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  1. tancowgirl2000

    Word Association Game

    Christmas Can't believe this post is still ALIVE!!! Impressive ;)
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  3. tancowgirl2000

    Eggnog, Canadian Style :)

    My kids have been making it in the morning, they make about litre at a time and put it in the fridge. Not sure how long it would keep though. I wouldnt go longer than a day though. As for gatherings, make it a couple hours before, chill then reblend before you serve.
  4. tancowgirl2000

    Ox Tongue

    I KNOW it cant taste me Justplainbill BUT its the whole mental thing. Dad used to feed it to me when I was a kid and it was apparently good but then the mental thing kicked in when I got older, and Ill superly pass on the meusa sandwich!!! ick :)
  5. tancowgirl2000

    Ox Tongue

    I eat alot of things but there is NO way I can eat tongue....something about me tasting something that can taste me back **gack** I know it's tastebuds are skinned but Im good. We just butchered this past weekend and I learnt that they should hang the same as regular beef....who would...
  6. tancowgirl2000

    Cooked pork left out overnight - OK to eat?

    The rule I live with is this "When in doubt....Throw it out!"
  7. tancowgirl2000

    Eggnog, Canadian Style :)

    Well Barbara???? How did you like? My kids sure like!!!
  8. tancowgirl2000


    Well I failed at the Liver :( As is in Tanis took out stew meat instead of so liver and by the time I went to cook it was to late to thaw said liver, so it is going to be saved for the weekend! Thank you SO much for the hints! I always dredge them but never knew about the milk with the liver...
  9. tancowgirl2000

    Eggnog, Canadian Style :)

    Well this is My Eggnog...been making it many of years, now my kids have found said recipe and well I think its gonna cost me a fortune, they go through about 8 cups a day if I let em, but you know, I KNOW whats in it and its pretty healthy. Can always cut back sugar as here is...
  10. tancowgirl2000


    Hey guys; Its been way to long since I have fried up some liver and well its time :) BUT I know it has to be "just" right, so...any ideas of time on each side??? Hubby has only had it twice and kidlets Im not sure. I dont think Ive done it for them here. I TRULY want them to enjoy it cause...
  11. tancowgirl2000

    Ahhh am I back????

    I see this! All but one I think lol. Its amazing to see so many stick around actually! Comforting it is!!!
  12. tancowgirl2000

    11/24/10 WEDNESDAY - What's cooking?

    Was going to make Beef Barley Soup for supper as its -43 here with the wind chill and DH is freezing his butt off @ work today, but as I was snooping in the freeze for the meat I came across some pork hocks, SO long and short, I am making him struddel mmmmm Grandma makes the best but Im...
  13. tancowgirl2000

    Guess what this is a photo of!

    I think it looks like the popes hat..........just a thought lol
  14. tancowgirl2000

    Lemon cake just made me want this but with a little poppyseed mixed in....mmmm....what better way to spend a freezing cold day!
  15. tancowgirl2000

    Ahhh am I back????

    Well thanks all :) Barbara, one day Alix and I can do a road trip :) as for the Grits, I havent :( My family is plain Jane and well no....but I think I just may no that I have more time! And for the rest of you....I look forward to getting to know you. You will notice that I have a big...
  16. tancowgirl2000

    Dinner Thursday Nov 18?

    Well I started off thinking of doing something with Side Pork but then my friend mentioned scalloped taters, so now I have to go find my car in all the white stuff and get meself a ham....mmmmm ham and scalloped taters!!!
  17. tancowgirl2000

    Dinner Thursday Nov 18?

    She means its SUPER cold up here in the hills!!! :)
  18. tancowgirl2000

    Ahhh am I back????

    Oh and BTW I like the new layout!
  19. tancowgirl2000

    Ahhh am I back????

    Hey strangers!!! Its been so very long! And well truly FB has taken to me quite nicely HOWEVER I never get the same hominess from it :) Just an update for you all. I think Ill be checkin in a little more often again as I think I have became a stay at home mom (while the kids are in school)...
  20. tancowgirl2000

    Your Saturday? Seriuosly, I worked ill drink beer since I have no kids
  21. tancowgirl2000

    Double Letter Game

    Yellow... Is that right?
  22. tancowgirl2000

    The End Game

  23. tancowgirl2000

    Word Association Game

    strings squid
  24. tancowgirl2000

    Tying Bows?

    Thats how I would do it but I think if you strech the fabric in the center out over the knot it hides things....its been so long, now I will have to try to do this
  25. tancowgirl2000

    Keep Your Fingers Crossed Please!

    You know what you get from me babe!!!
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