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  1. MJ

    Dinner April 2nd...

    I had the breadsticks too!:lol: YUM!
  2. MJ

    Dinner April 2nd...

    Take out Pizza Hut meat lovers pan pizza. No time to cook tonight.
  3. MJ

    What're you Listening To (part deux)?

    Five for Fighting. :cool:
  4. MJ

    What're you Listening To (part deux)?

    "I stay away" by Alice in Chains :smile:
  5. MJ

    What're you Listening To (part deux)?

    "I can see clearly now" by Johnny Nash.
  6. MJ

    Logging me out

    Does it take you longer than 60 minutes? Thats how long DC will "remember" you. After that you will be logged out if you don't use the remember me feature (for security reasons).
  7. MJ

    A little prayer, please?

    Prayers going out Texas.:smile:
  8. MJ

    Keep Your Fingers Crossed Please!

    Fingers crossed!!!:smile:
  9. MJ

    What're you Listening To (part deux)?

    'Fly From the Inside' by Shinedown. :cool:
  10. MJ

    Logging me out

    Usually this is a problem with the privacy settings in IE being set to high - to block all cookies. vBulletin uses cookies to remember who you are and what posts you have viewed and things like that. Just remember that cookies are good for you on this site. :wink:
  11. MJ

    Ever meet?

    Right!:tongue: I'm cookin when you make it down here.:smile:
  12. MJ

    Nnob but maybe not Knob

    Welcome to the community Casper. :smile:
  13. MJ

    Angus beef is superior

    I'm not sure Bob. It just tastes better to me. I think there is a Red Angus breed too. Angus cattle are beef cattle and not used for milk (but there is a mixed angus breed out there for milk if I remember right). Angus Advantages
  14. MJ

    Angus beef is superior

    Black Angus is a breed, not a color. The best IMO.
  15. MJ

    DC pet owners

    Thanks for the heads up jpm. Didn't Eukanuba buy Iams a while back? I thought they merged - maybe I'm mixed up.
  16. MJ

    What adult beverage are you drinking right now?

    I am enjoying a bottle of Heineken right now. It's been years since I had a Heineken - good stuff! :cool:
  17. MJ

    New Member

    Welcome to DC. :smile:
  18. MJ

    Predictions For The Future

    I predict something new for all DC members coming soon... stay tuned in.:cool:
  19. MJ

    What're you Listening To (part deux)?

    "Fly From The Inside" by Shinedown :smile:
  20. MJ

    Condolences to Dove, her beloved son John passed at 2:40 Nov 13/07

    Woo Hoo! Great news Marge!!!:clap:
  21. MJ

    new to this site and hello

    Welcome to DC. :smile:
  22. MJ

    Prayers for a dear friend

    Thoughts and Prayers on the way Lulu.
  23. MJ

    I am going to be a daddy again

    Congrats buddy! :cool: If this one is a boy I say name him Emeril. Or MJ.:lol:
  24. MJ

    Newlywed Cook

    Hi! Welcome to DC! :smile:
  25. MJ

    The TRAVELING APRON has ended.

    Well look what the cat dragged in!!!:rolleyes: :tongue: Missed you Tanis!:wink:
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