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    Know anything about the Saturn Vue?

    GB, I couldn't consider the Wrangler when I bought because its towing capacity wasn't high enough to pull my boat. Now, when I have had my Grand Cherokee in for service I've looked frequently at the Liberty. If you don't need a large SUV, it looks like a pretty slick deal to me. The Grand...
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    Where can I get Rachel Ray's First Knife?

    Me too! I made a special trip just to get one in my hands. I'm glad I did because it just didn't feel right to me.
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    How Long Do You Boil Shrimp?

    If you want a good change of pace, try pan frying them. I heat some butter in the pan, season with Old Bay seasoning and give 'em a few minutes on each side. As the others said, until they turn pink (shrimp are accommodating that way - they have sort of a built-in thermometer).
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    Buffalo Burgers? Your input

    On the few occasions I've had it, I put a pat of butter in the center, same as I do with lean ground beef. Buffalo is extremely expensive here and not all that fresh, so I personally stick to hamburger most of the time.
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    Help me find a good diet!

    Gradually reduce portion size. I used to eat a double hamburger with two slices of cheese. First I cut back to one slice of cheese. Now I'm at one burger with one slice of cheese. I've cut portion size on vitrually everything, but eat whatever I want regardless of fat, carbs, calories. I lost 50...
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    Know anything about the Saturn Vue?

    GB, almost every public library has the monthly Consumer Reports as well as the auto issue. PS: If you haven't looked at the Jeeps yet, I recommend you do so . They have several models, ranging from under 20k to pushing 40k. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and absolutely love it.
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    Know anything about the Saturn Vue?

    PS: On the beautiful weather days the dealers are selling cars left and right. I try to buy on nasty days when there is less traffic and they are more motivated.
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    Know anything about the Saturn Vue?

    I don't know anything about the cars in question, but I do have a suggestion for you. Whenever I buy a car I check out the Consumer Reports ratings. Not saying you have to buy the highest rated one, but it does give you what they think are the plusses and minuses of each car. My Jeep was not one...
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    Olive Garden's Alfredo Pasta

    Thanks Sarah. While passing by the tv this weekend, I saw some being plated and thought I'd check recipes this week.
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    My Spaghetti Sauce is Bitter: Calling all Chefs

    Burnt garlic is bitter. Possibly you burnt it when you browned the meat?
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    Grilling featured on FN the next two weeks...

    For those of you interested in grilling, The Food Network will be having numerous grilling shows starting tonite (Sunday) and in the upcoming two weeks.
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    Best way to thaw frozen shrimp

    I tend to defrost most things in the refer. With shrimp, however, they seem to get waterlogged due to sitting in the dissolved ice water for a prolonged time. With 5.5 lbs, I would definitely pass on the refer and go the sink route.
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    Ethical Dilemma

    Congratulations on being the best worker - that's why you got the raise. Learn some non-commital responses to the others and don't spend all of the raise on All-Clad. :mrgreen:
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    Something odd happened at work today...

    Occasionally Mother Nature decides to show us how powerful she is.
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    What are you drinking (again...)

    It is 7:30 a.m. Saturday, May 14th, the MN fishing opener. I am on my second cup of coffee. I'm looking out the window at the rain and cold and am glad that I'm not in the boat. :rolleyes:
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    Choosing cookware

    As Andy said, consider a factory outlet store. I have bought LeCreuset and All-Clad there at substantial savings. They were "cosmetic seconds" but I'm really fussy and I couldn't see anything wrong with them.
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    Choosing cookware

    I had a universal lid and it just didn't seem to fit all that well. Maybe it was just the one that I bought. I just put aluminum foil over the pans that I don't have a lid for. Not perfect, but gets the job done. If you do decide to buy individual pieces, here's the way that I've gone...
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    Sheesh, looks like I'm the only one being singled out for strawberry abuse. I've bought strawberries three times in the past month and they are among the worst I've ever had.
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    REC--Audeo's Banana Bread--tnt

    Haven't heard from Audeo in a while - I miss her. :sad:
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    What Kind Of Dog Are You?

    DS, that's what's your problem has been. You should have been looking for a French gal. :mrgreen:
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    Flour measurements

    Thanks, that outta work too. Soon I will be The Prince of Sifted Flour. :mrgreen: In retrospect, I guess I really had tunnel vision before.
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    Please help with serving ideas for party

    Consider making chicken drummies - no toothpick necessary. :mrgreen: Regarding the toothpicks, I just strategically place a few small plates with toothpicks on the table and let the people do their own impaling.
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    How have the strawberries been in your area? Locally, they have been either under-ripe or over-ripe and not very tasty. They've had a fibrous texture, and the last ones molded unbelievably when I didn't use them within a couple of days. :mad:
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    Flour measurements

    The sifter that I have throws it too wide for the measuring cup that I normally use. I just checked, however, and I have a large measuring cup I've rarely used that might work. Thanks.
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