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  1. dragnlaw

    Looking for chili and beans recipe

    casey, think he's just looking for some bean recipes and chili recipes - not necessarily "authentic" Texas chili! LOL raggs, you go ahead and put those kidney beans into anything your little heart desires! LOL
  2. dragnlaw

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    ahhh, good point casey. Not having nor needing reservoirs here I didn't think of that. I think that would be a good rethink, jennyema! LOL
  3. dragnlaw

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    Trouble with a heavy storm after a drought is that the soil can't absorb the water it needs before it all runs off.
  4. dragnlaw

    What Condiments Do You Have On Your Table?

    nope, in the cupboard.
  5. dragnlaw

    Garden 2024

    Rodentraiser - you do realize that the gladiolus and dahlias should be taken out of the ground for the winter? I know Washington State is borderline weather for leaving them in but I think from what you've mentioned about your winters... well, if you ever put more in, keep in mind it is best to...
  6. dragnlaw

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    I think I could pass on the 100 markers. This humidity at 90 is plenty enough for me.
  7. dragnlaw

    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    Pretty much the same here. 90's yesterday and today. Wicked storm dropped out of no-where early morning (around 4am) no one was expecting it. Didn't cool anything. Just more humidity. More storms tonight. Weds - high 80's, Thurs - low 80's, Fri and the weekend bouncing up and down in the 70's.
  8. dragnlaw

    Can we candy coat fudge?

    Here they are! and here is the iteresting story behind the chicken bones. They are rolled by hand! Check it out! I guess it's no surprise we had them as kids as my dad was from St John, NewBrunswick. He probably had them too!
  9. dragnlaw

    Can we candy coat fudge?

    We have a type called chicken bones. Thin centre of chocolate was coated in a thin crunchy pink candy with a cinnamon taste. My kids always knew that was the perfect Birthday/Christmas gift for me - LOL nothing else needed. Always had them in our Christmas Stocking Candy since I was a...
  10. dragnlaw

    Monday June 17, '24 Dinner

    Pan Rosted Chicken Thigh sitting on a Poblano with a mushroom cap, chunks of carrot and potatoes. Surprisingly delicious - one of my throw it on a pan and hope it's edible suppers. LOL, bliss, I was trying to think of the words to that and finally gave up and just posted, only to find you beat...
  11. dragnlaw

    PSA on Made In 5 qt. saucepan

    and when you are asking for that contact's name (and location) be all sweet peaches and cream - then turn sweetly aggressive.
  12. dragnlaw

    Can we candy coat fudge?

    So be sure to let us know how it works for you.
  13. dragnlaw

    Can we candy coat fudge?

    If you could 'flash freeze' the fudge then you could coat it with the hot candy. (in theory at least)
  14. dragnlaw

    Sunday supper, 2024 June 16

    Bro made a beautiful salad with a side of Sweet Potato Fries and a grilled chunk of salmon. Bro has become an excellent cook with a few directions from his wife. She's been in a wheelchair for 5 years now since her stroke and then subsequence heart attack (while in the hospital - good place...
  15. dragnlaw

    What are you doing?

    We had a party line at the cottage but a private one in town. We were lucky as that even though it was a party line, we had a phone, whereas 90% of the other cottages didn't. When we came back from Europe and winterized the cottage then it was a private line. You got what you paid for! In...
  16. dragnlaw

    Today's Funny

    The Black-Eyed Peas can sing us a song ...But the chick peas can only hummus one. Then there was the time Fruit of the Loom took Hanes to court... It was a brief case. How much does a chimney cost? Nothing, it's on the house. My friend said she wouldn't eat cow's tongue because it came out...
  17. dragnlaw

    Saturday night dinner, June 15, 2024

    Went to a restaurant I've mentioned before with my bro and SIL, Twisted Fork. Have to say it was the first meal I've had there that was not WOW. Creamy Tuscan Chicken in a White Wine Sauce with Mushrooms, Spinach and tomatoes. A side of Fresh Steamed Vegies (Carrots, Zuchini, Broccoli) and...
  18. dragnlaw

    What's your take on protein powder?

    Carbs first.... hmmm - remember when you used to go into restaurant and the first thing on the table was the breadsticks and butter or buns and butter? You ate these while waiting for you meal. No wonder restaurant meals help you put on weight and get you into basically bad habits.
  19. dragnlaw

    Rullepølse - Danish spiced meat roll

    taxy just read this thread again - don't remember it much but perhaps I just wasn't ready to make something like that. 2011! At any rate, have found it fascinating and would love to try it. Have made a note for it. On my Bucket List!
  20. dragnlaw

    What's your take on protein powder?

    Eat Less - Chew More!
  21. dragnlaw

    Mexican Chicken Casserole- TNT

    You're both in the same age as my daughters. '64 and '65. I loved that show! and that song. Cher was and still is, GREAT!!
  22. dragnlaw

    Stouffer's Family-Sized Swedish Meatballs

    True, but their famous "iconic" ones were much later and I only had them because someone said they were amazing. The following is from their website:- The birth of an icon We've been serving food at IKEA stores since the 1960s, but in 1985 Swedish chef Severin Sjöstedt created a meatball that...
  23. dragnlaw

    What's your take on protein powder?

    Thank you GG, appreciated. I did find out later. pictonguy kindly explained to me. thankfully not all dragons are like me - I'm a bit of a slow learner so every little bit helps. ;)
  24. dragnlaw

    Stouffer's Family-Sized Swedish Meatballs

    Had to look it up, thinking that I'd first tried Ikea's 'Swedish Meatballs' in the late 70's but, LOL, obviously I was way off as they only started selling them in '85. Shortly after that I had them at my mom's from a small house store cook. And they were always with a Cream of Mushroom...
  25. dragnlaw

    Frozen Prunes

    Like you taxy I'm not particularly fond of sweet with savoury. Once in awhile is OK. Prunes are better at the sweet than dates for sure.
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