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    Self imposed discipline - What is yours?

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" No I am by no means religious, however I religiously stick to this philosophy. Anything that people do/say which annoys me I make a point not to do/say the same thing to the others, even if the other party doesn't care or doesn't mind. I tend...
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    Mulberry recipes

    My favourite is crostata, or tart. Get a pie shell ready (including the blind bake part), pour custard, cover the surface with the berries, bake another 10 minutes or so until the fruit turns tender and slightly oozy. Also serving them with a pile of vanilla or custard ice cream with a whipped...
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    ISO not so fishy fish?

    If she like those tuna from tin, how about making a nice real tuna steak if you can find a fresh quality fillet? That may well be her gateway to the world of seafood :cool: Usually those strong typical "funk" comes from the less than freshest fish, but if you live somewhere it is impossible to...
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    North Americans and French cooking

    1 & 2 identical, rich variety of cheeses, wine, and wonderful authentic bakery products--croissants, cakes and pastries (but if I see anything intriguing and new I would love to try!) 3 naturalized American and have been living in Rome Italy for 7,5 years and counting
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    dried porcini are such versatile treasures, it's quite powerful so a little goes a long way too. Fresh porcini are quite expensive also in Italy, also quite seasonal, so dried ones are the practical option also for us. They do give lovely flavour to a gravy type sauce, but for a pasta sauce I...
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    I consider these two difference types of sauce CJ, and it depends on what kind of food goes with it. I use very little tomato paste on the second type (brown gravy type), and mainly with red wine and fondo bruno, with some herbs.:chef:
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    If you are going for an authentic Italian tomato based sauce, the #1 taboo is to mangle 500 different ingredients, spices and herbs. Italian cooking is all about simplicity. Instead, concentrate on using a quality, in-season ingredients. Ripe, fresh san marzano tomatoes (often known in the...
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    Overseas Members

    Ciao from the eternal city, Rome Italy:cool: Licia
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    Writing a unique ethnic recipes book - feedback needed

    Publishing in two formats would be a good idea. Ebooks may still look a little unpractical, but see how the technology has evolved, in music, films and other videos, cameras just to name a few, and excellent, practicable gadgets for ebook reading are coming out now. I dare say the age of...
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    Carrot Cake made with Butter - why not?

    Personally I don't care for the taste of oil in a cake I would never use it. I have made carrotcakes with melted butter many times and the result comes out great, never had any problem with its consistency or dryness. Also if you keep a cake in the fridge the cake lasts for a few days without...
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    Lots of Basil

    Kayelle, while I am not a plant expert by any means, but from my own experience in growing a little basil on my window sill for several years, I can be fairly sure that basil also needs to receive a good amount of direct sunshine, in addition to sufficient amount of water. One year our basil was...
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    Lots of Basil

    also, if you can find a good quality fresh mozzarella, insalata caprese is another summer staple. Simply toss the mozzarella with sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves, season with salt, pepper and a drizzle of good extra virgine oil. An easy, quick and delicious dish without suffering heat...
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    Do you have an ethnic "center" in your cooking?

    I also love and enjoy trying many variety of food from various cuisines, and it is impossible to pinpoint to one category. Living in Italy for 7,5 years I can easily say that "Italian cuisine" is a very vague and loose terminology, as each regional specialty, from Sicilia, Emilia Romagna to the...
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    Lots of Basil

    pesto freezes very well, so you can put into a portion size container (many people use the ice cube trays too) and freeze them so you can enjoy them during the winter months, without worrying about them spoiling in the fridge. I also make a few different versions, mixed with crushed pistacchi...
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    Any way to make a low fat (and I mean loooow fat :) ) pizza??

    As Chefjune pointed out, there are quite a few options for cheeseless pizzas found here in Italy. My favourite is a mixture of shredded onion and pepper seasoned with caper and garlic. Another is thinly sliced potatoes with rosemary and garlic. Another popular public choice is marinara, which...
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    Made a lamb curry - but not flavour!

    did you marinate the meat for some hours before cooking, that usually helps a lot. Also freshly ground spices (coriander, fenugreek, cardamom etc.) have much more flavour than the spices which bought already powdered. If you enjoy indian food, it may be worthwhile to invest in a pestle to...
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    How to use up a bunch o' flat leaf parsley

    can't believe I forgot about Tabouleh. Nice refreshing treat especially for summer while tomatoes are in season. In case you are not familiar, it's a salad using burghul (you can use couscous if that's easier for you too), chopped tomatoes, parsley + a little of another herb, like mint, dill...
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    How to use up a bunch o' flat leaf parsley

    Salsa Verde (ITALIAN green sauce--- not to be confused with the Mexican condiment of the same name...) is indeed a great idea. It IS sort of like a pesto with parsley, you mix it up with good olive oil, garlic and a handful of pine nuts (if that's not available, you can use walnuts or cashew as...
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    Who is the pickiest person you'd ever have to cook for?

    OMG Velochic, I was just about to say the youngest son of my partner was the worst eater in the world, but I think even he has to admit the defeat in the face of your stepmother...:wacko: I wonder what kind of educational background she has, I mean not just school but also from her mother, and...
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    South Africa, Cape Town

    I had a MSN contact from Cape Town, she was always raving about "Braai", some sort of barbeque but she insisted it was not your ordinary barbeque. If you are into meaty fare anywhere which offer this should be an uniquely South African experience. (sorry, I lost touch with her now so I can't...
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    Swedish Meatballs sauce

    I learned from Ikea to eat my meatballs with jam. Sounds weird but you must try it. Lingonberry jam is the traditional variety, but cranberry or not too sweet raspberry works just as well.:cool:
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    I wanna eat italian food

    :ohmy: Oh sh... crap, sorry Sharon, I confused you with the OP!! (whose sauce didn't come out quite well) Of course, if you enjoy the turkey ground, that is perfectly fine, sorry about my "duh-ness"... :wacko:
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    I wanna eat italian food

    Oh yes, it escaped my attention but I do use garlic in my sauce too :rolleyes: I must say, Mimiz, your problem may be in the ground turkey, and turkey bacon, even if it's of a good quality, always weaker in flavours compared to beef-pork mince + real bacon. Also make sure the tomatoes are...
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