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  1. Zhizara

    Soft Pretzel Mustard Dip Question/Advice.

    I like to use a honey mustard dressing.
  2. Zhizara

    What's with bread twist ties?

    I open by untwisting whichever way gets the bag open then twist it to the right when I close the bag.
  3. Zhizara

    Monday 12/19/2016 What's on the menu?

  4. Zhizara

    Tuesday 12/13/2016 What's on the menu?

    caHot dogs-2, with catsup ad sweet relish.
  5. Zhizara

    Going MIA

    Thanks! I assure you it wasn't voluntary. I finally got a new mouse that works much brtter. stilll some problems, but much better!
  6. Zhizara

    Memorial Day Dinner 2016

    Nothin' special. Friday is Payday so whatever quick and easy dinner I come up with then will be my holiday dinner.
  7. Zhizara

    Going MIA

    Hello folks! Sorry I' ve been MIA for awhile. My computer developed a dislike to my mouse. It's still not all right yet. Having my register scanned and paying for repairs made cost me double what I should have to pay (operator error). I finally bought a new mouse. It works some, but not...
  8. Zhizara

    What food(s) do you like to treat yourself with?

    Carbs! Tonight I had mashed potatoes. I had leftover steak smorthered in gravy with sliced muaheooma. All that yummy gravy just would have been so blah without a nice pile of mashed garlic potatoes. It was heavenly!! Also a couple of Lirrlw Debbis Dusfe xookiea for dessert!
  9. Zhizara

    ISO ideas for flavoring overnight oats

    Try using apple juice instead of water to make a very tasty oatmeal.
  10. Zhizara

    What's for dinner? Sunday Apr. 10, 2016

    Yep, tthey sure came in handy when I made a batch to smother a top serloin steak along with a box of crimmini mushrooms for dinner tonight. YUM! What's grear is there was enough left over for another meal! Also I still have 2 more steaks in rhe freezer. YAY!!
  11. Zhizara

    Seasoned salt?

    i'm lazy and am not ashamed of it. I am however cautious about my salt intake. I've found that seasoned salt is very high in salt. I have It, but only uss it in ons diah, i use just a little. I like to cook sliced yellow squash with sliced onion with garlic and oleo. A little sprinkle of...
  12. Zhizara

    The Banana And Mayo Sandwich.. Would you eat it???

    I might make a banana and peanut butter sandwich, but I just can't imagine banana with mayo. Yuck!
  13. Zhizara

    What Sandwiches Really Float Your Boat?

    Deli meats i look for; corned beef roast beef liverwursr honey hom Pastramii Good luck!!!
  14. Zhizara

    Games To Measure Your Brain Age & Quiz For Biological Age

    Not so good it said I'm 72. I'll turn 70 this summer.
  15. Zhizara

    Thursday, 4/7/16 dinner, what's your meal?

    I just got home from my Sav-A-Lot monthly shopping trip. My reward is a TV dinner by Bsnquet. Breaded beef patties in white gravy.
  16. Zhizara

    Woof! It's Dawgluver's Birthday!

  17. Zhizara

    Utensil caddy under the cabinets, not enough room.

    The best set up I ever used was when I had a drawer available to dedicate to utinsels. After getting tired of having to pull each one out until I found the one I wanted, I finally decided to put them in the drawer with the business ends facing the front of the drawer. Much easier!
  18. Zhizara

    Steak sauce - do you use it?

    Steak sauce? Nope. Years and years ago I tried it, didn't like it. No thanks!
  19. Zhizara

    Monday, 3/28/16, what's on your plate?

    I'm planning on frying up some beef liver. I cooked up a bunch of collard greens the other day so I'll probably have some of that too.
  20. Zhizara

    Dumb Question, I Need a Name for Something Which Has Slipped My Mind

    Spoon Rest is all I've ever heard it called. I'd been looking for one for a long time when I found a couple of candy dishes which work just fine. I use them both.
  21. Zhizara

    Pap's Army Days S.O.S.

    I've made it with chipped beef, which I found too salry, but I prefer to make it with ground pork sausage as sausage gravy and serve it over toast points or split biscuits.
  22. Zhizara

    Favorite spice or herb?

    I'd have to say thyme with a close second of dill.
  23. Zhizara

    How do you make your rice?

    I like to make brown rice with a package of onion soup mix. It makes a lot when you let the amount of water determine how much rice to use. It's easy to spoon into sandwich size baggies and frozen for future use.
  24. Zhizara

    What's up, Buttercup? Dinner 3/13/16

    I'm making a large pork steak smothered in gravy until it falls apart. To go with it some garlic and cheddar mashed potatoes.
  25. Zhizara

    What are you doing?

    I'm getting myself psyched to got shopping. I have one more RX to pick up so I'll have myself a little shopping spree too.
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