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  1. Cooking Goddess

    Wednesday, April 17. What (and where) are you eating.

    Tonight's meal was a mash-up of leftovers from eating out, some fresh produce, and Aldi favorites. We had a couple of Applebee's riblets and some French fries. To that I added Aldi mac-and-cheese and Pork Burnt Ends. I also cooked up some fresh green beans, and sautéed apples in butter with a...
  2. Cooking Goddess

    Wednesday 2024 April 10, what was your supper?

    I grocery shopped on Wednesday. Came home tired. After putting the perishables away, I plopped on the futon. Himself suggested that he run out to get something, but we couldn't figure out what we wanted! Honestly, if I had cereal in the house it might have been supper. 😂 We took so long...
  3. Cooking Goddess

    What are you eating Thursday, April 11, 2024?

    Pulled out the Wok from the cabinet next to the stove (instead of needing to go down the basement to get it -  love all of my cupboard space!) and made beef and broccoli. I planned for leftovers. Himself foiled my plan. It's gone.
  4. Cooking Goddess

    What did you eat Sunday, April 7, 2024?

    I made burgers in my big cast iron skillet on my largest burner. Nice crust on the outside, nice pink inside. Ran the fan over the stove. No smoke inside, no fire truck outside. 😆 Sides were tots, and tomatoes and corn with Tajin.
  5. Cooking Goddess

    Going MIA

    I just got a request from @taxlady to let you all know that her dear Stirling passed away today. She said that she will be back after she has a bit of time to adjust to the shock. Keep her in your thoughts and/or prayers. We'll probably see her back here in a week or two.
  6. Cooking Goddess

    Saturday night, April 6, 2024, what did you eat?

    Leftovers here, too. If they have been in the fridge too long I might not be coming around for a bit...
  7. Cooking Goddess

    Our pets

    Sorry to read this, @Katie H. I hope the good memories you and Glenn have of your days with Harley (and Sadie) bring comfort.
  8. Cooking Goddess

    April 4, 2024, Thursday, what did you eat?

    I had not used my Wok for ages because it never worked good on my glass top stove. Plus, I was always afraid of causing scratches. I made Chinese food tonight - chicken cashew with vegetables. Big gas burner+carbon steel wok=love! Need to refine my skills again...
  9. Cooking Goddess

    April Fool's Dinner 2024

    I made his and hers Naan bread pizzas. His had chicken, mushrooms, onions, and cupping pepperoni. I remembered to put it on top of the cheese - yay me! I had broccoli, chicken, and mushrooms with Alfredo sauce. Mine was bunny approved.
  10. Cooking Goddess

    Today's Funny

    I like to say that I am a pro at procrastinating.
  11. Cooking Goddess

    Panera Bread Restaurants are getting rid of 50 % of their menu.. in April...

    You expect a lot of people these days, then? Half the world has gone crazy. "Angry" has become too acceptable of a state of being. :cry:
  12. Cooking Goddess

    Panera Bread Restaurants are getting rid of 50 % of their menu.. in April...

    I used to buy Panera bread regularly because it was located in the same parking lot as a full grocery store I would shop weekly/biweekly. We liked a number of their bakery pieces (bear claws!) and also the bread. Then about four years ago or so, during an exceedingly cold winter, I noticed that...
  13. Cooking Goddess

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    Himself's college "coffee cone" is still in use - since 1966! He was his own barista before the term was popular.
  14. Cooking Goddess

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    I mean I don't want to spend $$ on a Breville Barista Express. :oops: Or a Victoria Arduino Venus Bar Volumetric Espresso Maker. :shock: (Darn thing looks like it should be sitting in the front row of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000") Our Krups probably cost around $50 bucks when we bought it...
  15. Cooking Goddess

    Sunday dinner, March 24, 2024

    I know, taxy, but most times it isn't such a deal. I don't mind spending more (Graeter's ice cream was regularly $5.99 a pint; I would buy several pints when it was $3.99 on sale) for good quality. I bought the ice cream machine partly because it would be cheaper, partly to make black walnut...
  16. Cooking Goddess

    What have you had for breakfast lately?

    Himself and I just mentioned that yesterday. My all time favorite is still "jumbo shrimp". 😆
  17. Cooking Goddess

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    We had a Krups one a long time ago, @FrankZ, but it spent many years in the basement before I sold it in our last garage sale a couple years ago. However, if you and @Kathleen ever visit, I would like it if you can train me in the proper operation of a French press. And if you could recommend a...
  18. Cooking Goddess

    Sunday dinner, March 24, 2024

    If you have, I don't remember. When I buy ice cream in a store, I always look for one with the fewest junk ingredients. Blue Bunny is pretty basic, but it doesn't have the high cream content like Hudsonville, so the mouth feel isn't as rich. This Hudsonville stuff is good enough for me to leave...
  19. Cooking Goddess

    The future of Justin Fields

    I see what you did there, @caseydog. 😂
  20. Cooking Goddess

    Friday March 22, 2024... Is it to late for chili?

    I made a small batch of chili for Himself this past Tuesday. He loves chili anytime, but I have to have a real taste for it. While he enjoyed his chili, I finished the Italian sausage and bean soup I had made for Sunday Supper. On Friday the 22nd we ordered out. Split a "Seafood Feast" from...
  21. Cooking Goddess

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    If one decides to dedicate the wine & drinks bar to coffee and tea, one needs proper equipment. 🤭 Yeah, I was looking for an excuse to buy a Bodum pour-over carafe. And an electric water kettle. And I really did need a new coffee grinder; my not-very-old Capresso grinder suddenly stopped...
  22. Cooking Goddess

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    Our weather, or at least the temperatures, has been on a yo-yo. 60+ one day, coating of snow the next. We are finally south enough from Lake Erie that we shouldn't have any lake effect snow. After decades of 57"+ being the average, and 100+ not being unusual, we now might end up with 30" of snow...
  23. Cooking Goddess

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    We are in our fourth house. We have never parked even one car outside the garage from Day One in any house, except for the night before a garage sale. We have junk. It just ends up in the basement! 😆
  24. Cooking Goddess

    Sunday lunch - 17th March 2024

    She's been on a roll like that recently. 🙄 It looks like @dr morbius, is gone ever since a sparky remark about football in the OFF TOPIC forum...
  25. Cooking Goddess

    Sunday dinner, March 24, 2024

    We did dinner and a movie. We had mushroom-barley soup with cheese (Cheddar) toast. Found a new brand of ice cream when I shopped Walmart last week - Hudsonville Ice Cream out of Michigan. I bought a carton of Traverse City Cherry Fudge. Boy, is it yummy.
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