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  1. Rom

    Lamb shoulder question

    Thanks for that! I just finished putting the rosemary and garlic in it and then saw your post. It's 1am, so no deboning at the butcher and....I just can't be bothered right now LOL. It's 1.9kg (4.1 lbs), so you think about 80mins or so? I never buy shoulder so I have just been reading so many...
  2. Rom

    Cookery books tell fibs!

    Sometimes they ask stock photographers to make the dish, take a photograph, submit it to be chosen and then once they pick one, use it in their cookbooks. Maybe the stock photographer didn't do it right in the first place? Yours looks tastier
  3. Rom

    Lamb shoulder question

    I wanted a leg to roast, studded with garlic and rosemary, but they only had a shoulder :( What's the chance I can roast it and it won't turn out tough or do I have to slowly cook it, I keep reading that it will take 4 hours to cook...I really wanted my lamb leg lol Any suggestions, I need to...
  4. Rom

    Stuffed Sardines

    Thanks. I would be cleaning and stuffing them the night before, as late as I can. The egg will be raw, just making a stuffing of garlic, raw egg, parsley, parmesan, breadcrumbs and S&P, then straight in the fridge. I'll put a coating of flour on them just before cooking. I made and ate some...
  5. Rom

    Choko - A rather uninspiring experience

    When I was a kid, there was a Choko vine growing between our house and next door's on the fence. That thing would never die lol, it would be back year after year sprouting chokos like no tomorrow. I always thought of it as a weed, there were attempts made on it's life, but to no avail. If I...
  6. Rom

    Stuffed Sardines

    Hi there, It has been so long that I have posted on here about food lol. Just a quick question about making stuffed sardines. If I want to prepare (not cook) stuffed Sardines with egg/parsley/breadcrumbs/parmesan, is it ok to do so the day before I need to cook them or will they just go yuk? I...
  7. Rom

    What is your weather like right now?

    5.44pm Sydney Australia, it's 23c or 73f and nice and sunny lol. It's been pretty nice weather all day :)
  8. Rom


    Lol the ones my Dad caught fortunately looked nothing like these. The ones I had have a lot of small bones in them that you end up eating anyways. I wonder what those alligator gar fish taste like, don't think you get them down under lol
  9. Rom


    Just had a look at the 'alligator gar', seeing as I never knew they existed, wow...big! The ones I had were like 20cm (without the head) lol
  10. Rom


    I ended up frying them like usual, yum! Thanks for the replies, I have another couple of packs waiting in the freezer for me (my Dad catches these often), might try these ideas, thanks!
  11. Rom


    Been a very long while since I have posted in DC! I did a search and nothing came up except for someone saying they had eaten them lol, so here I am. Just wondering if anyone has a good recipe for Garfish (not filleted), I normally just coat them in flour and s&p and then shallow fry them. I...
  12. Rom

    White chocolate strawberry cake

    This sounds yum! Been a while I've had some white chocolate, been eating lots of dark chocolate lately lol
  13. Rom

    11/22/10 MONDAY What's Cooking?

    I'm making Eggplant parmigiana for dinner tonight. Going to put it in the oven to finish off in about 5 mins...I had no basil leaves..hmmmmmmm :)
  14. Rom

    How long before eating can you peel hardboiled eggs?

    Leaving peeled eggs in water for a week, this I did not know. Quite interesting, thanks for that.
  15. Rom

    Greetings from Pennsylvania!

    Greetings from Australia, no shrimps on the barbie down here :)
  16. Rom

    Easter Dinner?

    We ended up making Chicken Stroganoff because my mum loved it last time I made it for her, Roast Duck with herb fried Potatoes and an Indian lamb dish, which the name is on the tip of my tongue. We also had salad, raita and rice and some Indian pickles. For dessert we had Tiramisu and Ras Malai...
  17. Rom

    Question about Carrot Cake

    I made the cake. It was a hit :) Cream in the middle, white chocolate ganache on the top and dark chocolate drizzled over it :)
  18. Rom

    Question about Carrot Cake

    Hi Katie E, Thanks, yeah its been a while since i've been here, just been so busy. definitely only drizzling the dark chocolate, kinda just for decoration purposes :) <b>Scotch</b> yeah thats why i was asking lol, i wasn't sure either :) <b>linicx</b> yeah cream cheese frosting, i was...
  19. Rom

    Question about Carrot Cake

    Hi there, Just after some advise about a cake. If i make a carrot cake with cream in the middle of it, and i have a white chocolate ganache on the outside sprinkled with coconut and drizzled with dark chocolate, would it all go? or would the coconut/ganache/dark chocolate taste a bit strange...
  20. Rom


    I just made these with orange zest, they were really good! Reminded me of one of the Transporter movies lol.
  21. Rom

    Italian Spaghetti Meat Sauce questions

    I fry the meat first, then add the onion etc, the meat goes a bit brown on the bottom of the saucepan and i scratch it off for a bit of flavour before adding tomatoes :) etc = -add dried herbs along while meat is cooking, then add onion. -add a clove of finely chopped garlic (add garlic after...
  22. Rom

    Gees, you walk away for 2 minutes...

    ...and it happened again...i went away for a while, came back and thought I was on the wrong website this time, LOL - WOW everything has changed, it looks GREAT! Hi everyone :)
  23. Rom

    ISO Creme Brulee recipes

    my first post looking and this recipe sounds mmmm just bought my ramekins :) ooo i think i asked for a recipe of the alaska thing before but no one knew at the time i don't think :) i want to make that as well!
  24. Rom

    Hey from Mississippi

    Welcome to DC :)
  25. Rom

    Got a FRIGHT today

    far out, that's daylight too... :S
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