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    Toasted Quinoa - How can I toast quinoa I wash it?

    I don't think so it's that problematic if you left the cooked quinoa last up to 2 hours if left around. You can easily roast the quinoa, just left it for half hour near gas or heat, once the water is drained you can roast it with little oil. You can also store cooked quinoa too with few...
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    A question for Vegetarians.....

    In vegetarian diet there still a lot of substances which may contain fats. Consuming such food in moderation is beneficial. However, if she's overeating them because it's tasty then of course it will effect her health.
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    Tofu texture for shelf stable tofu

    Tofu texture and soft stays up to 3-5 says only if unopened, if you opened and stored in fridge you should have used the air tight container. You used plastic bag which may effected the texture and color of the tofu.
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    Induction cooking question.

    Is your pan flat in the base? If it's not flat, it will never operate with induction. However, if you want you can also use non Induction cookware on Induction cooktop.
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    Song Title Game

    The Man song - Sean Morey
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    Anybody having tacos on Tuesday, January 10, 2023?

    Not really, but may be ?
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    In the kitchen..what are you very good at and which areas of cooking not so?

    I'm particularly good at veg dishes not so good with no veg dishes ?
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    Just wondering ... what is everyone reading now?

    Well I have been reading this one web novel - trial husband
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    What's For Dessert?

    Chocolate Cake ?
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    What are you doing?

    waiting for my pizza delivery guy to show up ?
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    Meatless or Meatloaf Monday, January 9, 2023 - What's for Dinner?

    going for meatless monday ??‍♀️?
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    What kind of stove do you have in your kitchen?

    I have a 4 burner gas stove, however its quite hetic cause we're a joint family
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    Can I use the air fryer to make porridge?

    yes you can make, but it also depends upon your airfryer
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    Can I make popcorn in an air fryer oven?

    yes we can make popcorn in 8-10 mintues, just make sure you cover the base and at least half of the airfryer base with foil.
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