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    Price of Beef??

    Prices in Illinois have not gone up noticeably, but I don't go to a butcher or big supermarket. The best deals on meat and produce are found at mexican markets or other 'euro' markets, especially every other week when the meat goes on sale for 1.99lb for ground chuck and 2.99lb for sirloin roasts.
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    Why is it bitter?

    I just noticed that and edited, sorry.
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    Why is it bitter?

    probably from browning the turnips... bitterness is usually from browning in curries.
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    How does the "No Peek" technique work with smaller rib roasts?

    Tried it once, waste of time and money for me. Don't try it unless you are willing to have a rare hunk of inedible meat. All depends on your oven. Some ovens aren't even accurate to their temperature, some lose heat faster than others, etc. Too many variables. You should never have to...
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    1000+ cookbooks

    CWS4322 has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. I would like to see your list as well, unless you're overwhelmed with responses then don't worry about it.
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    How can I clean my wooden pestle?

    Rubbing your hands and fingers on stainless steel (like the sink faucet) removes the garlic smell, so maybe you can try rubbing the pestle on stainless steel. The other methods involving a rub of vinegar, lemons, and baking soda aren't going to remove garlic from wood. You'll probably need to...
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    A good roast chicken marinade?

    I just apply a spice rub to my roast chicken. This recipe has won awards, it seems simple but it's delicious. Cut and place 4 sliced cloves of garlic under the skin of the chicken breast, along with 2 tbsp of sliced butter. Then for the spice rub, mix 2 tbsp of olive oil with tbsp of onion...
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    Help with a curry sauce

    I make curry constantly from scratch. Here's what you wanna do... you need onion, garlic, ginger (optional actually but use it for authenticity), canned diced tomatoes, oil or ghee (if you can get the ghee do it, its good as heck!), some chicken breasts, salt, cumin seeds, cumin powder (made...
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    Chili sauce advice

    Full ingredient list of each would help. My first thought is pH of the 2nd wasn't acidic enough.
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    Need recipe for lentils using this garam masala recipe please!

    Basically you just rinse and cook your lentils. After they're done, in a separate pot you add some oil, some onion, some garlic, some chilis if you want, cumin seeds, mustard seeds... then add about a tablespoon of garam masala to it. Then add the lentils. That's it. Here's a recipe you can...
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    Onions for children

    Since I use the onion cubes towards the end of cooking, having them already cooked before frozen prevents a raw onion flavor. Here's the exact recipe from natco that I adapted to fit my own needs, in its original form: 2 lge white onions, chopped finely 4 cloves garlic 3tbs vegetable oil Pinch...
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    Onions for children

    I boil onions in water and then put it in a blender when they're soft, pour the mixture into ice cube trays, freeze it, then dump the cubes into plastic bags. When you need onion, just get a few cubes and throw them in whatever you're making. I use this technique mainly for curries.
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    Pre-Peeled Garlic

    What brand is the garlic ginger mix because I only find Swad brand and it's not that good in my opinion, rather putrid, and neither is their garam masala as it has too much cinnamon.
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    ISO tips for storing fresh tomatoes

    I keep mine in the fridge, they stay freshest longest there. I hear people say there is some enzyme that destroys the flavor when they get cold, but I can't find any credible sources for that information. The only information I've found on putting them in the fridge is it will slow down the...
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    ISO uses for boiled chicken from stock

    You can use the chicken pieces to make a curry (which is what I do), or as the first response said, chicken tacos - you could also try chicken salad if you like it.
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    Pre-Peeled Garlic

    The pre-peeled garlic sold locally here is peeled at the store, it only costs about 20 cents more per lb, and tastes just as good. It doesn't stay as fresh as long as normal garlic heads, but if you have to peel 20 cloves of garlic for a big batch of something... just get the pre-peeled and...
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    Mexican hot sauce (con habanero)

    Not sure why you'd mince or chop any ingredients if they go in the food processor / blender. And by seeds retained do you mean blend the seeds or remove the seeds before blending? I'll try this recipe.
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    Mr Hot Curry Lover Here :D

    Even people in India don't really cook with the ghost pepper, the brave souls who enjoy it take nibbles of it while they eat their curries. I grow them, and also love hot food and make curry several times a week, but your recipe calls for way too much heat for my tastes. I can't imagine anyone...
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    Critique my dough/pizza recipe

    Bread flour has more gluten and provides a better texture. Recipe looks OK, try rubbing the edge of the pizza with butter when it comes out of the oven.
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    Spices w/added salt, is more salt necessary?

    Generally just coat it with the seasoning until it looks good, rub it in, and let 'er rip. I don't like premade spice blends, unless *I* blended it myself. Especially if said blends include salt, since the amount of salt will be hard to judge. If you're going to use this spice again, just...
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    Too much garlic

    What I do with fresh ginger is grate it, then roll it in seran wrap into a tube shape, freeze it, and then when I need some I cut a slice of the tube off. Might work for garlic as well.
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    Chicken more tender?

    The way I cook my indian dishes is first cook the chicken, but not all the way through, just til they're white all around. Remove and set aside. Then get your curry gravy going, and add the chicken back in when there's only about 10 minutes left before the gravy is as thick as you like. Take...
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    Better Homes and Gardens 10-Piece Tri-Ply Clad 18/10 SS set

    Hi I'm new this is my first post here. Looking for some input, good or bad. I just bought this cookware set from Walmart because it was affordable and was 18/10 and tri-ply. Apparently Tramontina is making these Better Homes & Gardens sets. All the reviews look good. I've used the set a few...
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