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  2. Lugaru

    Hello Kitty Champagne

    Friend of mine got his hands on two bottles, they are the cutest thing I've seen in a while.
  3. Lugaru

    Connoisseurs Update: Bear Meat, Pig shaped Cakes and Fancy Salt.

    Yeah, the catfish cake was weird but once you tried it well it was simply cake, maybe with a little bit too much icing since that was the main thing she sculpted with. Still it was good icing, I mean Jon ate the entire head of that thing.
  4. Lugaru

    Connoisseurs Update: Bear Meat, Pig shaped Cakes and Fancy Salt.

    Luv and Kitchenelf: dissecting a baby pig is not that hard when it's made entirely out of cake. This one is another example of Jenny's scuplting abilities used for sweets... a catfish cake:
  5. Lugaru

    Job interview!

    I would gladly hire Luvs too. My one piece of advice is that dont talk about your past jobs like they are ex lovers. Too many people get way too emotional talking about what they loved and hated about past jobs and it turns off most recruiters. Also even if you dont NEED the job act like you do...
  6. Lugaru

    Sheba left us tonight

    Mis condolencias.
  7. Lugaru

    Connoisseurs Update: Bear Meat, Pig shaped Cakes and Fancy Salt.

    Check out as we do battle with various game dishes ranging from Bear to Quails and passing through a southern rendition of Cassoulete with collard greens on the side. All recipes are included. Jenny our resident artist sculpts cakes in the shape of pigs and boars this month! Also do a...
  8. Lugaru

    Connoisseurs Game meat challenge (ever wanted to eat bear?)

    The Connoisseurs Bear, Boar, Duck, Lamb, Vennison, Yak and Quails all get cooked up and served to a bunch of judges. All recipes are included for those who want to play along at home.
  9. Lugaru

    The Connoisseurs drink 40 beers at the Extreme Beer Fest

    Yeah, but it was also the most dissapointing since you can only get it in Michigan. And with Bostons Draconian alcohol laws I didint even try bribing them into selling me a bomber of something to take home. Either way the deal with shorts is that every brewery where making flavored beers but...
  10. Lugaru

    The Worlds Healthiest Foods

    I never see cactus on those lists and it's amazing for you. Pretty good too, I like making it into fresh salad with mangoes or cooking it with pork and tomatillo sauce.
  11. Lugaru

    Missing members?

    I'm still around, just between fighting crime (from behind a cubicle) and working on our website I tend to forget to post, althought this is to date one of my favorite forums because of the people who post on it and the wealth and quality of recipes.
  12. Lugaru

    A little Tex/Mex - fried Chili Rellenos

    I need to try that. The batter they used in my home town in Mexico was similar to pancake batter but it would get too fluffy and soak up too much grease, so I usually ended up peeling the breading off my chiles before eating 'em. Of course soaking up too much grease is often a symptom of not...
  13. Lugaru

    The Connoisseurs drink 40 beers at the Extreme Beer Fest

    The Connoisseurs Got some audio, video and short and sweet write ups about almost everything we tasted.
  14. Lugaru

    Perfect way of cooking octopus anyone?

    Thanks for the recipe Iron, that's pretty close to what we usually do although ceviche is super regional. One variant I like from my home state is putting a can of clamato in it but that wouldent be fare, we are doing everything from scratch. In Acapulco they put ketchup in there, which is gross...
  15. Lugaru

    Perfect way of cooking octopus anyone?

    Thanks. Calamari I'm very used to cooking with but I have honestly never had it in ceviche, in spanish and Mexican cooking it is mostly in hot dishes. Still Im going to pick some up and make myself a bowl just to see how it turns out. Saddly enough whenever we have these competitions I have a...
  16. Lugaru

    Is it real, or is it Tex-Mex?

    That's because it is full of swearing and scary images. Oh wait no, that's my okcupid profile... the food article is fine. :rofl:
  17. Lugaru

    Perfect way of cooking octopus anyone?

    Ok, as some of you guy's know me and my friends have these cooking challenges. The next one is seafood and I want to make a deconstructed ceviche mixto with fish, octopus and shrimp. Well recently I had some octopus in a sushi platter and the texture was absolutely perfect, it was amazing...
  18. Lugaru

    Is it real, or is it Tex-Mex?

    I also recomend Mexican food and Mexican recipes at for the miscelania you sometimes cant get. But then you might not need it, here in Boston it's very latin but not very Mexican, so most stores dont carry what I need. Edit: I did a little backwards read... On being the odd guy...
  19. Lugaru

    Connoisseurs update 07/21/07

    Hey guys, sorry I havent been keeping you guy's updated on the site but there's been a lot of crazy stuff going on in our lives. Either way here's the big parts: 1) We got a new logo by Jenny, an amazing graphic artist. She also illustrates certain articles now. 2) We have a forum. Feel free...
  20. Lugaru

    Experienced Cook Needs Sushi Help

    I love the Sriracha/Mayo combo for smoked eel. Anyway I think you might appreciate this, I was making pasta salad with crab meat and mayo and I mixed in some chinese chili oil (aka mongolian fire oil) with the mayo and it blends wonderfully. You might want to try that combination for sushi...
  21. Lugaru

    ISO Enchilada Recipes

    I agree with Dina, buying a few dried peppers to keep in jars is the best investment you will ever make. My friend Tom grew up in Maine but his creativity has doubled ever since he started collecting dry peppers. Btw if you are going to use a cheese blend I HIGHLY recomend using an italian...
  22. Lugaru

    Is it real, or is it Tex-Mex?

    I have to agree... my perspective is tainted because I went from Mexico to Boston with only a brief stop in middle america (West Virginia) but so many people see Pad Thai as comfort food, or Pho as a good way to kick off a weekend after partying too much. For me Dim Sum is a wonderful way to get...
  23. Lugaru

    Which appliance purchase was your worst mistake?

    I didint buy it myself but my roomates got me an electric friolator for X-Mass about 3 years ago. I've probably used it twice. I mean I can understand some people loving it but Im just the anti-fry guy. I bake everything, or fry with high heat and minimal oil.
  24. Lugaru

    Is it real, or is it Tex-Mex?

    Having spent a lot of time in new Mexico (and Arizona) I must admit you find a lot of things on the menu there which are very similar to Mexican cooking, although the spice is usually off the charts. Btw if anybody is in Boston I cannot recomend Tu y Yo enough, authentic food all the way down...
  25. Lugaru

    Is it real, or is it Tex-Mex?

    Is it real, or is it Tex-Mex? Mexico wants the world to know what food is authentic By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MEXICO CITY -- Worried by the global proliferation of deep fat-fried chimichangas, fajitas, margaritas and fried ice cream, the Mexican government is recruiting U.S...
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