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  1. BigDog

    A critically ill friend, and one of Minneapolis' Finest

    Thanks all. Kirb was a good man - a devoted husband, a loyal friend, and a street savvy yet tender hearted cop. I feel humbled and honored to not only have worked with him, but been considered a friend. I don't think that police officers are needed for that particular duty in Heaven, but good...
  2. BigDog

    A critically ill friend, and one of Minneapolis' Finest

    Rest in peace my law enforcement brother, and friend. It is with a sad heart I bring news of Officer Jeff Kirby passing on this morning. His family lost a loving and devoted relative, many (including myself) have lost a good friend, and the City of Minneapolis has lost one of it's true finest...
  3. BigDog

    A critically ill friend, and one of Minneapolis' Finest

    Thanks, y'all. I spent about an hour and 45 minutes with Kirb and his wife, Millie. A number of other visitors came and went as well, including a good number of cops. As I understand it, there are one or two more things the doctors can try or check, but they are not at all optemistic. I think...
  4. BigDog

    A critically ill friend, and one of Minneapolis' Finest

    Sorry it's been so long since I've been here, and since I've updated on Jeff. The former I will update elsewhere; as for Jeff, well, here goes. Things remain grave for Jeff. The stem cells from the transplant still haven't grafted, and the veno-occlusive disease seems to still remain as neither...
  5. BigDog

    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    I'm reading, albeit somewhat slowly, Riven by Jerry B. Jenkins. It's a good read, but not really the style I like. It's written where at the beginning of the book there are multiple distinct story lines, and later on they all come crashing together. It almost seems like this is the new style of...
  6. BigDog

    If I wanted to teach myself...

    As you are discovering flavors, remember to not add too much new at once, both of any one ingredient or many ingredients, particularly the latter.Too much of one ingredient can be reduced next go round; too many new ingredients make it difficult to isolate which ingredient(s) are not jiving.
  7. BigDog

    Who makes their bed???

    I don't, which drives DW up the wall. I "straighten" it out a bit, but feel the way many others here have said, it's just going to get all jumbled up again. DW is notorious for making the bed, and if I am home always drags me into the picture of making it. Perhaps she is hoping it'll rub off on...
  8. BigDog

    What do you "notice" about TV chefs?

    I don't care for all of the FN chefs - there are a lot of shows I don't watch. Of those I do, my thoughts are as follows. Rachel Ray - Great, quick and easy meals. On occasion I thinks she talks too much. I know that what makes her more personable but sometimes she crosses the line. Paula Dean...
  9. BigDog

    A critically ill friend, and one of Minneapolis' Finest

    Doctors have put Jeff in a drug induced coma. His blood pressure is very low which has caused his kidneys to shut down. He is on a respirator as well as dialysis. The doctors are focusing on blood pressure for now; Jeff is on medication to try to bring the pressure up. After that they will...
  10. BigDog

    A critically ill friend, and one of Minneapolis' Finest

    In RE: the layoffs, I know all 16 active officers were able to transfer to the city. I believe a couple of those actually retired, simply because they were able to. Some were able to stay with the Park police, as the park superintendent decided to maintain a slightly higher head count then...
  11. BigDog

    A critically ill friend, and one of Minneapolis' Finest

    Thanks all. It's somewhat of an emotional roller coaster for me in a couple ways. First, it's my first friend that is experiencing such a grim situation, especially at the same age as me! Also, from the brotherhood of law enforcement, it was barely a year ago the Minneapolis Park Police had to...
  12. BigDog

    A critically ill friend, and one of Minneapolis' Finest

    Officer Jeff Kirby works for the Minneapolis Park Police. Some of you know that I once worked for them in a non-sworn capacity. Kirb was very instrumental in my applying and being hired, of which were I without my time with MPPD I would not likely have the dispatch job I have. About a year ago...
  13. BigDog

    Butter - salted or unsalted

    In my experience, I concur with the TV chefs. Each has its time and place. I tend to used unsalted more because I want control of how much salt is used. DW is not a big fan of a lot of salt, and I have a few recipes that if I make it with salted butter it is too salty for her, but unsalted is...
  14. BigDog

    Funny email I received.

    That's a great story, and if it were told by a good story teller, would surely be even funnier!
  15. BigDog

    Help, police!

    Any shortage of officers is due to budgetary constraints, not due to lack of candidates. Aside from budgetary constraints, MN is sitting quite pretty when it comes to officer head count. Now, other parts of the country, they are desperate. Problem is though that your training and education...
  16. BigDog

    Help, police!

    There's no age cut off, per se, here in MN. That said, realize you're competing against 22 year old folks for the same position. If you can elevate yourself to the top, then you get the job. I'll bring up the stats now just so others understand how extremely difficult it is. Each year there...
  17. BigDog

    Help, police!

    Not at all, but depending on where you live, trying to get hired is impossible. I've been trying for 4+ years to no avail, but I'm in the Twin Cities Metro area. That said, even in rural areas, departments that are hiring have quite a few candidates for very few openings. MN has educational...
  18. BigDog

    We got the house :)

    Congratulations! My wife and I just recently bought our place, so I know the excitement you're feeling. Have fun with it!
  19. BigDog

    Happy Birthday Maidrite

    Happy birthday, bud!
  20. BigDog

    The Big Bailout

    I'm with Suz - I'm broke so there's nothing to take!
  21. BigDog

    How To Do This? (market a recipe idea)

    That is how the Colonel did it. For mass production he split the blend up and had different companies make partial blends, then combine them at the store. The Food Network show Unwrapped (or was it The Secret Life Of . . .? ) did a show on it. It was quite interesting. If I recall correctly...
  22. BigDog

    Making Supper for Barbara L and James

    Agreed. If the meal is half as good as it sounds here, it's gonna be quite a spread! It's cool how you are "archiving" the events here with pix, and how friendly everyone is. Of all the things to be done on vacation, you go on a whirl wind tour of the USA visiting DC friends. That speaks...
  23. BigDog

    Happy Birthday Urmaniac13

    Happy Birthday! Hop you have a great day!
  24. BigDog

    Can't get my first blow torch to work

    That's when you break out the Binford 9001 Flame-O-Matic . . . . . ROTFL! Arg, arg, arg!
  25. BigDog

    In Remembrance of Our Dear Friend Buck

    Wow. I just finished reading all 16 pages, and had to wipe my eyes a number of times along the way. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm also amazed at the commitment of the group of people here towards friends. Having a support group is important, and I believe the more the merrier, even if...
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