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    Digital Cameras - thoughts?

    I have a Casio Exilim 8.1 mega pixel digital EX-79. I love it! I've had it a year now and have taken tons of pictures. My kids have used it so much and make videos with it also. It has a battery that came with it, and the charger for that battery. I've gotten great pictures from it, and I'm...
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    How old is everyone?

    I am 43, and to me it's not a big deal. A number is a number, it's about what's inside and how you feel. As for how I act? Hmm, I act 43 on most days! :-)
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    What are you baking today?

    Nothing for us today - I have to go to work in a little bit, so I'm just enjoying tea and catching up on reading posts here! Keep on baking!! :-)
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    What's the last movie you watched?

    My oldest daughter and I watched "A Walk To Remember", it was sad but sweet, a good message in it. :-)
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    This law makes no sense to me

    I don't even own a cell phone so I don't have to worry about being distracted that way. I do find that people tend to be very much into their phone conversation and not paying as much attention to the road and other people around them. I think unless it's an absolute emergency, there is no...
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    What are you baking today?

    Today is my last day off work this week, back to work tomorrow - I think I'll see what my daughters want to bake and that will be what we do. :-) Hopefully something simple and quick - I just want to relax today.
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    Anyone have the "itch" yet? (merged)

    I haven't gotten any catalogs yet, but will be ordering real soon. It's been so cold lately that I haven't taken any time to seriously think about gardening - though it still crosses my mind. Not sure if we are staying in this house or moving again, so I won't plan anything really yet. I'll...
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    Does anyone like Vintage equipment & appliances?

    My friend is remodeling her kitchen and is getting rid of her appliances. Her stove looks identical to the Hobart in the picture, I'm sure it must be a Hobart. Her house is an original Sears kit home. If anyone is interested, I can get a picture and post it here, and I'll ask her what she's...
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    How do you lower your grocery bill?

    Thank you. :-). Yes, I've discovered Best Yet, my friend shops there for her deli things. I went there last week and got some cheese and produce, I was in and out so quick though - only went in with those things in mind - and didn't get a chance to look around. Next time I go to Riverhead...
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    First impressions...Christmas turducken!!!

    I've never even heard of the turducken, interesting. :-)
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    Crisco Substitutions

    I have the butter flavored crisco, but so far have only used it for greasing my baking pans. I'll have to try it for baking, see how it turns out. I'll be watching for news here. :-)
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    That's interesting. I'll ask my mom next time I talk to her if she's heard of this and if she's tried it. She's full of tid-bit information. I use the french vanilla creamer so might not notice a difference at all, I load it up too much anymore to have anything but coffee flavored creamer. :-)
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    "Ziplock omelet" alternative?

    We did the ziploc omelettes a few Christmas's ago. They turned out pretty well, didn't seem too difficult getting the eggs out of the bag. It did seem like it took longer than normal though - it was just an experiment then at my sister in laws. I didn't know about the safety issue and I'm...
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    What is your weather like right now?

    We had a very light snowfall, only flakes floating through the air, nothing sticking to the ground - that was about 4 days ago. Nothing new since then. It's been VERY cold and windy with some rain. I would love it if we got a whole bunch of snow, but it's not going to happen in this part of...
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    How to store Bacon Drippings?

    My dads girlfriend used to store hers in a container on the counter - next to the stove. We never got sick so I'm thinking it was okay, but she did use it up quite quickly, she was a good cook and loved being in the kitchen. :-)
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    Will you be spending less or more at Christmas

    I'll be spending about the same as last year, which is less than the previous years. Kids are working on their lists and other than my mother, they are the only ones I buy for. :-)
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    What cooking magazines do you subscribe to?

    Haha, I completely understand! But for some reason in my "collectors-mind" I still haven't figured out that I could never possibly make all the recipes I've collected and I continue to collect more! I think it's an obsession!! :rolleyes:
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    Changing some Thanksgiving Tradition?

    Many years ago a friend made perfect whipped sweet potatoes with orange juice concentrate and something else, not sure but maybe some kind of milk product? Then it was all baked with the marshmallows on top. It was SO delicious - I don't think I've had another sweet potato dish to this day...
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    What cooking magazines do you subscribe to?

    I don't subscribe to anything at this time, I get things online and copy recipes from the magazines at the library. I used to get so many - can't begin to list them all. But now, I'm enjoying less paper coming in the mail and working on whip-controlling what I have here at home. :-)
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    What Size Cook Book do You Prefer?

    I like any size, style, format - I'm not a good one to ask but thought I would give my tid-bit of preference. :-) If it's a book, then I like it! Good luck on the endeavor though, sounds like something to add to our collection in the future!
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    Making apple butter in the crockpot (slowcooker)

    I haven't had apple butter in a long time, and it seems funny to me that now I've been reading about it - I have a very strong craving for some! :-)
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    Pictures of our garden 2008

    Cute baby! Very nice garden! Eeks on the snake! Those are some huge berries - my kids would love to make a smoothie with those :-). I can't do any digging here in this rental for a garden, but I can do containers - next year I'll be doing a nice one.
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    Should cooking be considered a chore, if you enjoy it ??

    I agree that a chore is a chore - regardless of whether or not you like doing it/are good at it or not/always end up being the one doing it. If it's something that needs to be done, then do it. Being that I'm a single mom - most of the "chores" end up being done by me, though my kids do love...
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    Changing some Thanksgiving Tradition?

    I am working on Thanksgiving this year, 7-3 that day. The kids will go to their dads friends house with them, not sure what they are having yet since they haven't even planned it. Hmm. I will show up after I get off work. I am working the day before Thanksgiving, THE day and the 3 days...
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    Do you feed the birds in Wintertime?

    We used to feed the birds, we had feeders out and the suet holders, and we put out other goodies for them. The kids have been asking if we are going to get birdfeeders again, we'd put them up on a high branch area that the cats could not get to - they could just "try". :-) I like to see fat...
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