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  1. Max1

    Tri Tip

    Have not been here in ages, and what happens when I log it? Vermin posting up some damn good food porn!
  2. Max1

    Any tips to get started?

    Weber ---- Kettle Grills start at $75, and go up from there. Keep in mind how much you are going to be cooking at one time, just keep that in my when you are looking for sizes.
  3. Max1

    Deboned Chicken Stuffed with Dirty Rice

    Deboning is not all that hard. Check youtube.
  4. Max1

    Meatloaf on the Cobb Grill

    Damn Dave, I can't stand meatloaf, but that looks really good.
  5. Max1

    DIY brick grill

    Check craigslist for a local welder, and see if they would build it for you.
  6. Max1

    Struggling with chicken bbq.. Newbie here

    May want to cut down on the charcoal a bit, looks like you had a bunch there. You really only need about half of that. Other than that good cook. I have a buddy that lives with me, when he moved in, I told him feel free to use my charcoal grill. After a while I noticed all my charcoal was...
  7. Max1

    Day Late Valentines Dinner

    Where did half the steak go?
  8. Max1

    Stuffed Pork loin, Big Easy

    2 hours is better than nothing.
  9. Max1

    need help temp gauge

    I used to use the second one through the vent hole. Until that is I got the hang of the "Q".....
  10. Max1

    Stuffed Pork loin, Big Easy

    You can brine while camping. Just use a 2 gallon ziplock bag, and throw it in the cooler for a couple of hours. I do it all the time.
  11. Max1

    Struggling with chicken bbq.. Newbie here

    The thing about charcoal, is that it works better as a group, than spreading it thin. I can only speak from my experiences. Since I have only used Kingsford Blue Bag for the past 10 years or so, and Cowboy Brand Lump, I can only tell you what I have achieved with those. When Grilling Steak...
  12. Max1

    Roasted Corn and Black Bean Burritos

    Awww John you got a puppy!!!
  13. Max1

    Prime Rib & more on the Davy Crockett Grill

    Looking good.
  14. Max1

    Competition Steak Practice / Weber Jumbo Joe

    Same here. I throw mine on direct to get some carmelization, then thow them on the indirect side to finish cooking.
  15. Max1

    Bad tasting bbq

    I saw boil!!!!
  16. Max1

    Competition Steak Practice / Weber Jumbo Joe

    How do you like those grate thingy's I was thinking about getting some. It's a toss up between those, and the cast iron grates.
  17. Max1

    Max's UDS Build Up To Date

    I have been using this UDS for over 4 years now, and have had no issues with temperature control, infact it keeps at 255° no matter the weather. Mine will stay at temp for over 24 hours on 6lbs of charcoal. So I think It's good.....
  18. Max1

    No covers?

    Sorry, as for your grill I have no input on that, I have never heard of a u-shaped burner. As you can see I have all Webers for grills. I dont understand why they would not have a cover for it.
  19. Max1

    Pulled Pork Enchiladas

    Not really one for enchiladas, but they look very good.
  20. Max1

    Plain Old Cheeseburger and Bacon Wrapped Spam

    I know right?
  21. Max1

    Chicken Mole

    Looks like chicken stew...
  22. Max1

    Spatchcocked Rotisserie Chicken

    V, your cooking always make me hungry.
  23. Max1

    Turkey Ribs

  24. Max1

    Rib Cook on the Weber Ranch Kettle

    Damn, now that's a GRILL!
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