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  1. Zagut

    Safeway Monopoly Anyone?

    I've been playing along and so far have won a few minor things. 2. 26 oz. boxes of salt 1. loaf of French Bread 1. Bag of salad mix 3. fresh donuts 1 pt. Salsa Fresca A few assorted pints of yogurt. And some discount coupons on items I do buy. Not much but when it's free I'll...
  2. Zagut

    RIP, Chuck Berry

    Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans, Way back up in the woods among the evergreens There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood, Where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode Who never ever learned to read or write so well, But he could play a guitar just like a ringing a bell...
  3. Zagut

    Do you cook with Bay?

    My first thought reading the title was who cooks with But then I'm old and figured you just forgot to add "old" into the title. :wink: Being as I'm from place where Old Bay seasoning is part of the DNA and I'm sure my mother put it in my formula I really suggest you all try it on many...
  4. Zagut

    How often do you make a recipe exactly as written

    I do my best to follow a recipe as closely as I can the first time I make it. After that all bets are off and I'll tweek it to my desires. :chef: I follow temps but times are always subjective to me. I want things done to my taste and temps are more important then timing as to when things are...
  5. Zagut

    Have a look at this!

    I could not agree more. But it seems these days that key words are use to garner attention rather then present facts. I'll shut up now.
  6. Zagut

    Why Do You Cook?

    Long but wonderful and I thank you for sharing it with us. Cooking is something that needs to be done and each and everyone has a different need and desire to do it or not. No right way or wrong way IMO. It's what fits your wants, tastes, and situation. But I see me beginning to ramble so...
  7. Zagut

    Why Do You Cook?

    I cook because I need to eat. :mrgreen: That being said I find it cheaper then paying others to cook for me. I also like to know what's in my meal. No hidden ingredients if you fix it yourself. Well most of the time anyway. Sometimes the ingredients used are prepared by others. :rolleyes...
  8. Zagut

    You know that Hot Salsa I Make...

    Welcome to the effects of age Chief. :wink: I've always loved hot sauces and pretty much have an asbestos tongue. But as age has caught up with me I've found that things I love sometimes don't love me as much as they used to. I won't give up my "hot" but I now have to learn moderation in...
  9. Zagut

    Cleaning your cooker/oven

    Our ovens might not like being whipped but sometimes they deserve it.:rolleyes: It's never pilot error. It's always the ovens fault. Temp wrong, cold spots, etc, etc....... :wink: And to Cooker man. The hardest parts to clean are the nooks and crannies. Make a surface that's as smooth as...
  10. Zagut

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    Now just stop that. :mad: Then I'd have to build the bar to go with it. :rolleyes: And then I'd have to stock said bar. :eek: Hmmmm.... :unsure: You're a fortune teller now aren't you? :lol:
  11. Zagut

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    I'll play. Was at Wallyworld this weekend and saw this for $10.00. Always wanted one and couldn't pass it up at the price. :wacko: Time for learning to make homemade mayo for me. :yum: Mr. Steve. Good to see an old board repurposed. :clap: My kitchen is made from an old chicken...
  12. Zagut

    Help - is it safe?!

    Use it RB. :smile: You've tasted it and you ain't dead yet so it's proved itself safe. :wink: Very few products have an expiration date. It's a "Best By Date". The quality past that date "may" suffer and the manufacturer is stating only that. I've eaten many things past the date stamped...
  13. Zagut

    Heating dairy-based sauces

    A "right way" to cook things. :lol: My response was in agreement to Neptune. You'll get a different response with each different "Chef." Yes a hollandaise sauce is NOT the same as a béchamel and how a 'jus' got involved is beyond my limited mind. :wacko: Yes there are techniques that...
  14. Zagut

    Where can I get carrot seeds to grow giant carrots?

    I know nothing about giant carrot seeds. :sad: But I personally like smaller carrots because I think they are sweeter and less fibrous then larger ones.
  15. Zagut

    Heating dairy-based sauces

    There is no "right" way. There is the way that works for you and that's the one that counts. :wink: And I have to disagree about getting 10 different answers from 10 different chefs. :chef: You'll get at least 11 or 12. :rolleyes:
  16. Zagut

    Insomniac's Thread...

    I'm not an insomniac but I often wake up in the middle of my sleep and can't get back to it. I don't reach for the internet but I do reach for the book I was reading when I fell asleep. Sometimes it puts me right back to sleep. (For some reason the good books do this.) Other times I end up...
  17. Zagut

    McDonald's Crab Sandwich now exists in California..

    I'm not one to see McD's as evil. And they do serve food to many, many folks so they must be doing something right. It's not gourmet but they don't purport to be so. And I'll admit to a Big Mac attack a few times a year. :yum: But I don't think I'll try this crab sammie they offer...
  18. Zagut


    I used to measure my coffee by the pot. But now I only have it on the weekends. I don't care what it's name is as long as it's hot, black and strong. The best cup of coffee is one shared with friends no matter what foo-foo name it has. And I will never try Kopi Luwak. Some things in life are...
  19. Zagut

    Coconut Milk

    Now here I was thinking you all were nice folks. :sad: You've only given me many, many ways to use coconut milk and ways to procure it. Now I'll need to experiment with all the different recipe's and uses suggested. See what 1 stray can in the pantry can do. :mad: SLOB that sauce looks...
  20. Zagut

    Coconut Milk

    Now that's just not fair Steve. Adding another great looking recipe into the mix when I've only just begun. And thanks for a curry recipe that doesn't say "curry powder". Way to many variations of them to mean much as far as what it will taste like. Looks like I'll need to pay more attention...
  21. Zagut

    Coconut Milk

    Blissful this was a canned product. Is there "fresh" coconut milk on the market? Haven't seen it here but I never really looked for it. And I'm one of those who doesn't call it an expiration date. I use the term "best by" date. The quality may diminish but there is no magic number that makes...
  22. Zagut

    Frying Pan, Casserole Pan or Stock Pot?

    Well ya know........ Somewhere I heard that rules were made to be broken. :whistling Thanks for the nice link. A Crock Pot defiantly leaves something to be desired but the price points in the article show why the Crock Pot sells so well.
  23. Zagut

    Coconut Milk

    Just wanted to thank you all again for the wonderful suggestions. :smile: I was going to make Tom Kha soup because it sounds really good but I found this and had all the ingredients on hand except...
  24. Zagut

    What's this pan for?

    "What's this pan for?" It's for cooking. :whistling Now as far as a specific use please defer to those posters who might have a clue. :biggrin: And that isn't me. :wink: Why would a fondue pot need wider sides??? Help me understand. :chef:
  25. Zagut

    Frying Pan, Casserole Pan or Stock Pot?

    And I'll agree with that 100%. :clap: But I'm a cheapskate and hate to see anything that can be used discarded. :wink: You've asked a question only you can answer. Get what fit's "your" needs and only you know what they are. Run any and all suggestion through your filter and then buy what...
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