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  1. Janet H

    What type pan do you use the most?

    The aforementioned scan pan. Eggs, omelets, and everything else fried.
  2. Janet H

    What type pan do you use the most?

    Scan-Pan 10-inch skillet followed closely by an all-clad 3-quart pan that has a steamer insert. The steamer insert has a nice long handle and I use it to drain pasta, boiled potatoes, and of course, for steaming.
  3. Janet H

    Stabilized Whipped Cream - game changer!

    I did not know this existed.... I just googled Whip-it and it appears to have 3 ingredients: dextrose, modified cornstarch, tricalcium phosphate. The Jello pudding has this: SUGAR, MODIFIED CORNSTARCH, CONTAINS LESS THAN 2% OF DISODIUM PHOSPHATE, TETRASODIUM PYROPHOSPHATE, SALT, MONO- AND...
  4. Janet H

    Stabilized Whipped Cream - game changer!

    I had to purchase a package of pudding mix for this adventure, as I don't routinely use instant pudding. I whipped 2 cups of cream (using 2 tablespoons of pudding mix). There are several tablespoons left in the package, so I've frozen the powder for future use. This is going to become a...
  5. Janet H

    I am a human!

    The browser check was a spam prevention thing and is automated. It happens sometimes when vpns or when you login for odd locations that historically have lots of spam bots. Glad to hear you are human, however. ;)
  6. Janet H

    Stabilized Whipped Cream - game changer!

    Yesterday was my hubby's B-day and he always asks for the same thing - A chocolate stout cake, no icing please, and pass the whipped cream. I obliged but thought it might be fun to serve the cake with the cream already on top to look a bit festive and to mimic the top of a mug of oatmeal stout...
  7. Janet H

    New member

    Here's the scoop: As a spam avoidance mechanism, we limit the number of posts from new accounts for the first 3 days after joining. We dislike spam, most especially the sort delivered by people promoting their for-profit blogs and YouTube channels. Typically, once this limitation is discovered...
  8. Janet H

    Shipping error - what to do?

    Problem solved! I've had this knife (in the box) on my desk for several days. Yesterday I came home to find it drying on the sideboard. DH reports that it's nice and sharp (even if it is in a funky color).
  9. Janet H

    Shipping error - what to do?

    That's a good friend!
  10. Janet H

    Shipping error - what to do?

    I recently ordered a paring knife. Not an especially fine knife; in fact, it was intended for my camper. Today it arrived and it's not a pairing knife and it is a really nice knife; clearly amazon made some sort of error. Instead of an off-brand 3-inch paring knife, I got this lovely 6-inch...
  11. Janet H

    What are some of your favourite discontinued products that you would like to see brought back?

    Dr Bronners soup powder which disappeared from stores somewhere around 2001, was wonderful and versatile.
  12. Janet H

    What are some of the dumbest, most impractical "facts" or advice you've heard on a cooking show?

    Gordon Ramsays claim that one side of foil cooks faster than the other is hogwash, IMO. The dull/shiny side arguments he makes are that the dull side holds heat better and the shiny reflects when in fact the foil is the same on both sides - the color difference is a processing and rolling...
  13. Janet H

    Tree Repair Progress

    Change it hard. I lost a large shade tree a few years ago in my backyard as well and after some adjustments (some plants getting too much sun), replacing plantings, etc I came to appreciate the extra light. Your garden looks magical even with the change and I hope you find some new solutions.
  14. Janet H

    Why my chocolate syrup consolidated?

    Is the sauce supposed to be fairly thin? Suitable for drizzling on ice cream? If so, here's my go-to recipe: 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup dark brown sugar 1/2 cup cold water a pinch of salt 1½ teaspoons vanilla Method: Place the first 5 ingredients in a large...
  15. Janet H

    What spice(s) can you use on anything

    Is chocolate (cocoa pwd) a spice? :)
  16. Janet H

    What is your most loathed cooking terminology?

    Imprecise terms make me a little crazy. Dash, pinch, add-in, etc. If I have never prepared the dish or eaten it before I need more help. As an example: "Now, add in the butter" Do I cut it in, melt and stir in, pitch a whole chunk in, etc??
  17. Janet H

    Is there a way to bake pizza at low temperatures?

    I have occasionally started pizza on the stovetop in a cast iron pan - it's unconventional but works pretty well. The best way to do this is to slide you premade pizza from a board into a preheated and oiled pam and cook it for a few minutes to get the crust partially cooked, then put the whole...
  18. Janet H

    All-Clad Cookware

    Another All-clad fan here. I used to live close to the PA factory and once annually went to their seconds sale - best thing ever! Thirty years later and I'm still using these pots! I like the ltd model (now discontinued) with an anodized exterior that sheds grime nicely. You can often pick...
  19. Janet H

    Chocolate Stout Cake - a house favorite

    That cake is easy to make - no mixer needed. Make it in a large sauce pan. I stage the ingredients: Beer and butter in large sauce pan Sugar and cocoa in a small bowl or container Eggs, vanilla and sourcream gets mixed in a cereal bowl Flour and other dry stuff in another bowl Then one by...
  20. Janet H

    Chocolate Stout Cake - a house favorite

    Last weekend my DH got a year older and asked for his favorite cake. I'm always happy to oblige since this is easy and DELICIOUS. I usually add some Creamcheese icing but this year instead did a donut icing-style glaze because I forgot to procure cream cheese. It's actually an improvement and...
  21. Janet H

    Garden 2023

    Hi - my name is Janet and I hate gardening. it's been 2 years since I last weeded my garden and it refuses to die. This year I'm going to try to do better. Typically all I plant is herbs and even then, only those slugs that don't eat. I have a nice stand of rhubarb as well. This year I'm...
  22. Janet H

    My latest delicious recipe...

    Folks, we've closed this thread but I wanted to suggest that in the future when you see spam just hit the report link on the post and the site team will check it out. Looks like spam, and smells like spam, queue the frying pan ;)
  23. Janet H

    Great News for Toasters!

    That toaster hack sort of reminds me of these - all in one b-fast cooker:
  24. Janet H

    Please bear with

    Thanks for your patience folks - we're working on this...
  25. Janet H

    Lunch for slightly more than a friend?

    I would make a turkey club sandwich (no soup) and serve it with chips, carrot and celery sticks and a pickle. Serve the sandwiches (cut) on a platter and surround with chips. That way he can help himself to several sections of the sandwiches and you can take a smaller portion if desired...
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