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    ISO inspiration

    Hey all! I'm looking for inspiration for a nice fall cupcake to make for an upcoming bake sale/fundraiser deal. They need to be tough enough to travel well, since they'll be going there on public transit... Shoot me your recipes for any nice nutty, pumpkiney, or appley treats!
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    Do I really need an electric mixer?

    If you end up not getting an electric mixer, get a metal bowl for beating egg whites until they're stiff. They stay cooler so they get stiff faster ;)
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    ISO advice making pumpkin pies using fresh pumpkin

    I've always cut mine in half, gutted them, then baked them cut side up covered with aluminium foil for about an hour or so. Until they're soft enough that I can mush the insides with a spoon.
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    Anyone had this happen before?!

    It actually called for an unbaked crust. But I've always prebaked pumpkin pie shells... So I just do it without thinking. It took a good extra hour but the second pie did eventually set. I normally don't have a problem with pumpkin pie setting! Which is why I was so surprised it happened this...
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    Anyone had this happen before?!

    So, I had a pumpkin sitting on my counter that my aunt had given me. And decided that it needed using. I made some pumpkin spice cupcakes. and used the rest of the puree I got from this pumpkin to make a pie. Well, I intended to make a pie, but had enough filling for two. I had only preheated...
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    Partial leg of lamb

    Hey all, I have a partial leg of lamb (weight is just over 1kg or around 2lbs) that I thawed to cook tonight... And I don't know what to do with it! Normally I've cooked it with a marinade based with red wine, but I'm pregnant and paranoid since apparently only about 70% of the alcohol will cook...
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    Does ANYONE really know how to cook for 2?

    Desserts are easier if you invest in a couple of small ramekins and just cut your recipes to make 2 small desserts instead of a big one. Cakes are simple, just half the recipe and cook separately. Cheesecake needs to be cut down to about 1/3 of the recipe to really work. Souffles and other...
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    Cooking times for desserts

    Hi all! Since it's just my fiance and me I tend to halve my dessert recipes and make two "mini desserts" instead of having a full size dessert that we're just going to end up pigging out on. I do it quite often with cheesecake, but I have a bit of trouble with cooking times. I'm not sure whether...
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    Missing my favourite part of summer :(

    I LOVE Summer drinks, the lovely blended ice drinks that taste like an entire orchard smushed into a blender and pulverized with some ice. But... This summer I've got a baby in my belly, and can't enjoy those delicious creations. What're your favourite virgin summer drinks?!
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    Glazed Waffles.

    I don't even know if it's a thing. But I was talking about how much I wanted this and a friend suggested drizzling them with chocolate.
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    Glazed Waffles.

    Well, this might be the pregnancy talking. But I am DESPERATELY craving waffles coated with something akin to the Krispy Kreme original doughnut glaze. Anyone have any idea what's in that glaze, or how to make something similar?
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    Cheesy chicken breast?

    I'm toying the idea with stuffing the breasts with the cheese and spinach mixture we use for lasagna... Yum yum yum!
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    I ended up making brownies, which were delicious. But I'm a salt lover, I can't get enough of the stuff :P It was much paler than our normal butter though...
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    Well, I noticed something called European Style Butter at the grocery store yesterday and decided that the extra 20 cents was worth my curiosity, since we needed butter anyways. Well, turns out that european style butter is apparently unsalted, which isn't seen as an ideal toast topper in this...
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    Attempting a Topsy Turvy Cake with Fondant Today

    I buy my fondant, I've tried making it and even though it tastes MUCH better, it makes a pretty significant mess. My only tip would be to keep it at a steady temperature, and try not to let it get warm. Warm it gets sticky, and will sometimes crack.
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    Dinner Tuesday 2nd of August

    I got a couple of steaks sitting in the fridge waiting to be cooked up, then garlic mashed potatoes, a green salad, and some flaky buttery rolls. Not to mention that I bought the fancy pants avalon dairy chocolate milk that comes in a glass bottle as a treat for us :P
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    Fondant question

    I'll have to find some pictures of my creations for you guys. I'm not terrible as long as I only have a small quantity to decorate, when I get bored I get sloppy :P
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    REC--Audeo's Banana Bread--tnt

    I used a load pan, my baking powder is no more than a month old... I'm going to make a second batch today with 2 bananas and see if they were the problem...
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    REC--Audeo's Banana Bread--tnt

    Well I'm bumping an old post with a question... I tried making this bread last night and it took FOREVER to cook. My oven runs pretty close to accurate, I had a thermometer in and it showed 350, and the pizza I cooked afterwards came out perfectly and on time. Wondering if maybe I put in too...
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    Fondant question

    Wow, you guys are FAR more talented than me! Luckily I only decorate for friends and family and they never seem to mind if my decorations are off, as long as they still get something good to eat!
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    Anyone ever made a square pie?

    Awesome! I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Looks like I'm whipping up a square lemon meringue pie tomorrow ;)
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    Anyone ever made a square pie?

    I don't have a pie plate, and can't muster the energy to go dig through my boxes that are still at my parents' place in hopes of finding mine. But I have two lemons just begging to be made into a pie, and I have a hankering for a nice buttery french apple pie. Just wondering if anyone has tried...
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    Feeling uninspired

    Thanks everyone! I ended up whipping up chicken cord en bleu. Boneless Chicken Breasts ARE very uninspiring, we haven't had a chance to head out to stock the freezer with meat in a few weeks, so it was chicken breasts or frozen peas.
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    Feeling uninspired

    Well, I pulled two chicken breasts out of the freezer this morning to thaw. But I can't seem to come up with something to do with them... I think as a side dish I'm going to do rice with mushroom soup, any thoughts on what to do with the chicken?
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    Fondant question

    The cornstarch sounds like a good idea, I'll give it a shot next time I'm decorating something :)
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