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  1. jabbur

    Pizza Poll - Homemade Pizza

    I voted for cheese on top with one exception. I usually put pepperoni on top of the pizza because I like to get the edges crispy. My sausage and ground beef get browned and added to the sauce. Veggies on top of sauce then cheese then pepperoni.
  2. jabbur

    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    I finally caught up on the Chet and Bernie series with Heart of Barkness and Of Mutts and Men. Both excellent as expected. Then I started another series that currently only has 3 books but I'll be anxiously awaiting the next one. "Murder at the Palace" by Margaret Dumas is the first followed...
  3. jabbur

    Thin flank steak

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Now to choose....
  4. jabbur

    Thin flank steak

    I found a really thin flank steak in the freezer when I cleaned it out. I would have never bought it except it came in a package of beef cuts I split with my sister when we "bought a cow." I'm not sure what to do with it. It's not very big. Less than a pound and about 1/4" thick. What would you...
  5. jabbur

    Preparing potato salad in advance question

    My potato salad recipe has a cooked mayonnaise sauce. We like it both same day and next day. Each tastes different. Same day it is still warm from the potatoes, hard boiled eggs and cooked sauce. So yummy! Then the next day, it is still good but the flavors have melded a bit more and the taste...
  6. jabbur

    Cheese sauce without bechemel

    I make my mac and cheese similarly. I don't add eggs and use regular milk. We like some Velveeta and a package of cream cheese in ours along with the cheddar. If I have some on hand, I like to add shredded mozzarella or Swiss too.
  7. jabbur

    Angelhair pasta?

    Thanks! I thought it should work but since I don't know how they are different I was a bit hesitant. Since they are a major ingredient, I wanted to be sure.
  8. jabbur

    Angelhair pasta?

    I have a recipe for Asian beef noodles that I want to try that calls for ramen style noodles. I have angelhair pasta noodles already. Will that be an okay substitute?
  9. jabbur

    Mexican menu starting early, for 7-24. After all, this is...

    No tequila here. Going to do up some breaded fish filets into sandwiches with corn pudding as the side. Watermelon for dessert.
  10. jabbur

    A device for an amateur cook to cut up vegetables very small. I have this that I use for a lot of dicing. It's quick and easy. I hate dicing. I can do it with a knife no problem but just dislike doing it. This gets pulled out at least once a week or more to do veggies for salads...
  11. jabbur

    Split tomatoes

    I sliced the worst one and made a tomato sandwich for lunch. The other 2 are in a bowl in the fridge and seem okay today. Thanks folks! I knew you all would be able to help.
  12. jabbur

    Split tomatoes

    Yesterday I went to a farmer's market and got 3 really nice ripe tomatoes. I also got a watermelon. During the drive home the watermelon (that I thought I had secured well) rolled into the bag with the tomatoes and all 3 have splits in them. I washed them and have them out on the counter but not...
  13. jabbur

    Need help with Pork butt in Crock-Pot

    You can always add the sauce after shredding the meat. We add sauce individually as each of us prefers a different sauce. I like more sweet BBQ sauce and my son goes for the hot stuff while hubby likes the mild stuff.
  14. jabbur

    Need help with Pork butt in Crock-Pot

    I always use a crock pot/ slow cooker for my pulled pork. I rub it with whatever rub I have on hand, add a bottle of liquid smoke, set the crock pot on low and let it go for 6 hours minimum. I've been known to start it cooking at bedtime and let it cook all night. Then in the morning shred it...
  15. jabbur

    Memorial Day - What'd You Eat??

    My son and daughter-in-law had us over. They cooked a spiral ham that we made into sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. I took over some baked beans and we supplemented with chips and cauliflower bites.
  16. jabbur

    People who think they can cook but can't

    Some of these stories are truly cringe worthy. I was fortunate to grow up with some wonderful cooks (both grandmas and mom) so I figure I'm decent enough. My mom told the stories of 2 fails she had as a bride. She made a cherry pie for Dad. She bought the cherries fresh and followed the recipe...
  17. jabbur

    What is the first restaurant you will go to?

    That is a good place! Always very busy. It's about 30 mins from where I live. It took us 3 tries before we got in! Every time we tried the wait was at least an hour and DH won't wait that long to eat any where. We finally made it and the food was fabulous! Our first stop out will probably be...
  18. jabbur

    Memorable School Lunches

    I can remember 3 favorite hot lunches at school. I started school in Indianapolis and walked to school then home for lunch then back to school. When we moved to the Cleveland area in 2nd grade, I started buying lunches. My favorite was city chicken. Pork nuggets on a skewer, breaded and fried...
  19. jabbur

    Waiting out the "zombie attack" - Covid-19 hunkering down activities

    Schools have been closed for a month now. Since I am auxiliary staff and the teaching has moved to online, there is little need for interpreters. So while the teachers are holding online office hours and attending staff meetings through Zoom, I'm stuck at home. I've been cooking nearly every...
  20. jabbur

    I can't cut fast with knives

    You might try a mandolin for slicing veggies. I use chop wizard for dicing.
  21. jabbur

    Making Do .....Butter

    Last year, the teacher in the first grade classroom I was in made butter with the kids. Put the cream in the jar, tightened the lid and the kids practiced counting. Passed the jar around the circle and each kid got to shake it while we counted. Sometimes we counted to 100 by 10's or 5's or to 50...
  22. jabbur

    Gosh! No one eating tonight, March 19, 2020

    We had chicken potpie and salads.
  23. jabbur

    What's for Wednesday's Dinner - 3/4

    We ordered pizza from the local joint down the street along with chef salads. I've been fighting a cold for several days and really didn't feel like cooking.
  24. jabbur

    Dinner Friday, 2-7-2020

    It was every man/woman for themselves tonight. The staff at school had an outing to a ciderworks after school. So I had a flight of brewed cider (all 4 of which I enjoyed) with a BBQ chicken wood fired pizza that was excellent. The crust was crispy on the outside but soft and chewy on the...
  25. jabbur

    Gonna Try A New Cheese

    Thanks Chief for the link! I may be ordering from them soon! After our trip to Ireland last year (summer 2018), I fell in love with Guiness cheese and haven't been able to find it locally. I will order from them and see if it brings back the taste of Ireland.
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