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  1. wittdog

    Is It Time Yet?

    Pigs I was wondering if you were still alive
  2. wittdog

    Is It Time Yet?

    It's always sausage making time. All work and no play makes wittdog grumpier than normal. The boys football season is in full swing and I've been working a lot. I'm thinking a batch of Canadian Bacon is in the mix.
  3. wittdog

    Jap Pooper Dip

    We made this the other day it was very good.
  4. wittdog

    Rib question

    I'd do the reheat. Cook them the day before till almost done then toss them on to sauce and warm.
  5. wittdog

    Subscriber Appreciation

    BWs video would have to be subtitled.
  6. wittdog

    Former Frozen Few

    The Frozen Few used to be held this weekend. In honor of that and the Super Bowl I've been cooking up a storm. Weather conditions were in the teens with light snow. Butts and Briskey on the22 Ribs 18.5lbs corned beef
  7. wittdog

    Lang cooker with basket/minion method?

    Logs will work but at some time during the cook you'll run out of embers and have to add some charcoal to the mix.
  8. wittdog

    mantaining the fire

    I like having two beers waiting for the chimney.
  9. wittdog

    So I wanted to smoke some ribs

    Time. The lack off it sucks. I will be doing some Q for the last football game of the year.
  10. wittdog

    mantaining the fire

    I like the can.
  11. wittdog

    Xmass ham 12

    Hambone look at the wooden smokehouse sticky at the front of the sausage section. The hams were smoked in that.
  12. wittdog

    Xmass ham 12

    Nobody knows.
  13. wittdog

    Xmass ham 12

  14. wittdog

    Xmass ham 12

    I want to test the ham.
  15. wittdog

    Xmass ham 12

    BW no need to worry I don't think JP could find his way here.
  16. wittdog

    Xmass ham 12

    Hams done. Gonna be a long week waiting to unwrap this for Christmas.
  17. wittdog

    Xmass ham 12

    Getting some nice color. Oh yeah added a corned beef to the mix
  18. wittdog

    Xmass ham 12

    Buzz thanks for the offer but ill pass. I like my ham to taste like ham.
  19. wittdog

    Xmass ham 12

    It's that time of year again. Ham has been in since Friday night should be ready Sunday afternoon.
  20. wittdog

    Equipment as it rolls in

    Both...a 20lb stuffer and a big black lab
  21. wittdog

    Gyros..... er, sausage

    180 is to hot fat begins to render near that temp.
  22. wittdog

    Hog...... rings. what size?

    I pretty much use the3/8 and just crank then down
  23. wittdog

    Oink 12 Results

    Oinktoberfest STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Clarence, NY Starts: 09/21/2012 Ends: 09/23/2012 Website: KCBS Reps: NANCY MULLER, DON MULLER Prize Money: $5500.00 CBJ Percentage: 100% Contact Information: Katy Toth Phone: 716-759-8483 Contest...
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