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  1. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Corn Meal Uses - suggestions please?

    I saw that show, it was a repeat. LOL I made it last week. It was very rich. Michael Chiarello (sp?) also made polenta, I made his too. Emeril made polenta too...and guess what?! I made it. I have been making polenta for a week and a half so far. I think I am done now
  2. GetMeTheBigKnife

    more on comfort foods...

    Left over pasta - fried til the edges crisp up and topped with some diced pickle.
  3. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Corn Meal Uses - suggestions please?

    Yes, stirring was necessary. To date I have been adding stuff to the mix before I pour it into a loaf pan. Sausage, bacon, sun dried tomatoes have worked nicely. I have fried the slices and baked them as well. Its been a nice change from the ususal starch sources. I was hoping to mix things...
  4. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Corn Meal Uses - suggestions please?

    I thought of the usual topical uses such as for fish and other meats. What I really wanted was to "make" something like a bread. I have been searching the web and so far I have some lawn fertilizer and a couple facial mixtures - LOL@me
  5. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Corn Meal Uses - suggestions please?

    Yes, I do that too with the Quaker Oats coarse kind. This stuff is fine like flour. This is used for making tortillas...etc, but I am not interested in cooking Mexican, neccessarialy
  6. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Corn Meal Uses - suggestions please?

    I bought a bag of Instant Corn Masa Mix and made the creamiest polenta I ever had. Since I bought this product for the polenta only, I am curious what others use corn meal for. This product is a fine mix like flour, unlike other corn meal products I have purchased.
  7. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Food Origins

    And if you were a prisoner, you were not fed lobster more than once a week as it was considered inhumane.
  8. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Your favorite restaurants off the beaten path...

    I spoke of Pizzolanti's before on theis list. Its a small family restaurant outside of Buffalo in Farnham, NY...or is it Irving? Both are equally small towns. One has a water tower, the other has the post office LOL Pizzolanti's chef is a woman close to her 90's! Real down home atmosphere...
  9. GetMeTheBigKnife

    So imagine you could put your own food business...

    There is a small town in Potter County Pa called Austin. There's a building for sale and i would convert that to a Bed & Breakfast, catering to the needs of hunters and fishermen. I'd live there and construct my daily menues....and pack luches for the 12 (?) guests I have from spring through...
  10. GetMeTheBigKnife

    any foods you're hooked on?

    I was pretty hooked on Beer-can chicken for a while, but since the season changed and the grill is put away I got over it. Now I am still working on that ham salad you guys helped me make. PS - Brother is 43 today and I turn 45 Monday! Life is good!
  11. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Cooking War Wounds

    Catering in private-school kitchen for a near by gallery - DUCK = grease! we had a "small fire". Dinner went on - who knows how??? I get together with that crew from time to time - it was the 80's...we were young and fearless!
  12. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Tonights Midnight Snack

    I was watching Tombstone for the 100th time and it struck me around 1:30am - I had to have some tenderloin and a pinch of horseradish on a slice of toasted Italian Bread. I cut it into small triangles and savored every bite.
  13. GetMeTheBigKnife

    what to do with Ham?

    I copied all the recipies - again, thanks so much to everyone
  14. GetMeTheBigKnife

    what to do with Ham?

    That's it! I'm making the ham salad. My friend just commented "remember when your Mom would make ham salad?" ...and then there was the recipe. Go figure Good to be back here - I missed being away. I hope to pop in a lot during the holiday break.
  15. GetMeTheBigKnife

    what to do with Ham?

    Many thanks to all - these ideas are great and I made some notes. I do have the bone waiting for soup. Its in the freezer until after the new year. I was really stuck in the traditional bean or pea soup. Now with our storm coming in and terrible riving weather, I will have plenty to keep me busy
  16. GetMeTheBigKnife

    what to do with Ham?

    I have a ton of ham leftover and it was a little on the salty side...any ideas on what I can do with it - aside from a bean and potato mix. I thought of quiche, but it doesn't appeal. I am hoping for some ideas here, thanks
  17. GetMeTheBigKnife

    What's The Last Thing You Have Done To Treat Yourslf?

    Nobody knows this yet, but I DID buy a leather chair and ottoman! I had no business doing that with so much other stuff that could be done to the house, but when I saw it I was stunned...then I went back to the store to visit it and wrestle with my self....then 2 days ago I DID IT! I put it on...
  18. GetMeTheBigKnife

    What is/are the food/s that you love

    Pizza, Mashed potatoes and gravy, char-broiled hot dogs, lobster and crab, spaghetti and meatballs, hot roast beef sandwiches (Buffalo style), French onion soup, Ceasar salad, crusty breads, bacon, orange sherbet, rootbeer floats, french vanilla ice cream, ....add hot fudge sauce; BASIL and...
  19. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Your favorite non-alcoholic beverages?

    I like mine with a splash of olive juice on the rocks. If I add the vermouth it would be a dirty martini - but that's all I am saying...for now
  20. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Your favorite non-alcoholic beverages?

    non-alcoholic beverages??? I don't get it? Everything tastes better with vodka
  21. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Well its offical I'm in charge of Thanksgiving Dinner

    My sister was overwhelmed with the thought of cooking her first bird. I reassured her by reminding her that she is really only intimidated because it is such a large thing to cook. Once you are over that, its a walk in the park.
  22. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Worst Take Out Pizza Joint

    Buffalo, NY has some of the best pizza - LaNova, Bocce, Casa Di Pizza, Joey's, Just Pizza - the list goes on and on....
  23. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Fleischmann's active dry yeast

    its just a goofy apple recipe, so I will try. Thanks for responding so fast. I've had this itch for baking for a while now...makes me happy deep in the soul.
  24. GetMeTheBigKnife

    Fleischmann's active dry yeast

    I am baking tonight and noticed my yeast expired in April 02 - can I still use it? I just bought it yesterday from a small local grocer.
  25. GetMeTheBigKnife

    condiments/extras you couldn't go without?

    When I eat anything with catsup, my nose sweats...LOL@me
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