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  1. Josie1945

    Hi from SW Florida

    Welcome to DC Josie
  2. Josie1945

    Hello from Europe :)

    Welcome to Discuss Cooking Josie
  3. Josie1945

    New to this site.

    Welcome to Discuss Cooking Josie
  4. Josie1945

    Run for the hills, it's another noob!

    Welcome to DC Josie
  5. Josie1945

    New guy from PA.

    Welcome to DC Josie
  6. Josie1945

    HI new to this forum from The great NW

    Welcome to Discuss Cooking Josie
  7. Josie1945

    Happy Birthday Tattrat

    Happy Birthday Josie
  8. Josie1945

    Happy Birthday Vinylhanger

    Happy Birthday Josie
  9. Josie1945

    New member here

    :smile: Welcome to DC Josie
  10. Josie1945

    Just joined

    Hi Sus Welcome to DC Josie
  11. Josie1945

    Happy Birthday salt and pepper

    Happy Birthday, Joey Josie
  12. Josie1945

    Newby too!

    Welcome to DC. :chef: Josie
  13. Josie1945

    Recommended Food Processors?

    If you can Afford it. This is the one to buy. My first one worked for 20 years Kneading bread and Chopping everything I threw at it. When it died I bought another one just like it. Josie:chef:
  14. Josie1945

    Help with Lacto-Fermenting

    Welcome back GB ! Josie
  15. Josie1945

    Happy Birthday, CharlieD!

    Happy Birthday Charlie Josie
  16. Josie1945

    Today's Funny

    Happy Birthday Lucky, Josie
  17. Josie1945

    I'm new to the cooking forum

    Welcome to DC. Josie
  18. Josie1945

    Hello Y'all Remember me?

    :chef:Hi Bake Chef Welcome home. Josie
  19. Josie1945

    Small amounts of beans

    Thanks for the tip I will try that also. Josie :smile:
  20. Josie1945

    Happy Birthday Kayelle!

    Happy Birthday Kayelle Josie
  21. Josie1945

    Happy Belated Birthday, Andy M!

    Happy Belated Birthday Andy I loved your responce :rolleyes: Josie
  22. Josie1945

    Ciaooo, I'm a new member

    :flowers:Welcome to DC Josie
  23. Josie1945

    Happy Birthday Micheal in FtW

    Happy Birthday Michael Josie
  24. Josie1945

    Happy Birthday forty_caliber

    Hope You had a awesome Birthday Josie
  25. Josie1945

    Happy Birthday, PrincessFiona60!

    Happy Birthday Princess Fiona
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