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    New and need some advice

    there is no age barrier to get your dreams true. You can definitely try and become a good chef. And failures are always a part of success. Unless and until you fail, you won't realize the importance of success. You just need to practice and get better and better
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    What's for Dinner, Thursday, December 3rd?

    Well, the cook had prepared Egg bhurjee along with dal, rice and chapathi. But we also prepared a dessert called Suji Ka halwa at out place. It was really good.
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    What's your in-time recipe?

    I am just wondering what you would really prepare if you are running short of time. Let me give you an example. I return from office late night just to learn that my cook had been missing all day and all the restaurant are closed and I am left by myself to cook for myself. What i will do is just...
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    "Bowling Night" Theme Food

    sounds a good idea. I love bowling too. You can go with some snacks like Manchuria if you are fond of having Chinese food. Pop-corn and beverages.. i am sure you must have already counted upon.
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    Career advice please (for a newbie)

    Oh Well, I am a computer graduate myself. And Cooking.. I am just gaining interest in that and hoping to open a canteen very soon. Talking about your interests, if you think you can be a very good cook, why don't you open up a small canteen or be a chef. Gainign knowledge from the culinary...
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    Perfect Mashed Potatoes

    Sounds yummy! I am anyways very fond of eating potatoes. No doubt, Why I have added so much fat to my body.Every north Indian dish would include potatoes in some way or the other. Will definitely try out your recipe.
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    Fast Food on the Road

    Even I prefer going to Mcdonalds when traveling and when there is no good restaurant around. But I also look for some good dhabas which are very famous here in India. They would serve some really good Punjabi food and reasonable too.
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    What's your favorite way to make a PBJ?

    I would generally have it on toasted slice of breads. I would prefer amul Butter or Kissan jam spread over the breads and I would just love having them in my breakfast
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    What was for dinner, Tuesday, Dec 1st?

    My dinner last night consisted of mashed eggs prepared int he form of a dish which we generally call as egg-bhurjee. I also had some rice and dal along with chapatis.
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    What's your favorite ice cream or frozen dessert treat?

    I don't have any favorite ice-cream as such. It will entirely depend upon my mood which one do i want to have at that time. Most of the times, I would prefer having Belgium Dark chocolate or Butter-Scotch
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    What did you have for lunch today, if anything?

    My lunch was simple. It was a North Indian meal consisting of Poori, chhole Dal and one veg dish along with curd, fryms and a sweet.
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    Fresh tomatoes in omelet

    Canned tomatoes will definitely taste a bit different. Moreover, they will be the preserved ones. So not sure whether the taste will be preserved or not. But you will be surely missing the tatse of fresh tomatoes juice
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    Boiled potatoes

    Every north indian dish consists of potatoes. If i would have had boiled potatoes in excess, I would either mash them and then use the mash for preparing cutlets or rolls or either use them for preparing the dish
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    Stand Mixer vs Hand Mixer

    Both of them have their own worth. One cannot replace the other when it is needed the most. However, Kitchen Aid mixer is preferred as it allows you to free your hands and supports multitasking
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    Chili Roast Peppers

    So the dish is prepared in just 40 minutes or so.. Wow! thats nice. I would certainly like to try it out one day. My mouth is already filled with water having read the recipe.
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    If you Don't do the cleaning - this can happen

    Hey is your pic real? Oh about the hygiene, well I rarely visit KFC, the reason being I don't like much of their food. However, I am very particular about cleaning and hygiene. I cannot have food at a place not hygiene enough.
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    Kitchen Disasters

    My worst kitchen disaster: Well i remember, I had prepared the tea once for myself and after my mother woke up she just asked me how did i filter the tea, then I just remember, I did not filter the tea at all. There are more instances when I had cooked some dishes and I had put an excessive salt...
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    Chicken in the fridge too long?

    there should not be any harm in storing them into your fridge for a long time until the date it passes the expiry date. Even in stores they are preserved in refrigerators and you might not be knowing since when. But my question would be, How could you control yourself from not having it and...
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    Storing it in the fridge, IN the pan you cooked it in.

    I have never tried this actually. This is perhaps because the utensils used to cook the food are bigger than what can be accommodated in the refrigerator. But as far as my understanding goes, there should not be any harm when you put the utensil in which you cooked the food into the refrigerator...
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    Do you let your children help out?

    I don't have kids. I am not married either. But I have seen my cousin sisters helping their mother out in the kitchen. One of them is 14-15 years old and the other one is just 9 years old. The younger sister does not help in cooking as such but helps in serving the food. The elder sister can...
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    Is my pressure cooker safe??

    This might have happened probably because of steam leaking out from somewhere. The cooker might not have been properly sealed or there might be some problem with the rubber on the lid. You probably get it checked before you think of using it again.
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    Why can't we use hot tap water to cook

    We can always use hot water to cook our dishes. In fact, most of the Indian dishes are prepared in hot water. But then we boil the water instead of using hot tap water. I am not sure if it is really safe to keep hot tap water as it may damage the pipelines. But as far as cooking is concerned...
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    Tips for the Holiday Cooking

    A Quick question on this? How much time does it really take to get this recipe prepared? The steps seem to be simple, but i just hope to get them right so that I can enjoy eating as much as I enjoyed reading the same.
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    Tastes like McDonald's fries

    ha ha.. That was funny on your side. Well, you are hoping to get the fries without any potatoes.. lol.. But that was a nice way to prepare french fries. I just hope that they would really taste like McDonald's French Fries. If they really would, then one can easily have them prepared at home and...
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    Quick fondue

    Welcome to the forum.. That was a nice recipe to start and share with. But you will find some more good recipes here which can be prepared in a few minutes and are healthy too. So keep looking for new entries and you can try them out.
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