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  1. Dawgluver

    Going MIA

    Thank you for sharing this, CG. So very sad. Taxy, big hugs, sending comforting thoughts in this terrible time.
  2. Dawgluver

    Good Journey Chief Longwind

    I am so sorry. Chief was well-respected and overall a great guy with a huge amount of knowlege. He will be missed.
  3. Dawgluver

    Good bye, PrincessFiona60. RIP

    Oh no! She was a wonderful, kind, and talented person. Rest in peace, my sweet friend.
  4. Dawgluver

    Jalapenos - need to preserve! Help!

    A friend just asked me what to do with her veritable plethora of jalapeños. We talked freezing whole, as well as slicing fresh and putting the slices into leftover pickle brine because why not!
  5. Dawgluver

    Happy Birthday Katie H

    A truly belated Happy Birthday Katie!!
  6. Dawgluver

    Going MIA

    Welcome back, Kayelle!
  7. Dawgluver

    COVID19 Vaccinations-How's It Going?

    Got my second dose of Pfizer today! A friend and I drove 50 miles away since appointments are still so hard to get, but it's done! Red Lobster for lunch! No side effects yet that I've noticed except for a bit tired.
  8. Dawgluver

    Happy Birthday Tattrat

    Happy Belated Birthday Tatt!!
  9. Dawgluver

    HI new to this forum from The great NW

    Hello and welcome!
  10. Dawgluver

    Official Dinner Thread for Sunday the 28th ©

    Tacos al pastor from the weekend taco truck. Dang they're good!
  11. Dawgluver

    What's been on your plate Sunday March 21, 2021?

    A burrito al Pastor, from a taco truck that's only open Saturdays and Sundays. Muy bueno!
  12. Dawgluver

    Happy Birthday Dawgluver!!!

    Aww, thanks guys! :heart:
  13. Dawgluver

    Happy Birthday Vinylhanger

    Happy Birthday, Vinylhanger!
  14. Dawgluver

    COVID19 Vaccinations-How's It Going?

    First one today, April 1 for the second! Extreme relief! What a pain in the butt to even get an appointment, I'm so glad it's almost over.
  15. Dawgluver

    COVID19 Vaccinations-How's It Going?

    I finally got an appointment 50 miles away on a site I've looked at many times, but appointments have always showed unavailable. I about fell over after I found one. I had to call the clinic after I booked it to make sure it was real.
  16. Dawgluver

    What Are Our Favorite Hot Sauces?

    Oops, sorry Frank! I'll bring it back...
  17. Dawgluver

    COVID19 Vaccinations-How's It Going?

    I still don't qualify, but supposedly the state is opening it up next week to under 65 with prior conditions. Now to find a vaccine, still very scarce. Our governor continues to be much less than helpful. I have definite vaccine envy of all who've been able to get the shot!
  18. Dawgluver

    Am I over worried about my PP container?

    Maybe not as bad as finding a dead corn snake in a garbage can in my garage! After disposing of the body I bleached and washed the heck out of the container. The smell is gone now. I think you're good now after cleaning as your lizard was still alive and you saw him leave.
  19. Dawgluver


    I'm not a big fan of the salt either.
  20. Dawgluver

    What Are Our Favorite Hot Sauces?

    I keep Chipotle Tabasco, Frank's Red Hot, and Sriracha sauces on hand for regular use.
  21. Dawgluver

    Saturday's Food Experience - 1/16

    Pan seared tuna steak, an avocado and some grapes here.
  22. Dawgluver

    Happy Birthday Kayelle!

    Happy belated birthday Kay!! Hope it was wonderful!
  23. Dawgluver

    Never Have I Ever...Made This.

    Lobstah! With drawn buttah! I've never cooked it. And geoduck fascinates me too, I've never had it.
  24. Dawgluver

    Dot's Homestyle Pretzels Southwest seasoned review....

    Dot's Pretzels are from my home state! The original flavor is great, glad to hear this new flavor is good too.
  25. Dawgluver

    Dinner Tuesday, 11-24-2020

    I had pre-Thanksgiving. I made dressing and baked crustless pumpkin pie guts, along with a slice of Jennie-O hickory smoked turkey breast. Didn't make the cranberry orange relish yet, that will wait until tomorrow.
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