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    Canadian brisket

    although I'm not in my right mind I actually cut this one in half, cut the tail off smoked it later and made chili IIRC :) intention was to show the American brothers what some of us up here in the land of 'WTF is a brisket?' have to put up with sometimes :) oh yeah, Jim Minion thought it was...
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    Canadian brisket

    Canadian brisket: :lol: wish I had a chance to add that to that thread that got closed I'm Canadian BTW Backstory: I called a small processor in the country near my home and asked for a packer ..... long dead silence .. ok, I want the point, flat, fat cap and it should be in the 12-14 lb...
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    The Initial Bubba Keg Review

    There's a 'Silver' version, similar concept to Weber silver kettle, Keg coming next near at a better price point. No shelves, cover or CI grate (crappy nickel plate lower grate), not hitch adaptable, cheaper 'cart'. Charcoal finish. Current model BSK 'gold' remains same, getting 304SS hardware...
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    The Initial Bubba Keg Review

    It's been renamed Big Steel Keg (BSK). Trailer hitch will now be an option instead of standard. A cover will now be available for it and the color has changed too (no longer silver but bronze). They have been promising a diffuser for indirect for 6 months now but it keeps getting delayed for...
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    I hate the learning curve

    Seen some that sure look GOOD, like this Wagyu brisket, I'd love to try one of those ...
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    Help Need Beer

    That guy couldn't have made it on a tricycle Pretty painful to watch, I coulda been the star of movies like that in years past :oops:
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    I put a butt on the smoker.

    Oh yeah! looks great Puff, nice pics the cooked butt pic (3rd down) should be on the cover of PP Monthly ... or something :)
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    Those Sneaky BA$TARDS (Follow up to Complaint Letter)

    ya, Larry I think you got pwned by someone with some Conflict Management training :) where's the compensation!!!
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    Stolen Pit & WSM

    A guy I know from Regina, Saskatchewan ihas been doing comps a couple of years now. He was having a helluva year, winning GC at 4 out of 5 comps, then he went down to the Royal. On the way back he lost his pit, here is his account: He has a forum post about it HERE if you should have any info...
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    Grilled Meat Ballz and Yes… Grilled Spaghetti

    Looks great! I could go for a plate of that right now so you just browned the dry pasta a bit? did you notice a flavor difference?
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    Thank you, EVERYONE! (Lift Pic's)

    That's awesome Larry, real happy for ya!
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    WARNING! Possible Scam!!!

    It's true I tell ya, it popped up: Here and Here and Here and even Here :lol:
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    WARNING! Possible Scam!!!

    When I saw the thread title I thought it was gonna be about some guy claiming to be handicapped and selling off his rub recipes to pay for a new chair lift ... then you get the emailed recipes as promised and they suck, clearly not the bottled product the guy was selling. What, you haven't...
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    Regional Hamburger Styles

    I think this is common enough here to qualify: A Canadian burger often features cheddar (not processed), back bacon (Canadian bacon) and sauteed mushrooms. With or without l&t, onions, pickles, mayo, ketchup, mustard.
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    Blueberry Scones off the Big Green Egg

    and loaded with real butter for me! they look great man
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    Thoughts on this advice...

    Chapter 2 of his book will prolly say not to use temp probes or you'll drain all the juice out ... Chapter 3 might say to only ever BBQ at 225ºF somewhere around Chapter 6 it will tell you sear steak real good to lock in the juices
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    Olive Wood Brisket (would It Win) Finish Pics

    I'd eat that .... what did ya think of the olive wood? I have a bag of those Maine Olive chunks, not cracked it yet though
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    BBQrs Delight makes Black Walnut pellets, black walnut can't be that bad
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    HH Pork

    Looks great Scotty!. I can relate to the burnt drippings smell, and dark bark. A couple small spots on my HH butt where the meat was hard maybe 1/4" thick ... like the corners closest to the water pan edge vertical. On the upside though the product was so moist and tender the leftovers were...
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    350ºF Butt

    I finally tried a HH pork butt and the results were great! As good PP as any I've made. The butt was ~8lbs, nicely trimmed, still a nice fat cap on it. Put it on at 10:15am, wet rub brushed on. Dry rub + a little cider vinegar and worcestershire, 2/3 ring unlit lump, 1/3 chimney lit + 4...
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    My weekend.

    Hell YA! Looks great
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    Wet Rub Brisket & All Nighters Are Overrated ;)

    Bark to me has two components, dried out meat and the sugar and spice. Well the outside was tasty, but not like bark from a heavy spice & sugar rub. This had only a thin layer of dried out meat, it gets thicker on the low n slows IMO. I was happy with the results. I didn't trim the packer at...
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    Wet Rub Brisket & All Nighters Are Overrated ;)

    Scotty: ya, mostly cold, was on the counter (from the fridge) less than an hour when it went on DJ: brisket gravy? I made a flour gravy from drippings from the foil, defatted about half the fat off, added a little onion soup base (none of the onions) to bump the salt level a bit BW: 100% pure...
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