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  1. Leaf Storm

    Favorite Candy?

    Any chocolate. I don't care :D
  2. Leaf Storm

    What are you having for a snack, right now?

    cheese :shock:
  3. Leaf Storm

    Ginger beer!

    Just something silly I was wondering :) Do you have ginger beer there in the U.S? Or any other country for that matter :)
  4. Leaf Storm

    Jane's Cooking tips

    To echo everybody else - those were some great tips! Thanks :)
  5. Leaf Storm


    Are you an autocondimentor? This is somebody that puts salt and pepper on their food without checking first that it requires salt or pepper!? I used to be but now It's quite rare that I put salt on my food. It depends on what it is though :) I mostly do put pepper on my food but not if it...
  6. Leaf Storm

    Evaporated milk?

    In coffee is good :) Use it in your mashed potatoes in place of milk. You will be surprised at the improvement it makes :)
  7. Leaf Storm


    YES! You understand. Must.... Have.... coffee.... lol I was talking about a cup of espresso. Sorry, I should have made that clear :) Espresso being much stronger than perculated then I would say 5 - 6 cups of "normal" coffee would be ok a day. You can read about the heath benifits that a...
  8. Leaf Storm


    Actually coffee is good for you. It does many good things for you including helping to keep your heart in shape and it's also one of the most powerful detoxitants for your body there is. Recommended is 3 - 4 cups a day. As with anything, if you drink coffee to excess it's going to be bad for...
  9. Leaf Storm


    No cafine???? Oh the horror! :shock:
  10. Leaf Storm

    Do you develop your own recipes?

    Yes, inventnon and creation is always a big part of it. It's one of the reasons that I like cooking so much!
  11. Leaf Storm


    Yeah, it's one of my faves too! :) I make mine with all different kinds of herbs and/or spices just depending on my mood. Fresh basil sounds very good :) You're welcome! Hope you like it. :) No, I personally don't remove the seeds. But if you want you can put the soup though a strainer and...
  12. Leaf Storm

    Favorite cured meats?

    jamon Salami Bacon All cured meats are yum :)
  13. Leaf Storm

    Favorite wine?

    Not sure I have one that I like the best. Depends on my mood :-) But having said that I prefer red to white and you can't beat a good Rioja ;)
  14. Leaf Storm

    Techniques of cooking with sauces

    AAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! This is the sound I make after typing out a long post and then have the browser crash on me. Lucky I am a fast typer! :p Here we go again... I don't think there is really one best sauce or technique it just really depends on what you are cooking, what...
  15. Leaf Storm


    Hi, glad you enjoy cooking so much. You know what? You are more than half way there if you love the thing that you do. Passion, enthusiasm and a will to do a thing are often worth more than the knowledge! Just have a bit of confidence. Have fun with it. Try stuff out. If it doesn't work out then...
  16. Leaf Storm


    I would leave it out altogether. It certainly isn't in the origonal hungarian recipe. The origonal one that's been made for thousands of years got by without adding canned store products to it and yours will too and be better off for it ( in my humble opinion :) ) I find it very odd when...
  17. Leaf Storm

    The taste of fish....

    I find Tuna to be very nice. I don't really like "fishy" fish but I like tuna. It's very meaty and not at all strong tasting. Another thing to keep in mind when buying fish is the freshness of the fish. The freshness can have a big impact on how fishy it tastes. Often supermarket fish isn't...
  18. Leaf Storm

    Favorite cheeses?

    I like Grana padano, emmental, mature cheddar, stilton, feta, parmesan, cheese with chilli, cottage cheese, Wensleydale ( a brit cheese ), Brie and a nice hard Spanish goat cheese that I don't remember the name of.
  19. Leaf Storm

    chocolate or vanilla?

    Chocolate or vanilla? Is this a serious question? lol CHOCOLATE!!!! Although, as Kyles says, vanilla smells wonderful!
  20. Leaf Storm

    Happy New Year and...

    Hi Wasabi and happy new year!!!! :)
  21. Leaf Storm

    Banana Jam

    I was thinking the same thing. Why haven't I seen or thought about that before? SOUNDS GREAT! I may try it! Thanks :)
  22. Leaf Storm

    Happy New Year and...

    lol Glad you been holding the fort! Thanks for the welcome :)
  23. Leaf Storm

    Happy New Year and...

    Yeah, I know. Life is like that and especially with Christmas time. Things have been wild but hopefully it's all calm now. Anyway, thanks for the welcome back. It's great to be here again! I missed it and everybody here :)
  24. Leaf Storm

    Salty or Sweet

    Both at the same time for me :D
  25. Leaf Storm

    Happy New Year and...

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! And... I am back :) Sorry I have been away for awhile but the oceans of life took me away and now I am back with the tide of the new year! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. :)
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