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    In search of the best chili - so many spices to choose from

    This sounds like a great recipe and maybe not as involved as I first thought after having read through it a few times. Thanks!!
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    Sub title?

    I just joined and noticed that just under my avatar it gives me the title of 'Assistant Chef'. I don't recall adding that. Can this be changed to something more appropriate like "Executive Food Burner".
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    In search of the best chili - so many spices to choose from

    Of course "best" is according to the preferences of the one who is eating but I digress. I am a novice cook, at best, but have tried several times to develop an outstanding chili recipe. I like Wendy's chili but no mater what I do, I fall short, sometimes way short. I've read different recipes...
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    Since retiring while my wife is still working, I've become the cook for dinners. I enjoy it (probably more than my wife does) particularly after I decide what to cook. Some times that can be a struggle feeling that I just repeat over and over. And the learning is great fun!
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    Am I The Only one - Chili

    It should be noted that the famous/infamous Wendy's Chili includes celery.
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