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    What Else Do You Make Besides Food Stuffs?

    In addition to cooking, I like to do something active so that I can spend my free time outside the house too. So I enjoy cycling with it or my favorite Fuji if I'm in the mood and the weather is good. Especially since I have to spend calories after desserts that I often cook :) I also like to...
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    Can my son make Tiramisu? Damn yes :)

    I really like tiramisu, but I always thought it was difficult to cook. Need to overcome my fears, take your recipe, buy products, turn on your cool video and cook with you! It turned out really great!
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    How to Make a Smoothie

    I make very simple smoothies, and they are probably not very healthy. However, my family and I love them so I will still make them! The main ingredient is banana. Banana is the basis of my smoothies, and it has always been :) I also add milk. The rest is according to mood and availability in the...
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    Cold vegetable salad for summer

    This recipe is also great for other seasons of the year. Should be delisious
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    Homemade Apple Cider, Yes, its that time of the year.

    Sure the cider is great! Really like your tradition
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    Hi all!

    Thank you for welcoming!
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    Hi all!

    Hi! Glad to be a part of this cooking community! I also like trying something new that's why I came here. All the best!
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