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    Hamburger Success

    I love bacon on my burger along with egg and tomato. Also occasionally a pineapple slice. What is your homemade ketchup recipe if you don't mind me asking, Steve?
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    Kraft Singles Recall

    I tend to try and steer clear of all processed foods and go fresh. Kraft is one of the most processed foods out, like eating plastic.
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    Thinking about Cast Iron

    Wow some great advice here on cast iron cookware and Andy gave some great advice, thanks. I have heard that if you cook fish on cast iron it absorbs the fish smell and you can't get rid of the smell ever. Has anyone had that experience?
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    Thursday Night Dinner 9/11/14

    The wedges are from golden creme potatoes, peeled then cut into quarters length ways on the potato. (I use potatoes that have some length on them) Placed in a baking tray and drizzled with olive and mixed herbs. Place in a preheated oven at 180c/350f for 30 to 40 mins.
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    Pineapple Chicken

    Wow that looks fantastic. I have Dutch oven, I should try your recipe. Thanks for sharing your recipe Tim.
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    What we ate on Wednesday (09/10/14)

    Wednesday I was lazy. I just got marinated chicken drumlets, (garlic and lemon) and served them on a bed of rice. But it was nice.
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    Thursday Night Dinner 9/11/14

    Tonight's dinner is fillet steak (grass fed), mine will be done rare. My partner Lizzie will have her's done medium well (waste of a good steak in my opinion). That will be served on a bed of baby spinach. Along with hand made potato wedges and all served up with a cream and pepper sauce. :chef:
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    Can I re-dehydrate 1 year old dehydrated beans?

    I would definitely get rid of them. Not worth the risk of making yourself sick.
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    German Potato Salad

    I have never heard of those type of potatoes. They definitely not in any supermarket of my corner of the world. I might be able to find them at a large vegetable market close to me. Will be interesting to investigate. :smile:
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    Hamburger Success

    Just to clarify. The egg is a binding agent and the flour is actually on the outside and stops the mince sticking to surfaces. It does work quite well.
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    Meatballs in Red Sauce

    Wow that looks really good. Thank you for the recipe, I'm going to give that a go. :chef:
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    Fall Garden

    I am just starting my spring garden here down under. Nothing nicer or better for you than growing your own organic vegetables and fruit.
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    German Potato Salad

    I love potato salad. I will definitely try this one. I will use kiffler potatoes I think. What do others think?
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    Cooking Frozen Meat

    I find that most chefs advice is to have the meat at room temp before cooking it as it doesn't cool down the grill or oven as much as cold meat. Just what I have observed.
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    Hamburger Success

    Well I finally had success with making a burger from mince. I know this is a relatively easy process but mine have normally fallen apart in the past. I have also found them messy to make but this time I got it right (really should have taken a photo). Just mince 1 pound /500 grams, 2 eggs and a...
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    Hello from New Jersey

    Hi Chris, nice to meet you. I am new here to and have found lots of great stuff in this forum. :smile:
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    What have you had for breakfast lately?

    I love to have bacon, egg and cheese in a toasted bun. I call them breakfast rolls. The cheese slice adds flavour. I also sometimes put tomato ketchup on the egg, they go really well together. :smile:
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    Checked the site out and looks good. I will give this one a go, thanks for the link. Does anyone here grind there own mince?
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    Thanks everyone :)
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    Any Aussies out there?

    Another Aussie Just joined here and I'm from Melbourne.
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    Hi I am Phil from Melbourne Australia and enjoy cooking, trying new recipes. also experimenting in the kitchen. I'm not professional but always learning new things.
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