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  1. blissful

    Wednesday, 2024 May 22 midweek supper

    Used up the leftover pizza dough to make stuffed buns. Filled them with tomato/fennel/onion/mushroom filling. Chocolate tofu pie. Spinach apple smoothie.
  2. blissful

    I’m doing a themed dinner - thoughts?

    @Aunt Bea I have never had it or had an opportunity to try salt cod. I've just heard people say they either LOVE it or HATE it.
  3. blissful

    I’m doing a themed dinner - thoughts?

    Sounds like fun and a good idea! I hope no one says 'salt cod'. :D
  4. blissful

    What about 'monosodium glutimate'?

    I don't keep it on hand. I've never suffered from MSG poisoning or addiction. I've also never suffered from oregano poisoning or addiction, though I keep oregano on hand.
  5. blissful

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    Yes, this is kind of what we need, if say a tornado took off the house above ground. Things hard to replace and emergency supplies. I'm most concerned with the former. The more I put together the longer the list becomes! After the hullabaloo was over, another storm followed with winds and rain...
  6. blissful

    Any recipe that is simple, easy, fast, .nutrients etc.

    Grocery shopping: Get a bag of shredded cabbage/carrots, a can or two of beans, make some rice (or boil in the bag kind), and some baked tortillas or chips. Taco sauce. Assemble: Crumble up some tortillas, top with rice and beans, top that with cabbage/carrots shreds, and add enough taco sauce...
  7. blissful

    Honey Bee Keeping and other pollinators

    Bee check #3 today 5/21. Mite treatment strips removed (3 weeks). Feeder frames removed, replaced with a waxed frame. The bees seem happy! One hive has a queen that was originally mated and she was laying brood but now she is only laying drones because she wasn't mated well enough. (outside the...
  8. blissful

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    Thank you so much for the concern! We're okay. There were high winds and some rain and thunder and lightning......nothing terrible but it mostly was north of us when it came right down to it. Lots of tornado warnings north of us. I have lots of stuff to move back out into the sun tomorrow...
  9. blissful

    What did you eat Tuesday, May 21, 2024?

    Mandarin, chocolate tofu pie with date/oat crust, collards and natto. Quick and tasty.
  10. blissful

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    We've been under a tornado watch from 4 pm to a high wind storm coming through around 8-9 pm. We've moved everything that could blow away in 60 mph winds (traveling speed of the storm), which is in Madison about now. 7:30. We're hoping the bees do okay and we bought rechargeable...
  11. blissful

    Monday, May 20, 2024, what did you eat?

    Fresh pressed juice w/strawberry, cucumber, apple, spinach. Chocolate tofu pie. Kale and mushrooms with natto and mustard.
  12. blissful

    Sunday May 19th, 2024 where did dinner go?

    Air fried potatoes with baked beans and corn.
  13. blissful

    Garden 2024

    Our lettuce gardens are in, and the 50-60ish tomatoes, and the 100-300 onions but I didn't count. I harvested the greens off the kale that was from last year and was going to seed. We've been watering the newly planted transplants, the flower gardens that are just starting now. We usually don't...
  14. blissful

    Garden 2024

    Texas has 10 people/wild boar. Italy has 30 people/wild boar. Wisconsin has 5839 people/wild boar. Shouldn't this be in 'what's for dinner?'
  15. blissful

    Saturday night, May 18, 2024. What are you eating?

    Collards with vinegar and nu-salt, and natto with yellow mustard. Just made ww bread with onion-garlic-herb-almond spread. I might have a cold or virus so I'm eating mandarin oranges morning, noon, and night.
  16. blissful

    Rotisserie Chicken thoughts?

    I used to love those rotisserie chickens, throw on some sides and a meal is born. I worked at Lum's and we washed chickens and put them in a showcase type rotisserie for dinners. What are a rotisserie chicken's thoughts? It's hot and I'm dizzy.
  17. blissful

    Garden 2024

    I found a website that claims WI has up to 1000 wild boar or feral pigs. Sounds like our DNR has it covered, though I've never seen one.
  18. blissful

    Garden 2024

    @Meryl in the midwest (Wisconsin in the US), the Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) studies the populations of all the animals, wolves, coyote, muskrats, raccoons, badgers, other small animals, and white tail deer. They allow and license hunting and trapping in some or all of the state by district...
  19. blissful


    When she said eggplant, how much it costs, the first person I thought of was you @pepperhead212 . I almost made a comment about the good price at the pepperhead residence in the coming july or august. You put in a few months of seedling care, then 2-3 months of gardening care, the magically (or...
  20. blissful


    I'm in midwest in the US, (WI), and ours are running $1.99/lb or $2.39/1.20lb each. Soft is okay, where it springs back, mushy is not.
  21. blissful

    Today's harvest

    I appreciate you kept us informed on gardening in the southern hemisphere while we went through winter. The end of the gardening season is both a blessing with some sadness for the end of the season.
  22. blissful

    What are you eating Tuesday. May 14, 2024?

    battered breaded baked
  23. blissful

    What are you eating Tuesday. May 14, 2024?

    Inspired by @Aunt Bea talking about battered breaded baked food. We had 2 lbs of big bella mushrooms BBB with or without dipping sauce. (aldi's had 8 oz containers of them for $1.29 this week) They were delicious. We each ate big servings and there's two smaller servings left for planned overs...
  24. blissful

    Eggplant Sandwich

    mmmmmm eggplant sandwiches. Yesterday I saw a bag of battered breaded and baked eggplant slices in the freezer. They were chanting "sandwich sandwich sandwich".
  25. blissful

    Found an outstanding way to cook ham!

    When I was growing up, my dad's side of the family served a slice of ham on a slice of potica (walnut honey pastry). Here's an apple pie in a paper bag to go with the ham. They make it at a local place here.
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