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  1. TanyaK

    What's for Dinner, Tuesday, January 20th?

    I've made Venison Bobotie with roasted butternut squash and corn relish. Bobotie is a traditional Cape Malay dish consisting of frying ground meat mixed with apricot jam,raisins,lemon juice,turmeric,curry powder,chopped onion and breadcrumbs(soaked in milk) and topped with a milk and egg...
  2. TanyaK

    Where do you buy your wine?

    We're surrounded by wine farms so every now and again we'll do a "wine trip" and stock up - unfortunately it never lasts long:rolleyes:. If I quickly need to buy a bottle I'll buy at the supermarket - they tend to have more specials than the liquor stores.
  3. TanyaK

    Hi from Cape Town

    Hi Lisa ! Nice to see another Capetonian on here !
  4. TanyaK

    What's for Dinner, Friday, Jan. 2nd, 2009!

    Happy New Year all ! DH brought home some sushi for a starter and we'll probably have some of last nights barbequed venison with pasta for dinner. Although it's once again a beautiful summer evening outside so we might just barbeque - AGAIN !
  5. TanyaK

    Going to a grocery store while on vacation

    That was one of the highlights of our trips to Thailand and Bali. They had vacuum packed products in their frozen seafood section that we could not figure out what it was (all writing on the packaging was in Thai/Indonesian) And of course the exotic fruits were out of this world ! Only downside...
  6. TanyaK

    Is any one "facebooked"?

    I'm also on Facebook and part of the DC Group on there but only log on there once in a while.
  7. TanyaK

    Where to go on vacation?

    I loved Thailand and Bali and it was so affordable (even for us South Africans with our less than great rand dollar exchange rate)
  8. TanyaK

    Dinner Bell!!!! Wednesday, Dec 17th!

    We're having low fat venison & veg quiche with salad
  9. TanyaK

    I've missed y'all

    Great news Terry ! Welcome back !
  10. TanyaK

    I'll never buy tortillas again

    It is easy - and I'm not good with dough:smile:
  11. TanyaK

    Has anyone heard of Turducken?

    My sister is buying a ready made one for Christmas lunch - should be interesting. I can't even imagine trying to make it !
  12. TanyaK

    Your Christmas menu

    We're going to my sister's for Christmas lunch. It's summer here so we're doing cold food. I'll be making seafood appetizers - thinking of mini fish kebabs with a ginger avo relish, tiny calamari tubes stuffed with prawns&mushrooms and mini seafood quiches. She's doing the meat(probably gammon...
  13. TanyaK

    I'll never buy tortillas again

    Never been to Mazunte but if they stock things like tortilla presses I'll definitely have to pop in next time I'm in the area !
  14. TanyaK

    Instant coffee?

    I usually drink instant coffee - we never seem to have the time to make "real" coffee - but I don't really mind - we usually buy the Douw Egbert(Dutch) or Jacobs(German) brands which I really like. Most people I know just drink instant during the week - was quiet surprised when I read this...
  15. TanyaK

    Home repairs/improvements

    Nope - we get someone in - we're both absolutely useless :lol:
  16. TanyaK

    Dinner Wednesday Dec 3rd

    We're having spicy pork,veg&noodles in a black bean sauce wrapped in lettuce and sweet chilli pork&veg in rice paper wraps. Can you tell we have left over pork ? :-)
  17. TanyaK

    ISO German recipes

    Just googled rouladen(along with Maultasche and Konigsburger Klopse) and it all looks amazing! Will definitely be cooking a lot more German food from now on ! Last night's dinner came out great ! Thanks all! :chef:
  18. TanyaK

    Finger Foods

    Jalapeno poppers!
  19. TanyaK

    ISO German recipes

    Thanks all - realized I'm not going to have as much time as I thought so I cheated and went to the German deli - bought rye bread and smoked teewurst pate to start with, spatzle - which even if I had the time I don't think I would ever attempt to make - looks way to complicated, potato kartoffel...
  20. TanyaK

    Should cooking be considered a chore, if you enjoy it ??

    I don't consider cooking a chore as I never do it if I don't feel like it. If I don't feel like cooking or don't have the time DH will cook or most likely barbeque and if not we'll end up having Marmite on toast or something (of course it helps not having kids :-)
  21. TanyaK

    ISO German recipes

    I'm doing a German menu for DH for date night tomorrow evening. Thinking of doing a German sausage casserole, potato salad and maybe German style green beans. Anyone got any great German ideas/recipes for me ?
  22. TanyaK

    What would you be if you had your druthers...

    I was in the IT industry(in sales) for 13 years and I'm SO glad I'm out of it:smile: Quite a few of my friends and DH is still in the industry and whenever they start talking shop I'm even more glad - even though I'm MUCH poorer now:lol:
  23. TanyaK

    What would you be if you had your druthers...

    I would have been a writer.
  24. TanyaK

    Dinner Wednesday, Nov 12th...

    Venison roast (which spent yesterday in the slow cooker for 8 hours) with a mushroom,brandy sauce, brown rice and lentils cooked in the venison stock from yesterday and spinach,onion and sweet peppers in a yoghurt sauce. Thought DH deserved a home cooked meal this week :-)
  25. TanyaK

    Your reasons for loving outdoor cooking, post here!

    And you must miss biltong - apparently jerky just isn't the same :dry:
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