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  1. jennyema

    Can chimney starter damage Weber?

    I always start mine on the grill. It's a grill. It is designed to hold insanely hot coals and flame. Mine was hit by lightning a few years ago and I still use it.
  2. jennyema

    Blue cheese and pear preserves omelette

    The omelette idea doesn’t work for me. It needs an acid. It works in a salad, though.
  3. jennyema

    New and learning

    Do you work in a restaurant ?
  4. jennyema

    Cooking spray alternatives and how to clean ruined CorningWare?

    Try that Dawn spray stuff. Dawn power something. There are plenty of spray oils in your supermarket that don’t contain lecithin. Look on the shelves above the bottled oils. If he is cognitively impaired it might be better for him to continue using a spray, since he knows how.
  5. jennyema

    What type of seaweed is this?

    It’s spongy and not crisp? Cause it looks like kombu before it’s cut.
  6. jennyema

    PEI Mussels vs. well, Mussels

    I could literally harvest mussels in the water right next to our house — clams, too, and crabs. But that’s illegal without a license. That said, I’ve cooked many things but never mussels. I’m just not a huge fan.
  7. jennyema

    Chili crunch vs. crisp vs. crisp with peanuts?

    This is an interesting thing…. at least to me as a lawyer.
  8. jennyema

    Chili crunch vs. crisp vs. crisp with peanuts?

    Chili crisp and chili crunch are the same thing and a zillion manufacturers make it. It’s been all the rage for 2-3 years now. And it’s EXCELLENT! But I’d recommend buying it from a legit maker like momofuku. There is a wild difference in quality out there.
  9. jennyema

    Essential oils, how much is too much?

    just make sure they are food safe. Most essential oils are not
  10. jennyema

    Using cardboard to start charcoal?

    Paper towels soaked in vegetable oil, if you dont have newspaper
  11. jennyema

    Spring roll vs fried spring roll referencing

    Fresh spring rolls are commonly referred to as "summer rolls," as a means of distinction
  12. jennyema

    April 8, 2024 Total Eclipse

    Fairly uneventful here on Cape Cod. It got weirdly dark/sunny and it got a lot chillier. Burlington VT was the New England place to be.
  13. jennyema

    Cleaning Your Grill

    Yeah. I felt that way, too until I found a wire in my burger. That I had cooked myself. You couldn’t see it. I pulled it out of my mouth before I swallowed it. It’s not paranoia. It’s pretty real.
  14. jennyema

    Cleaning Your Grill

    Wire brushes aren’t safe Plenty of safe and effective alternatives
  15. jennyema

    My oven crapped out, looking for a new one

    I’ve heard bad things about both LG and Samsung kitchen appliances. Their televisions are great though
  16. jennyema

    My oven crapped out, looking for a new one

    In Boston I have an almost 40 year old Maytag that came with the house. BEST. STOVE. EVER. On the Cape we have a new but not that fancy GE Monogram. It’s great! I love the convection feature.
  17. jennyema

    Earthquake NJ and NY

    My neighbors on my street say they felt it, but I didn’t. Later, I discovered that cans and bottles and stuff in my pantry and on my counters fell over. There was an earthquake 2 years ago on Cape Cod which sounded like a huge truck hitting something and it shook the house.
  18. jennyema

    Has anyone used coconut oil to Grease the bread pan

    I’m not sure what you grease the pan with matters. But some coconut oils taste neutral and some taste more like coconut so keep that in mind.
  19. jennyema

    Dinner at Chef and the Farmer, Kinston, NC

    That looks great !
  20. jennyema

    Cleaning Your Grill

    Oven cleaner. Spray them and put them in a plastic trash bag overnight. But frankly, I’d just heat it up like a mf’er and then scrape like hell. With a scraper and ball of foil. And then I’d carry on. Your grill looks like a million bucks!
  21. jennyema

    What is the difference between BBQ and smoking?

    I think of BBQ as more of a style rather than a technique. Or a A pork butt can be rubbed, smoked, cooked low and slow and turned into pulled pork which is definite This does not happen if you know what you are doing on any grill. You can run an Egg at 225 for 12 hours. There’s really no...
  22. jennyema

    Would you go to a Rude Restaurant??

    I never understood why so many people flocked to a restaurant with rude service and meh food
  23. jennyema

    What is the difference between BBQ and smoking?

    I’ve had a Big Green Egg for 6 years or so. It’s a Kamado-style charcoal grill that is used to smoke and grill food. It can hold a pretty exact temp for many hours. I’ve learned a lot by reading and participating in the very active BGE Facebook group. There aren’t a lot of rules… but in...
  24. jennyema

    Epicurean outlet store

    Duluth is such a fun place!
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