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    Do you wash your frozen mixed vegies

    the only thing i wash in the world is mushrooms - and only fresh ones!
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    What's your weather right now? 2024 Edition

    hot and it will get worse. for like another week. booooo
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    Wednesday June 19, '24 Dinner

    DH picked up a burger for himself after an appointment. I made a salami sandwich and had pickles.
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    Do you wash your frozen mixed vegies

    i only wash mushrooms
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    Is there really nothing new to this forum?

    Invite your friends then!!!
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    Can we candy coat fudge?

    Talk about gilding the lily!!!
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    DH has had acupuncture done with some success. He has a whole regiment of stretching and exercises to strengthen the area which also helps.
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    Are eggs and sausage a healthy breakfast?

    Depends on how you define Health. These days you can justify anything!
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    What happened to Salami logs

    i see them, just not a lot
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    Tuesday, June 4, 2024, what's for dinner?

    leftovers from an office meeting! we split a chicken shnitzel on baguette, broadway pastrami on rye, and each had a coleslaw! dh took a beer and a pickle too and i had a chocolate chip cookie even though there was probably sugar or honey in the slaw. i didn't eat any bread though.
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    Is there a way to ignore individual threads?

    But you wouldn't know what you don't see. It doesn't do any good to search if you don't know what you are looking for.
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    Sunny Sunday! What's for dinner? 2nd June 2024

    we grilled. steaks, ribs, and corn. leftover green salad. it was good!!!
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    Is there a way to ignore individual threads?

    what if you change your mind? suppose someone in your family ends up loving eggplant and you end up needing to look at that thread?
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    Are there specific dishes used for different sized ramekins?

    you don't have to fill them all the way up
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    Thursday, May 30, 2024, what are you eating?

    Happy hour which we ate on the porch. I made gluten free pizza for myself with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Mozarella sticks on the side. I drank a Strawberry Lime Truly. DH had frozen pizza with the above vegetables, and baked sweet potato waffle fries. He drank an Old Fashioned and then a...
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    Cheese Storage

    Smart idea. we also don't eat cheese too often and we hate mold and waste.
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    Past Food Fads

    right ... carbs are good, carbs are bad. fat is good, fat is bad.
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    Past Food Fads

    we also used to just drink coffee. now there a plethora of coffee drinks with mix-ins, toppings, and a variety of flavors and they can be cold or hot or blended. it's crazy!!!!
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    Past Food Fads

    we also used to just eat chicken wings and pizza and other foods by themselves. and we liked it! now everything has a dip and a topping. guilding the lily!!!
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    Past Food Fads

    I remember when salads were just vegetables. At some point, fruits got added for fanciness. I like it!
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    Tempeh, making it

    wow. that's a job
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    Ideas for beautiful figs

    Ooooooooooooooooooooo Marinate and serve as side dish. Lovely!!!
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    Lots of Rhubarb!

    Make trades! I'd love some!
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    How much to you worry about what you eat?

    I guess 14? I'm prediabetic and don't want to get worse.
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