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    Where we live...

    Post pictures from around your home to let others see your perspective...
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  3. The Z

    I miss DC

    Some of you may remember me from a couple of years back. I seem to remember that I was a relatively active participant and would religiously check the forum to see how all my on line friends were doing. I even met jkath (also currently non-active) when she came to Las Vegas. She and her...
  4. The Z

    Mayonnaise Tacos Recipe (Yummy)

    Thanks, Tiffany. Cute video by the way. I would certainly TRY them. What's NOT to like about mayonnaise? Egg, oil... ummm... that's it, right? And who doesn't count mayo as one of their sammich options? And what IS a taco but a type of sammich?!!? Personally, I would still probably add...
  5. The Z

    Favorite Foodie/Lifestyle Magazine?

    Thanks for your replies. I guess I'll browse. I was at the dentist's office the other day and was reading 'Men's Journal'. It had good diet, exercise, technology stuff but was a little light on foodie content. Maybe I'll end up with a couple of different subscriptions to satisfy my...
  6. The Z

    Favorite Foodie/Lifestyle Magazine?

    My subscription to Diet & Nutrition magazine has recently expired. I enjoy getting magazines in the mail very much, but that one really didn't do it for me. Some mags are all food all the time while others that do have a lifestyle component focus heavily (or exclusively) on women's issues...
  7. The Z

    $10 Free Food from Schwans (This is real-I just ordered)

    Thanks Barbara! I just ordered a gallon of the Chocolate Fudge Ripple Ice Cream and everything appeared to go smoothly! We used to get Schwan's delivered to our farm when I was growing up in Iowa... I always enjoyed their ice cream but I don't remember trying any of their other products. This...
  8. The Z

    Your first music

    Christmas, 1969. I was 10. My parents bought a record player with flip-down turntable and detachable side speakers. As I recall it was orange in color and the speaker boxes had lights over the top half of them that pulsed and changed with the sound. Too groovy. Anywayz, they also bought 2...
  9. The Z

    Anybody out there have a bad back? Yes, this is a cooking question.

    Many years ago my back would bother me if I was standing too long, sitting too long, lying too long, well... you get the picture. I tried EVERYthing and went to a number of medical professionals and naturopaths to try to find relief. There was nothing structurally wrong with my back and all...
  10. The Z

    Name A City And State...... (ABC)

    Henderson, NV
  11. The Z

    I lost 18 pounds :)

    Congratulations, Mandy! It can feel like a long journey sometimes, but the success is worth the effort. Well done.
  12. The Z

    Name Something You've Never Done

    You've never done drugs... again? LOL - maybe they would improve your memory - heh :huh: I've never been up in a hot air balloon, but I probably will within the next couple of years.
  13. The Z

    What Should You Be Doing Right Now?

    I should be doing exactly what I AM doing... connecting with some L-O-N-G lost friends on Facebook and checking DC to see what people are talking about today. I'm fortunate enough to have the day off (President's Day). I've already had my car serviced, will be going for a haircut and will hit...
  14. The Z

    Your favourite liqueurs/spirits and mixer with them!

    I used to love that stuff when I was stationed in Spain. I also liked Ponche Caballero in my cafe con leche. Right now I like Captain Morgan shots and have been dabbling in various martinis and cocktails now that I'm getting my bar set up at home.
  15. The Z

    ISO Appliance (upright freezer) Reviews

    Yeah... I don't know how close those estimates are. My guess is that they use a certain 'standard rate' but rates vary from location to location. I also assume that they're measuring in a temperature-controlled environment, but it sounds like many folks put their freezers in garages or on...
  16. The Z

    Guess what this is a photo of!

  17. The Z

    Digital Cameras - thoughts?

    I have a Canon SD750. It's small, has decent zoom (3x optical), is easy to operate, takes good quality video and snapshots. I'm very happy with it. I especially like the compact size, which makes it very convenient to take with me everywhere. I used to have a larger SLR, but it was a bit of...
  18. The Z

    Guess what this is a photo of!

    It does have northern African influence but is not located there.
  19. The Z

    Guess what this is a photo of!

    What is this called and where can it be found?
  20. The Z

    ISO Appliance (upright freezer) Reviews

    Thank you, Uncle Bob. I don't know why, but I'm really struggling with this Frost Free vs. Not Frost Free decision. I've read a lot of stuff all over the web... and a lot of the 'advice' is contradictory. The convenience of Frost Free is a strong attraction, but it seems that it also comes at...
  21. The Z

    ISO Appliance (upright freezer) Reviews

    Okay... no replies. Let me rephrase the question. In your experience, how does 'frost free' compare to 'NOT frost free' in terms of food storage? Does the frost free feature impact the quality of the items being stored... such as ice cream?
  22. The Z

    Guess what this is a photo of!

    It is the Spanish Steps in Roma. I'll post a picture in a little while... maybe Monday morning. Yeah. Monday morning sounds good.
  23. The Z

    Would you choose these pictures in a photo contest?

    Animal pictures are almost ALWAYS so much nicer in a natural setting with natural light. I liked your picture but thought it was a little too 'over exposed'. I took the liberty of making a few light alterations to illustrate.
  24. The Z

    Would you choose these pictures in a photo contest?

    I don't know about your photoshop skills... but, in terms of composition, I would try to get better pictures of them in natural light and maybe in a less cluttered setting so you don't have to rely so much on computer enhancements. Get them excited chasing a ball or playing Frisbee outside...
  25. The Z

    "When I'm not cooking, I like to _____" (Fill in the blank.)

    Ponder the meaning of life and how things ought to be... and spending my time making the world a better place. I enjoy alpine skiing, although I haven't done much of it this season. I enjoy entertaining and spending time with friends. I enjoy hiking and photography. I enjoy going dancing with...
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