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  1. Steve Kroll

    Sending real cards by snail mail...

    It depends on who the recipient is. There are a lot of "older" (okay, my age and older) folks who I know appreciate a card in the mail, so I still send them out. For the younger set or casual acquaintances, they seem just as happy with a Facebook acknowledgment or email. I guess I'm kind of in...
  2. Steve Kroll

    Names That are "No More"

    I haven't been on DC for a while, but I couldn't resist this topic. I have many, many weird and old fashioned names in my family. Let's start with my immediate family. My father and mother were named Merle and Eleanor (my father's middle name was Jayira. I've never seen that name anywhere...
  3. Steve Kroll

    Keto diets, what’s the hype?

    (Moderation, be nice) There was a time I used to enjoy it here, but in the last year - maybe two years - I've cut way back on posting on DC. I know others who have done the same. It's really for one reason, and I'm just going to come out and say it: there are times you suck every bit of fun out...
  4. Steve Kroll

    Courgette soup recipe - very quick and easy

    You are correct. As someone who used to occasionally work in the UK, I've heard that phrase a number of times and it always kind of made me cringe. The first time I heard it I was getting on an elevator (aka "lift") when two guys came out of a nearby office, and I overheard one of them say...
  5. Steve Kroll

    Keto diets, what’s the hype?

    I'm on something like that. I call it the "Eat mostly what I want and not die from horrible diabetic symptoms" diet. :smile:
  6. Steve Kroll

    Keto diets, what’s the hype?

    Baloney. I get so tired of having to fight this fight, but here we go again. :rolleyes: Incidently, the grass-fed beef thing you claim is utter nonsense, although I do prefer the flavor myself. Eat whatever kind of beef or other animal-based protein you want, or can afford. True, one doesn't...
  7. Steve Kroll

    Hot dog brands you buy

    I no longer eat buns, but I still like a hot dog from time to time. The local grocer here also owns a meat packing company, so they sell their own hot dogs. I like them. They're thick with a natural casing. More like a quality sausage than a wimpy little Oscar Meyer dog. If I'm not at home, I...
  8. Steve Kroll

    Hi all!

    Hi Alix, we joined the empty nest club in 2011. Then I got a divorce in 2016 and am now sitting in the nest all by myself. :glare: But life goes on... :smile:
  9. Steve Kroll

    Has anyone ever made their own hot sauce??

    I've been making my own vinegar based hot sauces for several years, however, I've never used a recipe. The peppers vary from year to year, as does the level of heat. So I always just sort of wing it, based on what I have available.
  10. Steve Kroll

    Food in the News

    You're right. You are definitely not a foodie. Compared to us mere commoners, you sound far too superior to wear that label. :rolleyes:
  11. Steve Kroll

    Traveling to Columbus, OH? Stay in a Doghouse

    I'm visiting family in Cleveland in November, but, as fun as it sounds, probably won't make it anywhere close to Columbus.
  12. Steve Kroll

    Food in the News

    If you think "foodie" means food snob, then no, you really don't know the definition. :wink: It's actually the opposite. It means you enjoy learning about food, are an adventurous eater, and open to trying new things. I think of it more as a fun hobby. I've gone on a lot of "Foodie Tours" over...
  13. Steve Kroll

    Dinner Tuesday, 8-14-2018 ~ Happy Birthday Steve Martin

    Wow! That looks really good, Cheryl. Now I'm hungry for shrimp!
  14. Steve Kroll

    Thick or Thin Burger Patties???

    My dad, who was a butcher, swore by a mix of brisket and chuck. I definitely think chuck has to be at least part of the mix, but I'm not super fussy about what makes up the rest, other than I'm not a big fan of round. Round is pretty much flavorless, as far as I'm concerned. Also, when I buy a...
  15. Steve Kroll

    How do like your coffee?

    Addie, I have no idea what you are on and on about... :huh: First of all, I will never in my life time understand why someone would simply grab a random glass of unknown liquid off the table and drink from it. That makes no sense whatsoever. Maybe a 3 or 4-year-old would do that, but a...
  16. Steve Kroll

    How do like your coffee?

    It might be the brand. I've read articles where people will claim that one vodka is pretty much like any other, but I no longer believe that to be true. For a long time, I used to use a lower shelf brand called UV that I thought was decent. But then someone left a bottle of Belvedere (a Polish...
  17. Steve Kroll

    Cukes vs. beans

    I've made dilly beans many times, and use the same brine as I do for dill pickles. I've got a jar from 2015 sitting in the fridge right now that I've been dipping into. My "standard" brine for pickles is a 1:1 ratio of 5% vinegar and water. I've also never read anything about green beans...
  18. Steve Kroll

    Too Hot to BBQ/Grill?

    I eat a lot of cold food - salads, and what not - during the summer. This year, I've also been using the sous vide quite a bit more. I like it because I can have my steak or chops already pre-cooked and then I only have to throw them on the gas grill for about a minute to finish them off. It...
  19. Steve Kroll

    Thick or Thin Burger Patties???

    I don't eat bread, so for me it's all about the meat. I like fat burgers, and I like them pink in the middle. I also don't buy pre-ground burger. I'd rather grind it myself. It doesn't take that much time, and I know exactly what's in it. I have one of those old fashioned meat grinders if I...
  20. Steve Kroll

    How do like your coffee?

    Me, too! I just went to make one, and realized I had the vodka and cream, but no kahlua. It's not quite the same with that. :lol:
  21. Steve Kroll

    How do like your coffee?

    Anymore, if you ask me how I like my coffee, I would have to say as coffee liqueur in a White Russian. I love those things! It's like a dessert, coffee, and cocktail all rolled into one.
  22. Steve Kroll

    How do like your coffee?

    For many years, my ex and I had a Gaggia Syncrony. She claimed it in the divorce. It was expensive, yes, but over the long haul it was far cheaper than making a trip to Starbucks every day. In that sense it probably paid for itself in less than a year's time. It had a cup warmer on the top, and...
  23. Steve Kroll

    Which cheese for grilled lobster sandwiches?

    I'm firmly in the "no cheese" camp myself, but if you did want to add cheese, I would probably go with something creamy and mild like Philly cream cheese.
  24. Steve Kroll

    A Very Unscientific Study

    My mom wasn't a very good cook, and dad was away from home a lot. Mom also taught school, so she left early in the morning and often didn't get home until almost 6:00. Most of our dinners came out of a box or bag. Many nights we would just get in the car and go out somewhere. I think from ages...
  25. Steve Kroll

    Another Pickle Question

    The reason that grape (or oak) leaves are used is because those leaves contain tannins - the same chemical compounds that causes red wine and black tea to be astringent. Black tea leaves are a good substitute when you don't have grape leaves. I actually go right to the source and buy powdered...
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