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  1. texherp

    TNT Andouille Sausage recipe

    I guess I'll be the stickler and point out traditional andouille is made using finely diced meat, not ground meat, and is smoked. I'm sure it tastes great though! :yum:
  2. texherp

    Everyone loves Ramen

    I do the exact oppposite actually. I'll boil them for only 2 mintues instead of 3 so they still have some bite.
  3. texherp

    Thin Beef slices

    I made a stir-fry the other day. I just buy a pack of assorted stew meat pieces to cut up small and it works out great. I know it's kind of a gamble because you don't know what cuts they're from, but I swear by it. It kinda goes along with the original spirit of the dish, which I believe is...
  4. texherp

    Retraining the taste buds

    OP, I know what you mean. When I was in college as an undergrad in Austin, I lived in a 'co-op' where basically all the cooking and cleaning and other labor is shared by the residents in a structured setting and we were provided with 3 meals a day, cooked by whoever volunteered to be a cook for...
  5. texherp

    What are you smoking?

    Couldn't you cold smoke it, then finish it off in a hot oven?
  6. texherp

    What are you smoking?

    Thanks, I appreciate the tip. I'll try and remember to post pics :chef:
  7. texherp

    What are you smoking?

    I'm smoking a chicken this weekend. It'll be my first smoke ever on the electric UDS I got for Christmas. I want to replicate these smoked whole chickens we used to buy from the church growing up. They were so moist and melt-in-your mouth tender. If I remember right, they cut out the...
  8. texherp

    Help wanted for making hash brown potatoes golden

    I have never been able to make perfect hashbrowns from scratch either (at least not with raw potatoes). I think the real 'secret' is to use par-cooked potatoes as mentioned earlier. I also think my box shredder doesn't create as large of a shred as the commercial, pre-shredded potatoes. I...
  9. texherp


    I posted something a few months ago about making posole. I finally got ahold of some dried hominy, and will be trying that out. Before that, I made fresh hominy from corn and ashes. There is a variety of dried corn they sell at the Mexican market that has huge kernels that make nice big...
  10. texherp

    Want to get started hot-smoking fish and need tips...

    Thanks Bolas, that's kinda what I was referring to about the fast smoking/grilling method. What temps are you smoking at, by chance? I did some more homework and found this great series of videos on youtube that shows hot smoking salmon in detail: Smoking Salmon in Nome, Alaska (Part 1 of 4)...
  11. texherp

    Want to get started hot-smoking fish and need tips...

    Thanks for the bump. UGA's National Center for Home Food Preservation has a great PDF that describes hot-smoking fish in detail (here). I was confused about temperatures because apparently a lot of people will "smoke" their fish by cooking it for a short time in a hot smoker (like ~30...
  12. texherp

    Want to get started hot-smoking fish and need tips...

    So a few of the local ponds get stocked with rainbow trout during the winter and I figured this might be a good time to buy the smoker I had been wanting for a while now. I'm planning on buying a low-cost electric smoker, either the Master Forage dome smoker or the Brinkman Gourmet electric...
  13. texherp

    Syrup Alternative

    I actually prefer different toppings for different types of pancakes. I'll use molasses on buckwheat pancakes and honey on cornmeal pancakes. If it's sugar you want to avoid, maybe try using a low-sugar fruit jam as a topping?
  14. texherp

    Preventing odors

    I hear people talk about collards smelling bad but never really understood it. Then again I put bacon and onions in mine. Is it the collard greens or the ham hocks that smell bad?
  15. texherp


    I've grown okra many times in the past. I seem to remember the seed coming up pretty fast normally (within few couple days). I bet a lot has to do with soil temperature because they LOVE the heat. They're pretty much the only thing that consistently produces through the summer down here while...
  16. texherp

    Wild Geese?

    Thanks for digging up this thread. I have a whole specklebelly in the freezer my dad shot down on the coast. Having had his wild goose in the past, I will definitely braise this one!
  17. texherp

    What do you do with leftover pie dough?

    My grandma would use the leftover "rollin's" to make what we called cinnamon rolls where you just sprinkle sugar and cinnamon on the dough pieces and roll them up and bake them with the pie.
  18. texherp

    Pie crust for pot pie

    I sub half the water with vodka which is supposed to reduce the amount of gluten that forms when you mix it all together. Seems to work pretty well. I also will use a little lard in place of Crisco which adds a little more flavor to the crust (it's good even for sweet pies).
  19. texherp

    Anybody ever eat wild Pigeon/Squab?

    Yeah, dove hunting is HUGE down here. It's the first thing you can shoot in the fall. I have (mourning and white-wing) dove pretty much every year and it's really one of my favorite game meats, but I don't know how it compares to squab. We usually take the breast meat completely off the bone...
  20. texherp

    Hi from the middle of nowhere!

    Howdy, ranch. I worked in Burns, Oregon for a summer out in the sagebrush so I know a little what that feels like. Loved it out there.
  21. texherp

    Everyone loves Ramen

    The only ramen I buy these days is the chili flavored one. I'll make it like you're supposed to then add fish sauce and lime if I have it. It's something like hot and sour soup. I've also experimented with adding a lightly beaten egg at the end. It works better if you thicken the broth with...
  22. texherp

    Need help for basil plant...

    If you're on the coast, you can probably keep it outside at least for a couple more weeks. We're still getting warm weather here. I'd put it outside in direct sun on warm days and bring it insdie during cold spells. Eventually thought, it'll have to stay inside.
  23. texherp

    Pickled Beets

    When you can your own pickled beets, you cook the beets first before canning them in the vinegar solution so I don't see why it wouldn't work
  24. texherp

    Has anyone tried the Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk pecan pie recipe?

    Yeah, I've heard of doing that, but haven't tried it yet. There was a recipe for "New Orleans Praline Pecan Pie" recipe I had found that caramelized the SCM before using it in the recipe.
  25. texherp

    Has anyone tried the Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk pecan pie recipe?

    Great, that's what I was hoping to hear. Thanks!
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