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  1. MuthaCocaNutz

    Trader Joe's Astouding Multi-flavor Mini Pretzels Review...

    I wonder if they still have these in stock? I don’t go to TJ’s often as it’s not in an area I frequent. I did make it over there last month and picked up a couple of those huge candy bars for stocking stuffers. The one with all the stuff in it is so good! Pretzels and salted caramel num num.
  2. MuthaCocaNutz

    Deep frying Trader Joe's orange chicken?

    Hell yeah! Deep fry or air fry for any frozen potato is the way to go. Oven baked is trash.
  3. MuthaCocaNutz

    What is your favorite basic meal?

    Grilled cheese and tomato soup. But it’s gotta be white American cheese from the deli and a can of Campbell's tomato soup. Sometimes I grill it on pumpernickel or dark rye but usually on regular white. It’s just basic comfort food.
  4. MuthaCocaNutz

    Deep frying Trader Joe's orange chicken?

    I know this is a few years old, I was wondering the same thing, tried it anyways after reading the previous replies. It came out great! I deep fried them for about 4.5 minutes at 350. It was a little on the crispy side maybe 30 seconds or so less would've been better. I have oven baked and air...
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