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    Sous Vide questions

    Ok, I’ll have to see if there is an update to the app, I’ll recheck but I’m pretty sure mine starts counting immediately
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    Thanks for the add

    I’m Brad, retired and love to cook. Probably why I got a minor in Organic Chemistry in college…. i like Sous Vide Baking, mostly breads different things or ways of doing standard favorites bar-b-que And on and on. my wife and I, married 47 years, have 5 married kids and 11 grands (20 years...
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    What can I do with a cast iron griddle except for pancakes?

    About anything but soup. Let your mind wander..
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    Sous Vide questions

    I’ve been cooking Sous Vide for a few years now but have always had a few questions. Found this forum and thought I’d ask. 1- I’ve got some ribeye steaks I vacuum packed and froze. The kids want steaks for Christmas Day so what they want they usually get. My question is seasoning- I...
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