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  1. Selkie

    Cooking Creole

    Are you going to believe second and third hand stories and myths, or someone who has lived that life and has firsthand knowledge of what I'm talking about. I'm through with you muttonheads...
  2. Selkie

    Cooking Creole

    Wrong sources That's your trouble, you believe people like CNN - :rofl:
  3. Selkie

    Can I replace double cream in a curry recipe?

    If it were me, I would use Greet yogurt.
  4. Selkie

    Cooking Creole

    Is your mother's second language English and first language Cajun? Was your grandmother the official Cajun interpreter at the largest hospital in New Orleans? Do you have a branch of your family who, even though they were born in the Louisiana Bayou, never learned to speak English and still hold...
  5. Selkie

    Cooking Creole

    Cajun and Creole are two different cultures - Not the same basis for Culinary dishes. Cajun is primarily based on French/Spanish roots. French via Nova Scotia (Acadia) and Spanish (European) explorers/entrepreneurs. Creole is has its Caribbean black African roots using New World (Caribbean...
  6. Selkie

    Last day of June, Tuesday 30th, what's cooking?

    Miso soup, lightly sauteed shrimp, steamed carrots and broccoli.
  7. Selkie

    Polenta vs Grits vs Corn Meal

    I don't care what Anson Mills has to say. I challenge anyone to go to any restaurant in North America that has grits on their menu, or go to any market and ask the manager to show you where the grits are. I dare say that 99.9% will refer to hominy grits. What >1% call grits vs what 99%+ say they...
  8. Selkie

    Polenta vs Grits vs Corn Meal

    Grits is ground hominy (corn treated with lye) and is NOT the same thing as cornmeal! That would be like saying milk and butter are the same thing - not true. Grits undergoes a basic chemical treatment and transformation.
  9. Selkie

    Wash mushrooms?

    THAT'S the way to grow and eat mushrooms!!!!! Great going, Larry!!! Wonderful!
  10. Selkie

    Stir-fry (or other Healthy-ish Suggestions)

    Like you, I am in the process of transitioning to something like a Paleo diet, though not strictly. I'm not a fanatic about it. I have eliminated most processed foods, although I still like my bread (homemade sourdough) and dairy (homemade butter, Greek yogurt and now Kefir.) If it were me, I...
  11. Selkie

    How to quantify a measurement?

    I shopped for my measuring spoon set (Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set - $17.99) by comparing all the features of the others, just as I do with all of my purchases. OXO Good Grips 7-Piece Plastic Measuring Spoons is only $4.99.
  12. Selkie

    Polenta vs Grits vs Corn Meal

    Polenta and cooked cornmeal are the same thing. Grits are a different creature and are not interchangable with cornmeal.
  13. Selkie

    Wash mushrooms?

    Rinse under running water while using a mushroom (soft) brush. Water absorption is nil!
  14. Selkie

    Good Eats? Sat. June 27

    Kayelle - cut it with a fork!!
  15. Selkie

    Good Eats? Sat. June 27

    Fried beef liver, butter sauteed onions, liver-fond gravy and mashed potatoes.
  16. Selkie

    Blueberry Pie!!!???

    I support Kate H. - cornstarch or tapioca is always added to my fruit pies. Butter also adds a special "something."
  17. Selkie

    Best mold for chocolate?

    I don't freeze it in advance, but you could if you wanted to and see if it makes any difference when releasing. Let us know.
  18. Selkie

    Best mold for chocolate?

    Plastic molds and silicone molds both work well. I have plastic molds in shapes for use at Christmas I've used for more than a dozen years. The trick I use is to always successfully remove the chocolate candies from the mold is first freezing them for a day. Many come loose of the mold...
  19. Selkie

    Why does my steak look more rare when it's cold?

    Steaks continue to cook from residual heat for about 6-7 minutes after removed from direct heat, so when you serve what you consider a medium rare steak, it will will continue to get more done and turn into a medium or medium well. Taking this into consideration is important to some.
  20. Selkie

    Need tips on baking a layer cake

    WalMart carries cardboard cake base blanks for a minimal price. Use two 1"x2" boards placed on either side of a baked and cool cake layer, to use as a guide to rest a long knife (preferably a bread knife) and trim the domed top of the layer into a flat disk.
  21. Selkie

    Roasted Eel Dragon Roll

    Eat it quick... before it gets away!
  22. Selkie

    Himalayan Sea Salt Chunks

    I use HimalaSalt (Primordial Himalayan Sea Salt) most likely from the same company as your chunk, only mine is already ground and in a shaker. Even if it is expensive, I like it! It does taste different. The chunks are meant to be used to heat in the oven and food placed on top or beneath during...
  23. Selkie

    ‘Favorite cheeses’

    Parmigiano Reggiano, extra sharp cheddar and my own, home made Farmer's Cheese.
  24. Selkie

    Anyone make their own ice cream?

    I don't know of any ice cream maker that doesn't come with at least a small recipe booklet.
  25. Selkie

    Microwave Corn on the Cob

    That is a very useful video. Thanks Andy!
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