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  1. J

    Grocery deals!

    Fried squid! That's what I always do with it. There are other preparation methods but I prefer it fried.
  2. J

    FDA Recalls

    I worked that recall. It came out at the beginning of last month. The Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores I visited had pulled it and destroyed it before I got there and put signs up on the door and on the shelves about it. They didn't pay attention to any date codes--just to be on the safe...
  3. J

    Scenes from the Past...

    Or wore white while servicing cars...
  4. J

    How about foods you've tried once or twice that you'll never eat again.

    Foods I hate in particular are livers, kidneys, hearts, etc. from any animal. All offal is awful lol. No sausages in natural casings allowed. Ham I will eat diced in an omelet or in soups. I can't stand it as an entree protein or in a sandwich. Bologna hot dogs, liver wurst, ' and potted...
  5. J

    How about foods you've tried once or twice that you'll never eat again.

    I've never overcooked peas. I warm them up with a bit of butter and salt.
  6. J

    How about foods you've tried once or twice that you'll never eat again.

    I will eat canned peas but prefer frozen.
  7. J

    How about foods you've tried once or twice that you'll never eat again.

    I am not a fan of beets myself.
  8. J

    How about foods you've tried once or twice that you'll never eat again.

    I like it all except for okra (and have never tried escargot but my husband loves it). I grew up in the south with a southern grandma and Cajun cousins, and spent a lot of time in Louisiana and SE Texas when I was young, so I have had gumbo and other stews with okra and have had it fried by...
  9. J

    Complaining and Rewiring of the Brain...

    I'm trying to rewire my brain to alleviate tinnitus. I've been working on pressure points, seems to be having a positive effect so far.
  10. J

    Petty Vents II

    I knew what you meant when you posted earwig.
  11. J

    Petty Vents II

    Yes, must have a license. In Ohio it is a 2-year degree, as is in most states, and the graduated student must take both a state and national board exam. There are continuing education hours that must be completed every two years with the license renewal. It was $350 for the license 20 years...
  12. J

    Petty Vents II

    Yeah if she pulls that regularly she may have lost some already. I know from my experience with market research that most people don't say anything, they just don't go back. I'm the kind of person who will write a review. It's a good thing she's got great hands!
  13. J

    What have you had for breakfast lately?

    I used 4 jumbo brown cage-free eggs.
  14. J

    What have you had for breakfast lately?

    I made a huge overstuffed omelet for breakfast for hubby and I to share. Filling consists of peppers, onion, garlic, cremini mushrooms, bacon, spinach, some leftover shredded chicken, havarti and cheddar cheese. Yummy!
  15. J

    Petty Vents II

    Well good news: my massage therapist out of the blue texted me today and said that she may have been mistaken and that she would like to offer me a free 15 minute massage to make up for her oversight. I agreed and said she could just take $15 of my next 1-hour massage if that worked for her...
  16. J

    Petty Vents II

    I got pretty ticked off today at my massage therapist and will be looking for a new one. I found her a few years ago when she was starting out and she is really good. I told several people about her and bought my husband a gift certificate. He went to see her shortly before Valentine's Day...
  17. J

    Petty Vents II

    I'd rather have an earworm than tinnitus (the latter of which I do have). Hearing a constant buzzing noise is quite annoying!
  18. J

    Petty Vents

    None of this is petty venting. At all. So sorry you are going through this!
  19. J

    TIL... (today I learned)

    It probably was his family that did that to him... I was told I was gifted at being annoying by my siblings (youngest of 6 kids).
  20. J

    Happy Valentine’s Day 2024, what's for dinner?

    Hubby bought us a huge lobster tail just over a pound. He's prepping it now. I have 2 filet mignon steaks thawed. I made a tomato and mozzarella salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I had to leave the kitchen because I just can't stand watching him in the kitchen, lol. I was in there...
  21. J

    What have you had for lunch lately?

    And yes, I had a hard time eating the whole thing but I managed to do it, down to the last bite!
  22. J

    Tuesdays Dinner, 13th Feb '24

    Made a huge batch of pasta yesterday. Today made a Carrabba's copycat Chicken Bryan over pasta, though I added cremini mushrooms. It was yummy!
  23. J

    What have you had for breakfast lately?

    I was always ravenous as a child. We didn't have a lot of money and I was the youngest of 6 kids, so if I didn't eat fast I didn't get enough to eat. But lunches really were that awful. I do recall rushing home to make a peanut butter sandwich after school because I was hungry. It's...
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