I have noticed that most of the people that are ardent dehydrators are either bargain hunters or gardeners/farmers. They have surplus and are trying to find a way to preserve them.
  3. pengyou

    Shipping blueberry cheesecake mooncakes?

    I want to make mooncakes according to this recipe. Should it be safe to put in the mail for 2 days - not spoil? t Ingredients for Filling: 12 half-tsp blueberry jam 200g cream cheese 2 eggs 75g caster sugar 1tsp vanilla 2 tsp cornflour 2 tsp lemon juice Ingredients for Pastry: 200g plain...
  4. pengyou

    Sub walnut oil for some butter

    My school gave me a half gallon of walnut oil and I have not used it yet. I will be making some pineapple upside down cakes and chocolate chip cookies over the next few days. For the pusd cake I was thinking about substituting walnut oil for 20% of the butter that is put into the pan for the...
  5. pengyou

    Freezing cooked calves liver

    Has anyone done this? I am looking at some recipes for calves liver ( ingredients: liver, mushrooms, bacon, onion and various spices and fried in butter). Does anyone know if this will freeze well after it is cooked?
  6. pengyou

    Canning garlic with tupperware container?

    The recipe calls for filling the container to the top of the container...trying to save a little vinegar :( I do have a small mayonaise jar that is is the right volume. Can I use that?
  7. pengyou

    Canning garlic with tupperware container?

    I love to eat pickled garlic....minced in salads...pureed and spread on bread...even straight. I have looked up some recipes - very simple - but they are full of warnings about safety. Safety is important. I have some glass canning type jars I can use but I would like to make a small batch...
  8. pengyou

    9x13" cornbread?

    Does anyone have a cornbread recipe that can be baked in a 9x13" pan? All of the recipes I have call for a loaf pan. I have tried a couple in the bigger pan but they cook strangely.
  9. pengyou

    Inconsistent results with chocolate cake? I use this recipe to make a wonderful chocolate cake from scratch. About 70% of the time it comes out perfect and the other 30% of the time it is too heavy or so light that it starts to fall apart when I am cutting. Any...
  10. pengyou

    Shelf life of refrigerated lard?

    10 months ago, I bought a 5 pound tub of lard. It has been in the refrigerator at all times since that. I really want to use it but I cannot open the tub. The tub is made of heavy duty plastic and has one of those pull strips on it. I have tried to open it on a few occasions but have not...
  11. pengyou

    Multi-chocolate cake recipe??

    I am looking for a cake recipe that will let me divide the batter into 3 parts and then add a different kind of chocolate to each part - end up with a 3 layer tri-chocolate cake. Any help? I have seen recipes for choco cakes using different kinds of chocolate, but they are a little bit...
  12. pengyou

    Fill frosting flavors

    That's a nice tongue twister. After my last confusing post I have decided to make a five layer chocolate with dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate layers (2 flavors will be repeated). I want the exterior to be frosted with white chocolate frosting with possibly dried coconut. I...
  13. pengyou

    Baked beans but no white beans available?

    I would eat baked beans every night if my family were willing to deal with the side effects :)
  14. pengyou

    Chocolate, vanilla butter and what else?

    This is a little involved - my most ambitious project yet. I am famous in my school for baking chocolate cake but I want to branch out a bit. I want to make a 3 layer rectangular cake - the pan I will use is about 12x18, maybe a little bigger (metric sizes), so it is going to be a big, heavy...
  15. pengyou

    Baked beans but no white beans available?

    Yes...should add just enough brown sugar to counter the tartness of the worchestershire sauce and yellow mustard. Too much and you lose the balance.
  16. pengyou

    How can I make this chocolate cake better? I was first drawn to this recipe by the words in the title "one-bowl". It is quick and easy to make and the results are pretty good and consistent. I would like to fine tune this a bit to make it "better", better meaning a...
  17. pengyou

    Frozen pizzas

    Mega dittos on that one. I never bother to even nuke it. Leftover pizza is a dish best served cold. :smile:
  18. pengyou

    Preparing the pan for pineapple upside down cake

    It disappeared very quickly!!!
  19. pengyou

    Preparing the pan for pineapple upside down cake

    Here's a photo, after I doctored it up a bit with strawberry jam to cover a couple of small places where the topping separated from the cake.
  20. pengyou

    Preparing the pan for pineapple upside down cake

    I know what to do with typical cakes and breads but there is already so much butter on the bottom of this pan.....
  21. pengyou

    Preparing the pan for pineapple upside down cake

    The directions call for using spray oil to coat the pan before cooking. I don't have it. What should I use instead? I have lard, soy oil, sunflower oil and olive oil. Should I dust with a bit of flour also?
  22. pengyou

    Powdered sugar as frosting..

    I have thought about using powdered sugar as a topping for cupcakes and cakes but I am afraid that the color/moisture from the cake will bleed into the powdered sugar and make it look less than this true?
  23. pengyou

    ISO help/advice tripling cake recipes

    Can any cake recipe be tripled? My mixing bowl will hold 4 batches of a commonly made chocolate cake but that is really pushing it. All of the institutional recipes are much too big for my equipment. If you have a tried and true recipe for the following that can be doubled or tripled - and...
  24. pengyou

    Oatmeal cupcakes vs oatmeal muffins?

    Is there such a thing as an oatmeal cupcake - that is different from an oatmeal muffin?
  25. pengyou

    Recipe for Christmas tree cake pan

    Thank you all...I am beginning to think that maybe cupcakes would be more convenient. I bought 2 pans, each will make 12 small cupcakes, though I am feeling a bit guilty..small means about 1/8 of a cup each...still we are taking about making hundreds of these suckers...I will have to practice...
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