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  1. rodentraiser

    Over, Under, Sideways, Down

    I never noticed them either. I have a couple icons on my whatever-you-call-it bar - the one with the back and bookmark buttons - and I use them to zip up and down.
  2. rodentraiser

    Are we all on diets tonight? Sunday, June 23.

    I had tacos tonight. Cooked up two pounds of hamburger and made taco meat out of it. To save time. I'll let you all know that I will be having tacos tomorrow night and Tuesday night as well.
  3. rodentraiser

    Fun camping food story

    Actually, it didn't. When I poked my flashlight at him to scare him off (HA!), he grabbed it and we had a tug of war. Now that I remember, my shriek brought the ranger running.
  4. rodentraiser

    Garden 2024

    I remember one year I planted strawberries, corn, and lettuce. The birds ignored the corn and strawberries, but went after the lettuce. I put netting over it and they landed on the netting and ate the lettuce anyway. I planted beans and the ground squirrels just followed me along, digging them...
  5. rodentraiser

    Fun camping food story

    I used to go out to Fremont Peak in San Juan Bautista with my astronomy group. You would not believe how accustomed to people all the animals and birds were. The jays would eat off your plate and squawk at you if you tried to chase them off (and not even move). The raccoons would come into the...
  6. rodentraiser

    Chowing' down for Thursday, June 20th. What's your Solstice dinner?

    It's hot today, so I had my salad for lunch. For dinner, I'm just thinking of heading out to the Mexican restaurant and getting a chicken tostada with a side of refried beans. But of course, I'm still waiting for the contractor to show up. Have you guys noticed that tostada and refried are...
  7. rodentraiser

    What Condiments Do You Have On Your Table?

    I don't have a table but I keep salt out on the counter. I don't like pepper. If I need condiments, that means a trip digging into the pantry or the fridge. I keep just about everything except vinegar in the fridge, but I don't go through stuff that often. However, I had been keeping the...
  8. rodentraiser

    Shrimp/Scampi Toasts

    LMAO I had seen Giggler's Joined date and I thought that was the date of her post. Then I saw when you replied, Dragon. And thought, "Dang, she takes her time getting back to people!" I think Chef John did a video on shrimp on toast and it looked so good, I tried it. It was good and I wondered...
  9. rodentraiser

    Garden 2024

    I finally saw a bunny this morning. We had about four or five a couple years ago that would hop around my yard until the squirrel chased them off, but none since then. Then this morning, one came hopping across the road and down the driveway. I don't know if my cat would attack anything that...
  10. rodentraiser

    Garden 2024

    *smacks forehead* No, I didn't know that. Now I planted the gladiolas two years ago and they came back last year, but never bloomed. Course you know who ate most of them. But this year nothing is coming up. Ah, well, live and learn and learn and learn and learn. Yeah, I don't think I'm going...
  11. rodentraiser

    Monday June 17, '24 Dinner

    I wanna eat at your house. I was going to have another chicken salad tonight, but I thought I'd save that for when the hot weather hits in a day or so. So tonight I'm having a ham and grilled cheese sandwish and a ready side of mashed potatoes (with bacon and cheese in them) along with some...
  12. rodentraiser

    Garden 2024

    *pouts and sulks* I read that story years ago and I was delighted to read it again. Thank you for posting the link. As usual, everything is happening when it shouldn't. It's been so chilly here again I've had the heat on and of course, only the strawberries are happy. But on Thursday, it's...
  13. rodentraiser

    Stouffer's Family-Sized Swedish Meatballs

    I could but that would negate the point of not having to cook them, which is why I'd buy them in the first place. Also, I still have that little fridge with limited freezer space. I just don't always have the space to freeze extra food.
  14. rodentraiser

    Stouffer's Family-Sized Swedish Meatballs

    I love Swedish meatballs, noodles - not so much. So when I saw Stouffer's has added Swedish meatballs (minus the noodles) to their meatball lineup, I had to try them. I had been disappointed with their mashed potatoes and scalloped potatoes selections, and I had already tried their Italian...
  15. rodentraiser

    Garden 2024

    Can he come out here and trap deer? Casey, all I can do is chase the deer off. And they run faster than I do. Come to think of it, every living creature out here, including the chipmunks and the squirrels, run faster than I do. I have finally got lawn watering down to an art. I walk out to the...
  16. rodentraiser

    Dinner Thursday, June 13, 2024?

    i ended up having to go north to Silverdale today, so I took the back back way home. Forty-five minutes there, two and a half hours home. But it made for a beautiful drive. I got a late lunch and ate it on the bridge, looking at the sea, the mountains, and the forest. So tonight I just cooked...
  17. rodentraiser

    Saturday dinner, June 8, 2024?

    I have got to get a grill this summer. I remember just getting a small one for $20 a bunch of years ago but I almost had a heart attack when I saw what they were going for now - $100 and up.
  18. rodentraiser

    Any recipe that is simple, easy, fast, .nutrients etc.

    I like my cheesecake recipe: 5 eggs 3 8-oz packages of cream cheese 1 cup sugar a little vanilla if you must Blend on low until fairly smooth, pour into pie crust(s). Melt some semi-sweet chocolate and mix in if you want chocolate cheesecake. 325° for 50 minutes until just the center...
  19. rodentraiser

    Garden 2024

    Sheesh. People are feeding the deer up here. The deer see you come outside and walk up to greet you. I throw rocks at them and they chase the rocks, thinking they're food. I shook out a tarp the other day and the deer just looked at me, then came up to check it out. Somehow, I don't think...
  20. rodentraiser

    Tuesday June 11th '24 Dinner?

    I spent some of the day with 4 pounds of hamburger making burgers. Slapped a little cheese on top and when they cooled, I put 7 of them in freezer bags and ate 1 for supper. Before I eat any more, I'm going to make sure I have tomato, onion, and bacon to put on top.
  21. rodentraiser

    Garden 2024

    Holy tomato vines, Batman! Mine won't even grow. I am so jealous. Well, folks, I HAD over two dozen roses on my rose bush. This morning the deer got in again and chomped everything down. I have my front area netted off and netting around all the containers, so I think this one sort of slid in...
  22. rodentraiser

    Saturday dinner, June 8, 2024?

    I'm making drumsticks again. I was going to make hoisin sauce for them, but I really enjoyed them just baked with kosher salt the last time, so that's how I'm making them again. Maybe I'll have a little salad with them, too. And some nice iced tea.
  23. rodentraiser

    Garden 2024

    That's what happened when I had a semi-tame squirrel. She would grab the seeds I put out for the birds and bury them in my flower beds. I had beaucoup sunflowers. I'll wait and see how big these get before I go all ninja on them. I don't have any other containers to put them in and if I plant...
  24. rodentraiser

    Garden 2024

    Actually, I'm so lazy I didn't even trim the rosebush last/this year. The rose hips from last summer were still on the bush when I could still see the branches this spring. I have no idea if they're still there now. Now I have another dilemma. I'm growing giant sunflowers and they're supposed...
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