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    Favorite TV show

    Addicted(sadly) to Jersey Shore. Gotta represent the hometown.
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    In Search of perfect Cookies: Baking tips

    Check out this recipe for the molasses choco chips-I opted out of the walnuts in mine-Chocolate Chip Cookies With Molasses « Cookie Madness
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    Mom's Zucchini Bread

    RD can you explain "shredded zuccini"? Would you shred it on like a cheese grater(sp)?
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    In Search of perfect Cookies: Baking tips

    Shel-First off, I ALWAYS line the cookie sheet with parchment paper. It keeps the bottoms of my cookies from burning and sticking to the cookie sheet. Second, if you're in the market for chocolate chip cookies, try a reciepe with molasses in it. The molasses gives the cc cookies a rich flavor...
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    What's for Dinner Wednesday August 4?

    Reheating Zuccini casserole I made yesterday (which I got the reciepe for from DC) and also Pasta Fagoli(sp) soup (reciepe from DC as well).
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    Hummingbird Cake

    Sounds delicious. Adding to my "must try" list.
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    Just curious...

    Re is the first two letters of my first name and Kop is the first three letters of my last name. Which makes me ReKop.
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    Looking for the perfect hand blender!

    I use a small kitchen aid hand mixer. It's great because it has seven different speeds and since it's small it's easy to store. And the plus's pink!
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    Kadesma, thank you so much! I'm looking forward to trying it! I really appreciate everyone's help today!!
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    GrillingFool-That sounds delish. And finding something "different" was exactly why I didn't want to ask his mom for her recipe. I want a sauce of my own. And really I'm looking for a sauce I can use for everything from macaroni or stuffed peppers.
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    Dave and Andy-It probably wouldn't have been a bad idea to just admit it and ask her for help, but the problem is, is that I'm not a huge fan of her sauce. I think it needs more flavor so I set out on the journey to find something I prefer.
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    I know, I've googled it a hundred times...the problem is, I don't know how to tell which ones are good and which ones aren't. I want something really authentic. Not spicy, not watery, but not REAL thick either.
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    Any guidance on how to cut the size down?
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    Can't wait to try it! Thank you!!
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    Need homemade Italian tomato sauce recipe!

    Hi Everyone, I'm brand new to this site as of today and was hoping that all of you wonderful people could help me out. I am dating a guy with a very traditional Italian background. His mother makes every meal they eat from scratch and so I'll never be fully accepted into this family until I can...
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    Gizzards, Heart and Liver

    Liver is delicious. Most people overlook it because of it's name. My Dad cooks it up for him and I from time to time. He usually just throws it in a skillet on the stove for about 10 minutes. Then we mix it up with some turkey gravy and eat it over white rice or on top of toasted bread. It's...
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