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  1. CharlieD

    What's the last movie you watched?

    Just finished watching Megan Leavey. Based on the true story this one is a tear jerker. Growing up with a German Shepheard, i felt special attachment. Strongly recommend.
  2. CharlieD

    What are some of the dumbest, most impractical "facts" or advice you've heard on a cooking show?

    Well, do not know about healthy, but in some recipes margarine makes baked good a lot softer.
  3. CharlieD

    What is this?

    You put potato on the spike and then put in the oven, it bakes more evenly, supposedly.
  4. CharlieD

    Epicurean outlet store

    Exactly what I was going to say. We have an outlet mall here in Eagan, speaking of Minnesota, there is Le Creuset store there. I was there like 3 weeks ago. I did not find anything that was a great buy. Prices are on the par with regular store sale prices. Nothing special, no big deal at all.
  5. CharlieD

    Cooking question

  6. CharlieD

    Cooking question

    Thank you. It's very kind of you.
  7. CharlieD

    Cooking question

    Sorry, forgot to report. I listened to my wife. :rolleyes: Cooked pelmeni on Friday. Drained, put it in a large bowl, sprinkled some oil to prevent steaking. Saturday night brought soup to boil, threw all the pelmeni in, brought to boil again, took a long time, probably good 15-20 minutes...
  8. CharlieD

    Kitchen "Candy" ~ Or, Look What I Just Got!

    Oh, my, just not Maxwell please. It is as bad as russian coffee they sold back in the soviet days. ;):ROFLMAO:
  9. CharlieD

    Can anyone identify this fruit?

    I think the picture in the answer #3 answers your question completely.
  10. CharlieD

    Can anyone identify this fruit?

    But sumo orange is orange in color.
  11. CharlieD

    Can anyone identify this fruit?

    Looks like lemon to me.
  12. CharlieD

    What's the last movie you watched?

    Just watched Something that Lord made. Based on a true story, and what a remarkable story it was. Really enjoyed it.
  13. CharlieD

    What's the last movie you watched?

    Beautiful description of Damsel. Have to say it is a perfect movie to watch at faster speed, thank you Netflix for this option, while programming on one screen, Damsel was playing on the second screen. Have to say say, it is fantasy, so don’t judge it too harsh. Any time dragons involved, it...
  14. CharlieD

    Cooking question

    Thank you
  15. CharlieD

    Do You Have A “Secret Weapon?"

    Well, maybe that particular guy did not eat dog meat. I had Korean "friends", they were North Koreans, back in my soviet days in the university. There was a stray dog living in the court yard of the dormitory. One day Koreans were having a big party. But after that party, there was no more...
  16. CharlieD

    Cooking question

    Yes, I will serve them in the soup. Kind of like tortellini soup idea. And also yes for quantity. About 250-280.
  17. CharlieD


    It's available here in MN Costco right now. I saw it last Sunday. Did not pay attention to the price as it is not Kosher and I cannot have it anyway. But as far as serving in russia they do serve it with blini, but not what the kind blini in the picture above, those are not blini. Real blini...
  18. CharlieD

    Cooking question

    I am making Pelmeni, relatives of ravioli/tortellini, I'll add the picture later. I need your thought on cooking them. Here is my problem. This coming up Saturday night is a holiday of Purim. There is special reading, story of Purim, that we will listen to in the Synagogue and will take about...
  19. CharlieD

    Do You Have A “Secret Weapon?"

    Well, I can’t say I love it, but it is pretty good. Like many other things, it’s an acquired taste.
  20. CharlieD

    Help me to make homemade subway-style bread?

    I think I've asked the same question years ago and somebody had good suggestion. Use the search here. P.S. I admit I never got around making the bread. My goal though was not the taste, but rather the consistency.
  21. CharlieD

    Any way to make radishes tasty?

    I would not eat radishes by themselves, but I like to add them to salads.
  22. CharlieD

    To wash rice or not

    I think it depends on what the end result you are looking for. That is why there so many different kids of rice too.
  23. CharlieD

    What's the last movie you watched?

    i am a sucker for for "feel good" movies. Just watched The wolf and the lion. Loved it. Of course critics did not like it. But what do thy know.
  24. CharlieD

    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    I started reading it, well almost started, I realized it is the second book in the series. So, I stopped waiting to get the first one. But sounds really interesting.
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