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  1. CucumberMan

    Why not mutton?

    Long time ago my grandfather was invited by some business partner to come to Mongolia and to eat roast mutton. For some reason he refused it, so nobody in my family has ever had that dish. :(
  2. CucumberMan

    Fruit Salad

    fruit salad Fruit salad rules! I could eat it every day! Kitchenelf, have you ever heard of Israeli salad? It very similar to a normal fruit salad though you add mayonnaise and some more ingredients such as celery, sesime oil, and something else I can't remember now. Does it sound familiar to...
  3. CucumberMan

    Russian Salad

    I'm sure everybody knows this one but never mind. Ingredients 2 Carrots 2 Potatoes 1 cup green Peas 1 cup French beans 1 Apple (optional) 1 small Beetroot for colour (optional) Mayonnaise for dressing Lettuce leaves for decorating Salt to taste Pepper to...
  4. CucumberMan

    Making bread with wine yeast

    I have one question for all of you. Did you ever eat a bread without yeast? I didn't but would like to try though I'm not sure what it might be like. These days Jews eat it because they celebrate Pesah. Hehe, thank God it lasts for only seven days a year. :lol:
  5. CucumberMan

    How do i buy MEAT?

    Apropos pork, I was always wondering how come that Christians are allowed to eat it when God said it's an unclean animal? I don't get it, really.
  6. CucumberMan

    Looking for Bosnian recipies...

    This is a typical Bosnian dish! Bosnian Pot Preparation 3/4 hour Baking 3 hours Total time 3-3/4hours 3 lbs. lamb or beef, cut into cubes 1 cup finely chopped onion 1 tbsp. finely chopped garlic 1 cup finely chopped parsley 1/4 cup finely chopped celery leaves 1 tbsp. salt 2 tsp...
  7. CucumberMan

    Serbian recipies

    but where is your recepie??
  8. CucumberMan

    Serbian recipies

    you're all welcome! :wink:
  9. CucumberMan

    Fry eggs with potatoes

    Grate two potatoes and one onion. Mix them with beaten eggs and fry them in a pan. You can add a bit of sour cream when it's finished. This dish is called "Lithuanian pancake".
  10. CucumberMan

    Oven question

    Hehe, I have exactly the same problem, Kyles! Unfortunately I can't help you just like I can't help myself. On the other side, my neighbour is an expert for elecrtic things so I will ask him to repair my oven, and than I could tell you what was the problem and everything. :wink:
  11. CucumberMan

    Dried sausages

    Dried sausages? Hmmm, I can tell you how to make smoked sausages but dried ones are made only in factories, I guess.
  12. CucumberMan

    Hungarian Recipes

    I've never heard that CucumberMan - but it sounds mighty good. And I question whether something is TRULY Hungarian if it doesn't have sour cream in it? :mrgreen: :P Of course, but you don't add sour cream before goulash is completely cooked, do you? That's why I didn't mention it. Besides...
  13. CucumberMan

    Serbian recipies

    Okay, since I'm from Serbia I'd like to present you some of the most popular Serbian recepies. Here they are: 1) GIBANICA (ГИБАНИЦА) ("gibanitza" - serbian cheese pie) for dough: 1/2 kg flour 2 dl water a little bit salt for filling: 10 eggs 250 g white cheese (you can replace it...
  14. CucumberMan

    Hungarian Recipes

    Re: Gulyas/Goulash Gulyas (goulash) 2 medium onions 2 TBS lard or bacon grease 2 1/2 pounds beef chuck, or round, cut into 3/4-inch cubes 1/2 pound beef hearts (optional), cut into 1/4-inch pieces 1 garlic clove, chopped and crushed pinch of caraway seeds salt 2 TBS Noble Rose paprika or...
  15. CucumberMan

    How do I cook prime rib/roast beef?

    The other week he cooked roast beef that in the middle had 4 different shades of pink!! It looked amazing and the different textures while eating it were fantastic. I guess it was something between medium and medium rare. However, Ironchef is right, you have to be more specific. :roll:
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