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  1. bigwheel

    Christmas Roast

    Yummy! Get that cow to the might could be saved. lol.
  2. bigwheel

    Finally Cooked a Piggy on my Stump's Monster

    Well glad you figgered out how to work the system. Those were some mighty nice pics. I will be willing to testify. lol
  3. bigwheel

    Mini Hams

    Ok..thanks. Might sub out TQ for the salt. That works on most other curing brines. Might even put a pinch of ground cloves in it. That should solve the adding and subracting the whole cloves issue. Smart thinking on that.
  4. bigwheel

    My First links

    Gotcha thanks. Sounds like a winner. Not sure on those hog guts being unworkable. Maybe too small to go on the horn? Pal o mine was recently trying to do sheep cases for some narrow gauge stuff and could not get those to work without busting them out using his smallest tube. Nothing wrong with...
  5. bigwheel

    My First links

    Mighty fine. What ratio of cheese to meat? What kinda cheese? Thanks.
  6. bigwheel

    Mini Hams

    Looks excellent. Thanks for sharing. Will have to give this a whirl. Will prob skip the celery. Glad you gave up on the Canola oil. That stuff is deadly poison. Gives me bad indigestion. We are down to using Coconut and light flavored olive oyl for frying with a pat of butter included..least...
  7. bigwheel

    My First links

    Wow..looks mighty good. Tell us about it. Thanks.
  8. bigwheel

    Happy solstice to all

    Happy Solstice Griff. Been hearing yall cut a good break on the winter this year. Hope its right. Rember when its spring time in Alaska its 40 below.
  9. bigwheel

    Christmas Roast

    Looks mighty tasty. What kinda internal temp was you shooting for?
  10. bigwheel

    Manhattan Fillets, and Pan Bordelaise Sauce

    Dang..feel like I just read an illustrated version of War and Peace. Thought you was cooking ribs. Tell us about Mr. Right. Looks yummy. Happy New Year.
  11. bigwheel

    New grill for Christmas

    Good score congrats. Merry and Happy to all.
  12. bigwheel

    Fried Chicken Thighs

    Looks great. You should try that for contest cooking sometime if you aint already. Betcha it would be the grand prize winner. Seems to conform to the rules since your cooking over wood and or charcoal.
  13. bigwheel

    Breaded and Smoked Scorching Hot Chicken Wings

    Some of us might need a cold beer to quench the heat. Looks excellent.
  14. bigwheel

    Going North

    Whats going on with those pressing life issues?
  15. bigwheel

    Not a Shepards Pie Shepards Pie

    Yum yum.
  16. bigwheel

    Pit Beef

    Looks mighty good.
  17. bigwheel

    Pan Seared Salted Ribeye on the Grill

    I tried the salting thing a time or two and thought it was a good plan. Not sure why I keep forgetting to do it. Thanks for the reminder.
  18. bigwheel

    The Grandkid Grillmaster Challenge

    Ok..If those puppies are free I will take the one on the right with the cute little pink nose.
  19. bigwheel

    Lamb Sausages and Lemon Peper Chicken Lollipops

    Looking mighty good.
  20. bigwheel

    The Grandkid Grillmaster Challenge

    Right. As the cute school teacher always said on Romper Room. Be a Do Bee..not a Don't Bee. Or something similar to that.
  21. bigwheel

    The Grandkid Grillmaster Challenge

    I am into Thai Curries. Got any good recipes we need to know about? Thanks. Used to have some out of a magazine but I lost them some where. I even bought fish sauce and coconut milk..curry powder etc. but used it all up I guess. We have an area of town called Little Saigon where they sell all...
  22. bigwheel

    Going North

    Ok..we will be waiting with breathless anticipation.
  23. bigwheel

    Pan Seared Salted Ribeye on the Grill

    Looks mighty good.
  24. bigwheel

    The Grandkid Grillmaster Challenge

    Hope yall sell a bunch. Is he giving you any type of commission?
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