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  1. MostlyWater

    What to do with Chinese 5 Spice

    on sweet potatoes, fish, anything you think that would benefit from that flavor. cooked carrots, too. we always have it in the house!
  2. MostlyWater

    What is it?

    It's lovely - congrats! But $240 ?
  3. MostlyWater

    Orzo con Funghi

    thank you for posting!
  4. MostlyWater

    Dark Potato Rye

    Oh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  5. MostlyWater

    Everything Bagel Seasoning

    It's essentially a zesty sesame seasoning so it can be used on many items. I find that if we leave spice mixtures out on the counter, they get used more often.
  6. MostlyWater

    The Sick Room

    DH has had a cold - or whatever this bug is - for 2 full weeks! I got it a week going in and I'm sad but not as miserable as he is!!!
  7. MostlyWater

    Did we all fast on Friday 1/10/2020??

    I had the stomach flu.
  8. MostlyWater

    Our bread machine is no longer a "uni-tasker"

    Too bad it can't go fast enough to whip egg whites!!!!
  9. MostlyWater

    How do you store your pot/pan lids?

    Sideways, in a standy up sort of thing. Works OK
  10. MostlyWater

    Rice Pudding - Baked or boiled?

    Baked must be lovely!!!!
  11. MostlyWater

    Key Lime Pie

    Wish it didn't have so much dairy in it, we'd LOVE that !!!
  12. MostlyWater

    Started some kimchi today!

    Naturally fermented? Perfect weather for it!!!
  13. MostlyWater

    Hello, I'm Joe

    Hello, Joe! Whattaya know? WELCOME!!!
  14. MostlyWater

    Searching on line for a recipe

    I sometimes get cookbooks from the library, too.
  15. MostlyWater

    Sunday Dinner 12/29/19

    Meatballs and breaded mushrooms.
  16. MostlyWater

    Any 2018 left in your pantry?

    Yesterday, I found some chips scrunched way in the back. Expired 2017 but early 2017 - and though of this thread!
  17. MostlyWater

    Coffee experts welcome here

    I don't know what a Cezve is, but the best coffee IMO right now, is from a French press, which is around $10. You can use it with cold water, too.
  18. MostlyWater

    What have you had for breakfast lately?

    I was never a breakfast person. Before exercise, I drink a chocolate milk. (I'm in the gym 6 mornings a week.) When I get to work, or after that if it's a weekend or day off, I eat a cheese stick, banana, and have coffee. A little later, I have a hard boiled egg and my calcium enriched juice...
  19. MostlyWater

    Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale review...

    that sounds good! thank you for the review!!!
  20. MostlyWater

    Favorite Holiday Libations..

  21. MostlyWater

    What Spices Do You Hate?

    Nutmeg. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  22. MostlyWater

    Cooking Light magazine coming back

    I don't like to spend too much on magazines.
  23. MostlyWater

    Purpose of Farro in a Pureed Soup

    that's interesting. i might try that.
  24. MostlyWater

    Titanium kitchen scissors?

    I love me some kitchen shears; I have a bunch of different kinds! Never heard of titanium though!!!
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