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  1. john pen

    Q in NC near 95 ?

    Four miles away.. Full report later if Im sober enough...
  2. john pen

    I love the smell....

    Actually, after today I have 4 years and 364 days lol
  3. john pen

    I love the smell....

    Haven't gone yet.. Heading to NYS Chiefs Thursday, leaving for FLA the following Monday
  4. john pen

    I love the smell....

    Its a brisket kind of day....
  5. john pen

    I love the smell....

    I love the smell of Kingsford in the morning....
  6. john pen

    Q in NC near 95 ?

    Heading to FLA in a few weeks to pick up the mother-in -law and drive her back to NY for the summer. Spending a few nights on Fort Myers Beach with the wife, then heading north up 95. Planning an overnight stop somewhere in NC..Anyone have any recommendations for good eats along the 95 corridor...
  7. john pen

    Chinese Food.....Order out or Make at Home?

    Theoretically, a 38 is a 9mm long... Im a big fan of the revolver.. easier to keep track of brass for reloading.. Not that there is any primers or powder avail... thanks Obama....don't get me started...
  8. john pen

    Camping food

    Went camping last weekend.. this was dinner Saturday night..
  9. john pen

    Time to get my ass in gear

    looks good Nick. When your done head west and build me one
  10. john pen

    Howdy Boys

    hey pal..was wondering if Akron PD finally caught up with u..
  11. john pen

    Hey Cappy...

    ok. no wait.. what ?
  12. john pen

    Hey Cappy...

    We would probably do well with pics of that, just for verification purposes only of course..
  13. john pen

    Hey Cappy...

    Did the spring breakers wake you up down there ??
  14. john pen

    Fresh Ground Burgers

    I love me some tater tots... Especially cooked on the grill !
  15. john pen

    Tavern Tenderloin

    We do these, but we use a flour, egg, saltine cracker dredge... Over the weekend, I cut them into smaller sizes after I pounded them and served them as " Pig Fingers " for an appatizer. Served them with a blue cheese blackberry Jalipino dipping sauce, a blue cheese apricot dipping sauce and just...
  16. john pen

    Newbie - HELP with choosing a Charcoal Grill..ALL WELCOME! :)

    Greg is the guy that used to love us...
  17. john pen

    Simple Sunday Beef Roast

    cooking method and cut for the beef ? Looks good..
  18. john pen

    Muff~~~~It's What's For Lunch!

    man, that looks awesome...!!
  19. john pen

    Ribs experiment - test 2

    It keeps the ends of the ribs from being burned by the direct heat coming up from around the water pan...
  20. john pen

    Wireless Thermometer

    Ive got a whole box full of broken ET 73's... They are great when they work but don't seem to last for me... Don't know of another remote with similar features...
  21. john pen

    Ribs experiment - test 2

    Cooking on a WSM.. I still do ribs in about 5 hours... So the report. The best ribs so far were the ones cooked with the membrane on...
  22. john pen

    Ribs experiment - test 2

    I havent.. But depending on how these come, my next experiment may be to leave the membrane on and then take it off for the last hour of the cook... Im thinking it really helped keep the moisture in..
  23. john pen

    Ribs experiment - test 2

    So Ive been experimenting with my rib cooks. My original ritual was pull the membrane and baste and flip every 30 min. They came ok, but never real consistent. The last two times, I left the membrane on, did not flip and basted every 30 min. They were the best and most consistent Ive ever done...
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