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  1. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

    Gee, I thought this was a Funny Thread .... why the politics ? If we're gonna go Cultish, I'm outta here.........
  2. luckytrim

    Thursday's Dinner - 10/13

    Dry-Rubbed Pork Tenderloin Peppered Rice with Onion Gravy Sauteed Baby Corn & Carrots
  3. luckytrim

    Trivia 10/13

    Trivia 10/13 Did you know... OF THE FIRST 10 INTERNET DOMAIN NAMES REGISTERED, 7 WENT TO UNIVERSITIES. 1. Name the country singer who was born in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky. 2. Who's Woody Woodpecker's nemesis? 3. What NFL running back was nick-named "The Bus"? 4. What fast-food chain...
  4. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

    "F" is for ...
  5. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

    An elderly man in Louisiana had owned a large farm for several years. He had a large pond in the back. It was properly shaped for swimming, so he fixed it up nice with picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and some apple and peach trees. One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond...
  6. luckytrim

    Wednesday's Dinner - 10/12

    Pasta Night ! Linguini with Calamari in a Sriracha-Marinara Sauce
  7. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

    "E" is for ...
  8. luckytrim

    Trivia 10/12

    Trivia 10/12 Did you know... THE HUMAN EYE CAN SEE THE LIGHT OF A SINGLE CANDLE FROM AS FAR AS A MILE AWAY. 1. What country has the highest proportion of prisoners to population? a. - Myanmar b. - Iran c. - North Korea d. - USA 2. An Eyrie is home to what sort of Bird ? 3. What...
  9. luckytrim

    Tuesday's Dinner - 10/11

    Baked Chicken Quarter, Garlic Mash with Gravy, Steamed Baby Green Beans
  10. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

    "D" is for ...
  11. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

  12. luckytrim

    Trivia 10/11

    Trivia 10/11 Did you know... IF YOU NAMED YOUR CAT TIGER, YOU'RE NOT ALONE-IT'S THE MOST POPULAR CAT NAME IN THE U.S. 1. What is the foreign city most visited by Americans? (Hint; it's not in Europe...) 2. In cooking, what is Ghee ? 3. In the TV series The Addams Family, what's the...
  13. luckytrim

    Monday's Dinner - 10/10

    White Rice with a Chili Moat Deli Three-Bean Salad
  14. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

  15. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

    "C" is for ...
  16. luckytrim

    Trivia 10/10

    Trivia 10/10 DID YOU KNOW... At an average depth of nearly 2,000 feet, Oregon's Crater Lake is the deepest lake totally within the borders of the continental United States 1. What team had the 1st cheerleading squad in the NFL back in 1972? 2. Who is Vince Furnier better known as? 3...
  17. luckytrim

    Sunday Dinner - 10/9

    Red Meat Sunday ! Grilled Angus Strip, Sauteed Mushrooms Boiled Rice w/ Lefty Brown Gravy Green Beans & Corn
  18. luckytrim

    Sunday Special-A to Z People, Places, Things

    Sunday Special-A to Z People, Places, Things Part Two-N to Z Reminder-Answer to #14 begins with N, #15 begins with O, etc........... 14. This juvanile act involved holding someone in a headlock and rubbing knuckles over their head. Lisa Loopner was the recipient of lots of these from Todd...
  19. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

    "B" is for ;
  20. luckytrim

    Well, Saturday Night, an everything's right. 10/08

    Double Cheeseburger Fries with Brown Gravy w/ Minced Onion Sliced Beets
  21. luckytrim

    Trivia 10/8

    trivia 10/8 DID YOU KNOW... According to plumbers, the hardest item to flush down a toilet is a Ping-Pong ball. 1. What fruit is also known as the "Chinese Gooseberry"? 2. If I suffer from Apiphobia, what is it I fear? 3. In what battle did Britain's King Harold Die? 4. What word...
  22. luckytrim

    Today's Funny

    ... Which Brings us Back to "A"
  23. luckytrim

    Friday's Dinner - 10/7

    Breaded Scallops Onion Rings Steamed Carrot Medallions Deli-Slaw Cocktail Sauce
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