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  1. CraigC

    Boiling weiners

    I think you might want to check your sources.
  2. CraigC

    Boiling weiners

    Has anyone ever made their own homemade hotdogs? I have the sausage making equipment, but never made hotdogs.
  3. CraigC

    Boiling weiners

    Skewered on a hickory stick and cooked over an open fire.
  4. CraigC

    Packaged Shiitake Mushroom Question

    Vancouver, as in BC? I've been there working on a customers yacht (diving program). I have worked with some folks in Mexico that spoke mostly a dead language, Nahuatl (Aztec) still spoken in some areas, however with their Spanish and my small amount of Spanish we managed to understand each...
  5. CraigC

    Packaged Shiitake Mushroom Question

    I know this doesn't help with your question, but I think Chinese markets would do more business if they had someone that spoke English to translate. There are products I'm interested in that I have no idea what they are.
  6. CraigC

    What do you love to prepare in clay pots? Searching some inspiration for my new menu

    Moroccan dishes for a tagine. Might need some preserved lemon.:yum:
  7. CraigC

    Guacamole is not quite right

    Use sweet onion and that is what the lime juice is for.:smile:
  8. CraigC

    Guacamole is not quite right

    If you don't like jalapeno, try serrano or manzano (apple) chili.
  9. CraigC

    White Chocolate with Zing

    Karen makes an addictive recipe with white chocolate, pistachios, pink salt and Carolina Reaper flaked. It is really good. The Reaper flake is used very sparingly.
  10. CraigC

    What is your favorite mayonnaise?

    Anyone ever try Blue Plate? I was a Miracle Whip fan until I decided that having both mayo and MW in the fridge was taking up too much space. Now it is Kraft mayo. Still prefer home made over all.
  11. CraigC

    Gourmet chicken (includes tenders and nuggets) and raspberry pasta

    Don't know about "Gourmet", but a couple of favorites are "chicken and andouille sausage gumbo and chicken and andouille Jambalaya.:smile:
  12. CraigC

    I Can't Believe I Found This!

    We ship packages via USPS and UPS everyday. Like UPS the USPS allows the post person to take up to 70 pound packages for priority mail. We have customers on military bases through out the world. The only way to ship to them at reasonable costs is via USPS. With packages 20+ pounds, I will drop...
  13. CraigC

    What's your favorite fowl?

    Add some pecan smoke and you've got it!:chef:
  14. CraigC

    Your Favorite non-alcoholic beverage

    Cara papa was a big one at the gym, along with Fayo Chino Ranito.:ermm:
  15. CraigC

    Your Favorite non-alcoholic beverage

    San Pellegrino plain and the blood orange.
  16. CraigC

    Surprisingly Tasty

    Probably missing the added flavor of the preservatives!:angel:
  17. CraigC

    ISO best/new ways to cook corn?

    Corn and Mirliton(chayote squash) Maque Choux. There are many recipes on the net. This is a very simple one. The below is for 2-3 servings and can easily be scaled up. 2 ears fresh corn, kernels cut off, then cob scraped to "milk" the cob. 2 mirliton/chayote squash, peeled, seed removed...
  18. CraigC

    What's your favorite fowl?

    George and Gracie were a pair of humpback whales... Never mind.:angel:
  19. CraigC

    Watermelon Juice

    Tom T. Hall wrote one of my favorite songs, Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine.
  20. CraigC

    Price of Beer

    2009 killed the market. I still have one female Guyanan Shield ETB. Got her in 2004.
  21. CraigC

    Price of Beer

    Since I quit drinking cold turkey in 2020, prices have no meaning any more. We still buy beer and wine to cook with and Karen still drinks wine and amaretto.
  22. CraigC

    Chief's White Lasagna

    I'm thinking of a white sauce that incorporates jumbo lump blue crab meat as part of it. Any thoughts or ideas?
  23. CraigC

    Chief's White Lasagna

    I often love making "fusion" recipes. I make a version of arancini using jambalaya, which I call "Cajuncini" and serve it with a spicy Creole sauce from Paul Prudhomme. It is fun to make recipes that take from one or more cultures and combine them. Craig
  24. CraigC

    ISO Rotisserie

    I have one for my Weber 22.5 charcoal grill. Love it. I purchased an after market basket that I use to roast Hatch chiles and so far chicken wings. Prespraying with the Pam made for grilling makes clean up a breeze.:wink: Craig
  25. CraigC

    What's Your Favorite Fresh Salmon Recipe?

    No cooked salmon here either, cured is the way to go.
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