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  1. Zereh

    Low-Carbing with the Keto-Team

    Don't forget to cut them babies! If you try twirling just one strand around your fork it ends up being almost too big to fit into your mouth. ;) Sauce doesn't stick to these noodles like it does with flour-based noodles but they add the perfect touch of authenticity under curry & stir fries.
  2. Zereh

    Recipe websites that will waste your time - in a good way

    My all time favorite is an aggregate site to which food bloggers submit their entries: FoodGawker. Editing to add a couple more: Smitten Kitchen Steamy Kitchen
  3. Zereh

    Tiger Meat

    mmm Tiger Meat sounds great. I grew up in the mid-West where my grandfather and uncle both had farms. Cattle were raised. Cows were butchered at the local Meat Locker. Eating raw hamburger was not unusual; me & Gramps would put it on saltine crackers w/ S&P. I read somewhere that now the...
  4. Zereh

    Canned Oysters for shooters?

    The refrigerated, shucked oysters work for shooters when you don't have access to others. They're generally in the grocery store near the smoked salmon, and packaged lump crabmeat. They're great for po'boys, chowder and in seafood minestrone as well.
  5. Zereh

    Deck the Halls, 2015 Style

    Beautiful tree. Super cute dog and ooooooh and I see real, live snow outside.
  6. Zereh

    High cholesterol : meal and dessert

    Reducing dietary cholesterol (from foods) will have little effect on elevated cholesterol levels in the blood stream. Having a "high" cholesterol number doesn't mean much unless you also factor in what kind of cholesterol is being referred to (HDL / LDL), the "fluffiness" of the LDL particles...
  7. Zereh

    Veggies still hard after 90 mins

    So very true! My misbehaving food generally shows up when I'm trying to bake something.
  8. Zereh

    Dinner Sunday, 9-27-2015 ~ Plain, or Fancy?

    Revearse-seared New York steak w/ creamed spinach.
  9. Zereh

    Are dairy products harmful for my health?

    It's more than placebo. you're very mistaken about it being fake.
  10. Zereh

    Low-Carbing with the Keto-Team

    Flourless Chocolate Torte from Maria Emmerich
  11. Zereh

    Pesto, low carb diet, now what?

    I like to slather it on chicken. When the chicken is just about done I add a slice of tomato and then cover with mozzarella. Bake a bit longer until the cheese is melty-gooey. You can also slice a pocket in uncooked chicken, stuff it with pesto and cheese, and then bake Pesto in eggs is good...
  12. Zereh

    What are your favorite salads?

    Interesting. I'll give this a try!
  13. Zereh

    Hello From A Food Writer

    Government cheese in the mid-West (a friend was on WIC? program, I think that's what it was called) was definitely not Velveeta nor anything closely resembling it. It was 100% real cheese.
  14. Zereh

    Hello From A Food Writer

    I'm in the opposite corner; I'd go without cheese rather than eat / use Velveeta. ;)
  15. Zereh

    Low-Carbing with the Keto-Team

    If you're tired of the same old snacks I highly recommend making Chef John's jerky. So, so good.
  16. Zereh

    English term for a soup technique - help, please?

    The egg wouldn't be raw if it's added to hot soup. I don't know the proper word. :sad: The only one I could think of was emulsion - but that refers to using the egg to thicken and strengthen a sauce.
  17. Zereh

    What's your favorite vinegar?

    Love this stuff! I've started cooking salmon specifically to chunk up in salads with the rice-wine pickled onions and cucumbers mixed in. So good.
  18. Zereh

    Bacon in the oven, updated

    I foil a pan, lay bacon across a grate (it's really a baker's cooking rack, but it fits right into my sheet pan). Pop into a cold oven. Turn the oven on to 450F. It's perfectly done in 20-25 minutes.
  19. Zereh

    ISO Instruction insert for Le Creuset "Le Grilladou-Raclette" in Engish

    Square Skillet Grill | Le Creuset
  20. Zereh

    What to do with the Mother-Load of Arugula

    This! Put a poached egg on top.
  21. Zereh

    Looking for hummus variation recipes

    You could also break away from using the typical chickpeas and use white beans (with garlic, yumm!) or black beans (cilantro w/lemon juice).
  22. Zereh

    Would you pay for in-home cooking courses?

    Several years ago, sure! Especially if it was a group thing. But at this point there's not anything I'm unwilling to tackle myself. =)
  23. Zereh

    Beware of recipes on the Internet

    Exactly this. There are just as many duds in books as there are online. My success rate with online recipes is higher. But I still love reading cookbooks!
  24. Zereh

    Low-Carbing with the Keto-Team

    A Comparative Analysis of Sugars
  25. Zereh

    Best isothermal food bag?

    He's trying to keep his food warm. Have you used a bag similar to the one he posted? Do you have any recommendations for one?
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